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Maybelline New York Master V-Face Duo Stick

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Maybelline New York Master V-Face Duo Stick is a cream contour and highlighting stick that effortlessly glides onto the skin. The lighter shade can be used to illuminate areas of the face, while the darker shade helps create definition.

Available in two shades.


Maybelline New York Master V-Face Duo Stick


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I have the light shade as I have a light neutral colouring and the shades in the dual ended stick work really well for my skin. The two ends both have a twist up end and both the highlighter and the bronzer have a slanted end, allowing for precise application. The darker shade is a light natural looking bronzer that doesn't throw orange or unflattering shades and the highlighter part is a nice soft champagne tone that doesn't look overly shinny, oily or greasy in appearance. The stick is easy to apply to the skin and literally glides on-it has a soft buttery feel to it and doesn't drag either. I apply one line to the areas I want to contour. Under my cheekbones one swipe is enough and same with the noise and around the hairline. This is so easy to blend into the skin and I use a sponge or a brush. It melts in and leaves no obvious streaks or marks. Because of the cream formula it applies well over liquid foundation and the result is a very good contour which is noticeable on the face- my feature are so much more defined. I would definitely say this is still quite a subtle effect but for me it's how I like it and it still is noticeable. I apply the champagne highlighter to my upper cheek and to the noise and again it seemsly blends in giving no obvious marks-just perfect highlight. Once it dries down on the skin it is very matte and opaque. Due to the slanted ends and the stick formula it's really great too for those new to contouring instead of having to use a mixture of all different pan creams and brushes and formulas. One swipe, blend and your good to go. In terms of wear this appears to last quite well on my skin during the day. It does gradually fade and due to its natural appearance the contour is lessened. My skin gets oilier during the day so I do find this wears off naturally but there is still a contouring appearance and it remains completely blended it. So it has reasonably good lasting ability. The maybelline contour stick gives a really great result that I love. It's easy to use, affordable, blends in and actually delivers results. It's really great to find a product that is mainstream. I recommend the light shade for those fair girls who like to contour and define 100%. Those that are new to contouring will love this one top and you can definitely experiment too
Very easy to use: This contour duo stick comes with two ends, one with highlighter and one with contour shade. It is light and definitely easy to carry around in your bag. It is very easy to use, even for someone who has never used a contour before can easily use this. The contour cream blends easily however i found that it was too light for my skin, i do not know if this comes in any other shades, but a darker contour cream would have been great for lighter skin complexions. The contour cream blends very well and does not leave harsh lines, but if you blend it too much it does not show on skin as contouring, rather just blends into your skin without leaving any of your face actually contoured. Although the highlighter i must say, was very useful. it leaves a shiny shimmer, it does not blend as well as the contour cream so you need to rub it well on your skin. Overall i must say its a great tool for contour and highlighting, I just got the wrong shades that's all.
This product is very easy to use, especially for those who are new to contouring and highlighting. The dual colours make it even better to use the other side for highlighting and the darker side for contouring and it is buildable. Beautiful colours on both ends of the stick. The shape of it (like a lipstick) makes it easy to carry around. I tend to use my fingers to help with the blending and have found it quite difficult to properly blend it with a brush.  The texture is nice and creamy and very easy to blend. The highlighting side is perfect for summer to give a more refreshed look. I found that I needed to reapply after about 6 hours, but only needed to do one swipe of the product.  I would highly recommend this product, and it's sometimes on sale at the pharmacy, so definitely worth giving it a try. 
I am a huge fan of contouring sticks at the moment, they make contouring so much easier, because you just have to draw a line, blend it in a little and you are set to go. It is much easier than messing around with powders, it is all done with a pencil! The consistency of the Maybelline pencil was great - creamy and easy to blend, but thick enough that you could still notice it on the skin. Aside from that, I can't say I was super impressed with this contour stick. The highlight side was not very pigmented and though it had a nice highlight to it, it was extremely hard to see on the skin. As for the contour side, I found it to be much too yellow and light in colour to be a good contour. I think it needs to be a darker, more grey toned to work better. I feel like it was a bit like the Oompa Loompa shade of foundation, that I just failed in matching to my skin. In saying that, it is more suited as a bronzer tone more than anything. Though I find the colour just too orangey for my liking.
This is a great product to start out contouring with. The duo stick has a lighter and darker end. The darker end is just the right shade - not too orange, not too dark. The ligher side is perfect and can also be used as a highlighter and concealer - it's great for under my eyes! The creamy texture makes it very easy to blend, if you accidenly use too much it easily blends out!  Pros; Compact - don't need a big kit - small stick fits easily in your makeup bag/handbag Creamy texture makes it easy to blend Builable colour makes it almost impossible to fail at contouring!  Cons: Sometimes you really do have to do a few layers to get a deeper contour look The stick is on the smaller side so the product doesn't last that long saying that it's always included in Pricelines 1/2 price sales so you can stock up then! 
Now contouring has never been easier as Maybelline has come out with a product where you can highlight and sculpt with a dual ended stick!  The product is pretty easy to follow, on one side is the lighter colour which is for highlighting and strobing.  Its a light, shimmery, iridescent colour which helps brighten and illuminate your cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of your nose.  The other side is the darker colour which is used for contouring and shading which can help slim certain areas of your face like underneath your cheekbones, on the edges of your forehead, on the jawline and on the sides of the nose.  The sticks glide on easily so you do not have to pull or tug.  The formula is creamy and once you have decided where you want to use it, you draw it on just like you would with a pencil.  It's great because it makes applying the product so precise and accurate making it perfect for beginners and experts.  Once I have it applied I blend it in with my fingers or with a beauty blender.  I only start off with one swipe of the stick and if I feel as if it's too light I can always add another as the formula is buildable and blendable.  The highlighting part is more pink based which is fine for my medium complexion.  It shows up nicely and it looks even better in photos! The contouring end of the stick isn't too dark nor does it have that dreaded orange look.  It's a bronze colour so it stands out nicely without looking fake.  To make my contour look more natural I only add one swipe of the stick and then use my beauty blender to buff the colour into my skin and make it appear subtle.  It saves me lots of time as the product is all in one so instead of having to use separate products with different formulas I can just use the V-face duo, swipe it on and be done! As I normally wear cream/liquid foundation I like to match it with the same formula for my highlighting and contouring.  That way the products stay on better and last much longer.  I even started teaching my mum about highlighting and contouring and with the stick it has been much easier to show her how it's done.  She's even used it several times and managed to get the process down pretty quickly.  So if you're wanting a highlighting/contouring combo that works for both day and night without having to spend stacks of cash than I would definitely recommend this! Tip: Add a bit of the highlighter to the corner of your eyes to make them pop! Can also be used on the eyelids as a creamy eyeshadow
I really love the Master V-Face Duo Stick because it applies in a way to help your face appear flawless. I found it very easy to apply, both dual ends are shaped like lipsticks making it easy to blend in. The only issue is that it wasn't creamy enough which would have made it even easier to apply. I found it was a great tool for contouring and highlighting and left a sunkissed shimmer once applied due to its pigments which makes your face look healthier.  It only comes in Light and Medium and it seems to be focused around lighter skin tones. However at less than $20 you can't go wrong and you don't need to apply a lot so it will last. I definitely recommend giving it a try.