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Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink is a lipstick that delivers long-lasting colour and a soft-matte finish to lips. It features a unique arrow applicator for precise application and delivers a rich, intense colour that lasts up to 16 hours.

Available in 10 shades.


Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink


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Got me back into the Liquid Lip again!

I'm not usually a huge lover of the liquid lip but this product is the one that got me back into liking them again! I have purchased such beautiful shades (amazonian and seductress) and fell in love with how they looked on the lips instantly and with how long wearing and non-drying they were. With this product, I got around 5 hours of good wear throughout my workday and it didn't flake off as so many of these types of products tend to do. Instead, it wore off nice and evenly and didn't become a sticky mess either. The application was also made so easy with this product! You can easily fill in and line your lips with the pointed-tip applicator. The lip product once dried properly barely transfers. Shade range is also amazing with so many nudes, neutrals, and other fun shades to choose from. The only issue I have with the product is how tacky it can become if you don't let it dry fully after application and go straight to pressing the lips together... But even then, it is still way more tolerable than having an extremely drying and flaky formula (sorry NYX Lip lingerie). The tackiness also helps with locking in moisture and with the wear quality, making it really 'stick' onto the lips. Make sure you also have a good makeup remover for this! They are also natural looking on the lips and can be worn to work and while doing other daily activities. Will continue to purchase.

Sticky formula

I have a few shades of this lipstick and although the colours are very nice I find the formula way too sticky for my liking. I don't find that it even dries after a certain amount of time. I still wear them as I love the colours but it's just that stickiness that I don't particularly like. I also find that if I know I'm going to be wearing this lipstick at night time for a night out that I have to keep applying lip balm throughout the entire day prior to applying this lipstick as it also is matte and shows any cracks and dryness and enhances the appearance of any dryness.
The Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipstick comes in a squared plastic tube. The tube is the shade of the lipstick and it comes complete with a contrasting glossy white lid. The Matte Ink has a creamy consistency and smells so delicious, having a gourmand vanilla frosting scent. The applicator of this lipstick is a sponge one, but it has a unique shape. The tip is shaped like a tear drop with a tiny well in the center. The pointed end and edges of the sponge are great for precise application, whereas a little extra product is able to be collected in the middle where you want the most amount of lipstick for the lips. The clever design means less dipping back into the tube. I received the shade Pioneer, a gorgeous true red shade which is a colour I have been loving. The formula goes onto the lips smoothly. One layer gives me an opaque lipstick application without streaks or patchiness. Not long after application the Matte Ink feels quite sticky on the lips as it is drying down. So my initial thought was "oh no, I don't like this". However, after around 30 or so minutes when the lipstick finally sets, my lips only felt slightly tacky. The lipstick at this stage is completely transfer proof. I got an impressive 7 hours wear before I washed my makeup off and the lipstick was still going strong, being tested during eating, drinking and even a cheeky little kiss with hubby. Not only do I love the shade Pioneer, but also really like the formula of the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, easily the best drugstore liquid lipstick I have tried. I found that it lasted throughout wear without need for touch-ups and was comfortable on my lips. The Matte Ink is a win for me!
I personally didn't really enjoy this product, I found it was dry on the lips and it didn't look that great on the lips as it sunk into the cracks and creases in my lips. I got the colour that is in the picture and I just found it didn't look that great and I have tried better and just as affordable matte liquid lipsticks.
This is definitely long wearing, not overly drying but I wish they had this formula in a satin finish rather than matte. When applied with the wand it does seep into each of the lips creases which I don't think is the best look. Not bad for the price and the size.
I absolutely love this lipstick! It really does stay on for ages as it claims. I have used this while eating and drinking and it did not budge at all. I have the colour 'lover' which is a beautiful dark pink colour. I like the sponge tip applicator as it makes it easy to apply the colour. The only downside for me is that I found it to be a bit drying on my lips. If you have already dry lips it does make it more pronounced when this product is applied on top.
Awesome staying power, most shades have good pigment and a particularly good price point when bought during frequent half -price sales at pharmacies.  I have always been a Lime Crime Velvetine fan, for years I did not bother buying anything else.  However, I happened to read a truly positive review of Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink online and looked up some swatches online after too, I was curious and decided to buy. I now have three colours, Pioneer (red), Poet (nude) and Amazon (a burnt orange), they all have good creamy consistency and pigment. The darker shades have incredible staying power.  The nude shade stays well but doesn't stain the lips and therefore last until make-up removal with cleanser as with the darker shades.  I find half a day staying power for the nude and a full day for the darker shades.   I highly recommend you buy one or two to try during a half-price sale at your local pharmacy they go on sale all the time, I have never used a better $10 lipstick in my life!! & at full retail price the darker shades are definitely worth the price due to their staying power. 
The sponge tip applicator of this lip colour makes it easy to apply and use when I'm not in front of a mirror. This matte liquid lip colour hydrates my lips and don't dry my lips out. The colour is true to the tube and doesn't fade away and lasts a few hours for me. Usually I wear a lip balm under matte liquid lip colours, but for this product, I don't need to use one. It goes on almost creamy and doesn't streak on my lips.  Pros: Low priced Good good coverage Cons: Will need touch up after some hours Recommendation: This liquid lip colour gives good colour intensity to my lips wihtout making my lips feel dry. 
This lip product ticks all the boxes for me and can’t ask for more from Maybelline. Easy to apply, pigmented and feels very comfortable on my lips. It is quite long wearing and the colour does spread out quite evenly. I have dry lips and this matte lipstick does not dry out my lips badly. Love it and highly recommended it.
SuperStay Matte Ink lipstick is my new favourite. I'm a matte girl so this is perfect because it lasts all day, feels like you're wearing lip balm so it doesn't go dry.  The colours are also very nice, there isn't anything negative about this lipstick. I will definitely go out and get more colours.  This won't disappoint 
he Maybelline super stay matte ink is currently available in Australia as 10 shades and has a retail price of $19.99. The packaging is luxe with a rectangle container and the colour of the lip product- the base. The doe foot applicator of these ones is arrow in shape and sits in the long rectangle shape of the container. The arrow applicator slides out nicely and delivers quite a decent amount of product onto the lips. The formula smells sweet and vanilla like & it is very noticeable on initially application. The formula is quite thick and creamy but smooths over lips easily and quickly. I would call the feel of these a moussey texture. The lighter shades do appear to need another coat for full colour application however the liquid is super pigmented and gives great colour payoff. The maybelline matte ink seems to apply quite evenly to the lips- giving a textured even look. After a few minutes they dry down completely matte and become transfere proof. I've noticed these have a tendency to become quite heavy on the lips and thick- for the first hour I can feel it. There is also the tendency for these to remain sticky on the lips- I think this is due to the thick feel of these ones, however it does fade. I've also found using a lip primer can help this product too and takes away the sticky feel &also the less layers you use the less the tacky feel/ result. The maybelline matte ink liquid lipsticks dry down completely matte & leave a decent colour payoff. They look matte on the lips. Liquid lipsticks can have a tendency to feel very heavy and drying on the lips and these maybelline ink ones appear to be reasonably ok in this area. While the initially application is quite thick on the lips, it does appear to fade during the day and not feel so heavy or tacky. I appreciate the fact that they don't peel off the lips or crumble during the day at all. The liquid lipstick formula also feel reasonably ok in terms of comfort levels- I do tend to forget I have them on as the day goes on- so that's a good thing. In terms of wear these do pretty well. The initial colour does fade down during the day nicely and gradually. It slowly wears down and I'm left with a very nice light tint. At the end of the 9 hour day, I still notice a good amount if colour- it looks more like a light tint rather than the full coverage but that's to be expected especially with lighter colours. Pretty impressed with that, however, I don't believe that you would get 16 hours out of these. I really appreciate the fact that I'm not left with overly dry or peeling lips from these ones too. Repurchase? Yes I would repurchase the Maybelline super stay matte ink lipstick. The application is easy and the formula is saturated with colour allowing for great payoff. They wear nicely during the day without peeling or fading off - just gentle fade- and so not drying. The only thing I dislike is the strong fragrance of the product and the sticky/ tacky feel that said both do fade away. If you like matte long wearing lipsticks I'd give these ones a go. They are pretty impressive for the price.
My friend gave me the colour “Creator” number 35, as a present as I like purple toned lipsticks. I put it on not expecting much and half expecting for it to dry out my lips as most long stay lip products do. But I was amazed. With one dot of this colour you can stain your lips to a beautiful pinky purple that won’t budge, hour after hour through food and beverages. It won’t transfer to your clothes other peoples cheeks or coffee cups. I then brought myself the colour “Heroine” in number 25 as I formed such a love for this lip stain. A  beautiful red orange. There is nothing out there that I have tried that competes.
loved the longevity of this lip stain. I put this on in the morning and it honestly lasted all day. It feels a little sticky at first but it dries well and leaves a lovely long lasting colour that is just gorgeous. Love the applicator, so easy to use with its little sponge and the lipstick feels nice and light to wear. The pigmentation is lovely and I had coffee and ate lunch without needing to touch up which is great. I used the colour loyalist and really liked it, I actually got comments on it. I would really recommend this for anyone who loves staying power in their lip products. I really loved the matte finish and the softness of the product and at a price point of $20.00 its great value for money. Loved this
This lip stain is so good. It may seem super sticky and viscous in the beginning buts its a great find for days when you want you lip stain to never come off during long work days.  The only issue that i had is it takes super long to come off even with a make up remover, and wear s off on its own.
Easy to use, great colour selection. Colour applies like a mousse lip gloss but dries down to a matte.  Longevity is amazing, stayed on all day and night Only cons is it dries chalky so it'd be best to use a chapstick underneath and unfortunately maybelline isn't cruelty free. 
I got it in the shade DREAMER, it is such a lovely pink! It’s easily applied and it wears for a few hours! I love the scent that it has as well. I do hope they release even more shades as I’d  be really interested in trying them out!
I received the shade 25 Heroine to review. It is a neon orange-red that applies a bit patchy, taking a few swipes to reach full opacity. The formula doesn't dry down completely, feeling a bit tacky even after an hour, but not so sticky that it is uncomfortable. It has a strong artificial scent that I can't quite put my finger on. The wand is an interesting leaf shape that makes it easy to apply. I'd recommend trying the other colours.
I love wearing lipstick and I found this product to be very easy to apply and has the staying power of other matte long lasting lipsticks I have used in the past. In saying this, I needed to make sure my lips were fully prepped before applying the product to avoid flaking. This is a lipstick I would definitely try again.
I trialed Superstay Matte Ink in Believer. Good points - the colour was amazing! Very rich and deep with maximum colour payoff. The applicator is good, it’s easy to apply, however you do need to be quick & careful as it sets very quickly. Downside? It’s very very sticky. While the colour does last and stay all day the texture really puts me off wanting to wear it all day long. It is difficult to remove at the end of the day, and this particular colour did leave a stain.
Loved this lippie! Tried out shade 40 Believer, a vibrant plum, which was true to the colour on the packaging. The applicator was a little large & took some concentration but once I got it on - What a superstar! It outlasted a house move, several rounds of G&Ts and an enormous bowl of nachos. My new favourite matte. Thanks Maybelline!