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Maybelline New York Total Temptation Shadow and Highlight Palette

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Maybelline New York Total Temptation Shadow and Highlight Palette is a makeup palette for defining the eyes and highlighting the cheeks. It features eight eyeshadows and two illuminating cheek highlighters in a selection of peach and mauve shades.


Maybelline New York Total Temptation Shadow and Highlight Palette


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There is absolutely no excuse for me to not get this shadow and highlight palette. The colour combination of the eyeshadow can give me so many eye looks. Most importantly I can use all the colours! The powder is fine and pigments are great. The highlighter colours are suitable for everyday use without too overpowering. Great value!
I really love this palette. I am an ageing beauty who has always looked after my skin and I pride myself on looking good for my age. I have a horror of "mutton dressed up as lamb" with older women trying to look young. It doesn't work!! Consequently, this beautiful palette is perfect for me because it is understated and soft, rather than strong. The colours are very flattering for someone who wants a soft look. The combination of eye shadows and blush is excellent. It is possible to have quite a few different looks. The lack of brushes in the palette is a good rather than bad thing because I always use my preferred brushes. Brushes accompanying eye shadows are usually not very effective or if they are the price of the item is inflated. I went on holiday with just this palette for my eyes and was not disappointed at all. I have incredibly sensitive eyes and had no adverse reaction with this. I really love this very reasonably priced palette.
I was excited to use the Maybelline products Shadow and Highlights Palette. It's stunning very soft and smooth, also natural colours perfect for winter and also spring. I use this product a lot and I'm loving with this product. It suits all the different types of skin tone.
On getting the palette and colours are beautiful and vibrant and both the colours are the what I use for my makeup looks for day time (peach) and evening (Mauve). The pack is a good size to take with you and could replace carrying around different smaller palettes. Unfortunately what you see on the palette doesn’t translate well once you use it. I found the pigments was not strong and needed really load up my brush and reapply a few times to achieved the desired colour, this resulted in looking very heavily made up, additionally as a lot of the product was need I ended up with a lot more shimmer/glitter then the colour, personally this would be an ok as an evening look, but doesn’t work as a day look as I looked to overdone and with the amount of product it did highlight the creases around my eyes. Personally I wouldn’t continue to use this product, however I think this would be a great starter palette as it covers are rang of items you need and the colours are complimentary and it is good price.
Love the packaging of this whole collection. I was a little disappointed with this eye shadow palette. It contains warm eyeshadow and highlight shades and cool eyeshadow and highlight shades. I only ever wear warm tones so the other half of the palette is a waste for me. The colour pay off wasn’t great. The shades look really nice in the palette however come off very sheer and light on the eye. The shimer eyeshadow shades I found were better than the mattes however not overly pigmented. I really like the concept the layout and the packaging although I need better colour pay off.
The total temptation shadow + highlight palette's packaging and design are beautiful. I love the 'ripple' effect and the colours chosen in the palette. I preferred the warmer colours for my skin and found the looks on the back helpful and well thought out in terms of simplicity and result. I found that the colours were not very pigmented though, and there was a lot of fallout. Overall, I really like the palette. I personally prefer more matte shadows but think that Maybelline did a pretty good job with this one.
I honestly thought that I would need to pack on heaps of powder onto my brush, or add heaps of layers on, but surprisingly, I only needed two layers and only 1 swipe of my brush to pick up enough product. I love the shades featured and I typically go for these neutral shades most of the time as I love a natural eye. The highlighters were also lovely and gave me a wonderful glow. I used the highlighters on my cheekbones and brow bone. I was really satisfied with this palette and would recommend to anyone who likes a natural and warm eye look and is looking for something affordable, but not compromise on quality.Very sassy love the pastel pink packaging very easy to use and looks great on the eyes gave a soft volume look compared to other mascaras on the market it sits in the middle. Would recommend it to someone looking for a natural and soft eyes.
I really like this palette! I’m not great at doing eye makeup but I love this palette because all the oldies go with each other! Very easy to use, great colors and lasts me the whole day without needing any touch ups. Very convenient to take around with you too
I am officially useless when it comes to applying eyeshadow, or at least I thought I was until I received this palette. I found the instructional picture on the back so helpful in achieving a half decent look. I loved that it has two colour looks, complete with two shades of highlighter I’ll definitely be using this eyeshadow palette again.
I love the product, its got the perfect colours for a natural glowy look which is what i go for. Very easy to use, easily blendable and buildable. The highlighting product is just amazing!! I LOVE IT! its perfect for a night out but also a more casual everday look and thats what i love about this product its very versatile
What an attractive looking palette this is, with 8 generous size powder eyeshadows & 2 equally generous size powder highlighters.   The palette is in a pink case, with a clear front panel. There are no applicators included, but this is no issue for me as I prefer to use my own brushes. I love the shades in the palette. One side is warm, with a light gold highlighter & peach, copper & brown eyeshadows. Fabulous for my blue eyes! The other side leans more towards cool, with a soft pink highlighter & mauve & charcoal eyeshadows. Pigmentation is decent for all products & colours.  The eyeshadow powder is prone to fallout, so be careful to not overload your brushes.  I find the products la
Love the selection of colours available in this palette and they picked up well on the brush, and applied well to the eyelid. The colour pigment wasn't as deep as I thought it would be, but could be easily built with a further layer. It lasted for around 8 hours and only needed topping up from work into the evening.
I was really excited to receive this palette, but had mixed feelings after using it. Starting on a good note - the highlighters are easy to apply, aren't too pigmented, but leave a really nice shimmer over your cheekbones. On a less positive note - I found that the eyeshadows weren't pigmented enough, and although they gave lots of sparkle, didn't give my eyelids sufficient colour (even when used with a great primer and base). While I would use the highlighters again, I wouldn't use the eyeshadows, and therefore do not think the palette is worth paying $30. I'd prefer to spend more money on great, well-pigmented eyeshadows.
This is such a fun and practical palette of eye shadows and hilighters.  I used the highlighters as a blush instead which worked really well for my make up style. I really liked th variety of colours in the eye shadows. I’m a pale skinned girl so these tones worked well for me
I love the looks of this palette! Great colours and amazing highlighter just like their Master Chrome highlighter. I was very impressed with the highlighter pigmentation but the eyeshadows pigmentation is not so good. I like the glittery ones but they don't stay on, on my eyes. I have hooded eyes so it's like creasing everytime I apply this eyeshadow.  Overall, I would recommend this to someone who doesn't like bold looking smokey eyes or everyday eye looks. It's bright and good for beginners. Highlighter is definitely for everyone! Iloveit!
I was really Impressed with this pallet!  I absolutely love the 2 different colour ranges, they’re prefect for any time of year and can really be dressed up or down. The pigment was great, the only bad thing I have to say is that I wish the glitter shades had a bit more of a shine/ glitter to them, otherwise an amazing pallet! 
This pallette is gorgeous! I never would’ve worked purple into my everyday make-up routine, but after receiving this pallette I’ve been using it on my eyelids daily! The colour is subtle to blend in but buildable if you want extra oomph! Love the nudes in this pallette too!
I really liked the colours in this palette. To be honest I didn't give the highlighter much of a go as I have a lot of amazing highlighters and after trying I didn't use again. The eyeshadow colours, however, I really loved and used multiple times. I liked that they were both pinky/nudes but completely different shades so you could achieve two completely different looks with the same palette. I'm not fantastic at applying eyeshadow, but I found these easy to apply and blend!  Thank you to Maybelline and Beauty Crew for allowing me to trial the new Maybelline New York Total Temptation Shadow and Highlight Palette!
Loved the packaging of this product but was disappointed with what was inside. I found the colours did not suit my skin tone (very pale/ throws pink) at all and the shimmer was off putting. Perhaps the colours could have been more matte and vintage inspired to match the packaging?
I’m certainly no makeup artist but this palette works so well for me! I received so many compliments when I wore it! I have used more of the left side of the palette as it is more suited to my tone. It is easy to apply and so long lasting! I always struggle with highlighter fading after an hour but this lasted me all day! I’d definitely buy again.