Milkman Grooming Co Shave Oil

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Milkman Grooming Co Shave Oil is a shaving oil for men that provides a barrier between the skin and the razor to reduce the friction and irritation caused by shaving. The woody and peppermint scented formula helps reduce the occurrence of razor burn, cuts and razor bumps, leaving skin smooth and refreshed.


Milkman Grooming Co Shave Oil


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I have taught my man well....look after your skin,and your skin will look after you.Now i know shaving is a right pain in the,ummm,face,for most leaves them red,sore and with bumps on the face that take ages to go down,so when i saw an oil to help with this shaving hell,i grabbed it. Now,an oil MAY be new for most men,but this one from the Milkman Grooming Co,is a great one to introduce your man to good skin care.It helps with razor burn by reducing the "drag" that occurs with razors,and it soothes the skin with moisturising additions such as Sunflower Seed, Avocado,Coconut oils,plus a healthy dose of Aloe Vera to add to that soothing,softening combination.The 50ml,amber plastic bottle lasts for absolutely ages,as you only need a tiny drop in the palm of your hand to go over your entire face PRIOR to shaving (so use this in place of that drying old foam you usually use).It has a simply beautiful woody and peppermint scent that lasts for several hours,but hubby said it didn't sting or cause and irritation (even post shave that left a nick or two...which,BTW, hubby stated happened a lot less thanks to this).The combination of the Shave Oil and a good razor made for some of the smoothest skin glide we (yes,i DID get into this too.My legs also really loved the silky feel this oil gave,and it meant a LOT less nicks for me) have experienced.In addition to giving a really good,close shave,this also helps out if your man is running short of time and doesn't use a moisturiser post shave (which shouldn't be a habit).I do realise that this is a tad exxy,BUT,if you are only using it every second day,and it's only your other half using it,it lasts for a good couple of months.I (or hubby mostly),recommend this as an essential in his grooming arsenal. TIP:Apply to warm,moist skin and leave for a minute to soften up whiskers THEN shave with a good,sharp razor.Pat dry and apply moisturiser to have a "soft as a bubs bot" result.
Shaving is a bore! But, compared to the vast array of self management that women have to do, we get off lightly. Anyhoo, as I said, Shaving is a bore so any chance I have to mix it up, I take it. I have used foams, creams and gels - all with various degrees of satisfaction. So I was curious to try the Milkman Grooming Co Shave Oil. It's a totally different shaving sensation - both smooth and zesty! I'm not bored anymore!