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Miu Miu EDP is the first fragrance by designer fashion brand Miu Miu and is a modern and elegant floral scent. It features notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, rose and akigalawood.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 30mL and 100mL.


Miu Miu EDP


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I have been trying this out via a sample sized mini roller ball of 3ml which is made of glass and gets favour from me in this review because it is so cute but also so travel-worthy.  It has a simple screw-on silver lid which goes over the top of the roller ball and secures it, perfect for the handbag/bag.   I find this scent to be sophisticated and potent.  I only need to roll a little bit on the wrist and it scents for ages aka all day long.  I do love that it's made in France which makes it feel even more special because you know what they say about French perfume!  (They say it's very, very good quality!)  I am a bit of a stickler for great quality.    I would call this a modern perfume which is mainly leaning on the fresher notes but also has an element of floral in my view.  I will definitely be using this sample sized mini bottle all up!
I am a bit of a bargain hunter but my perfume taste runs to the high end which is a bit of a problem when you have a low end pay scale.  So imagine my surprise while shopping in a certain pharmacy spotting  in the bargain bin half hidden by a scattering of celebrity fragrances, a bottle of Miu Mui.  To be honest, I didn't know much about this brand but I knew that it was designer.  So I snapped it up quick smart and asking the sales assistant what the price of the perfume was I died and went to Heaven twice when she told me it was $10! I bought it on the spot without even trying it (well there were no testers and in all likelihood it WAS a tester) or 'discontinued' as the sales assistant suggested. Could it be true?   Was Miu Miu really discontinued?  There were no new bottles of the perfume in the pharmacy so I scuttled on over to a major perfume department to check things out.  There I found to my relief, a whole shelf dedicated to the Miu Miu perfume. At about this time an efficient staff member slunk over eyeing me off suspiciously.  She asked if she could help me with anything and I told her that I was there to see if the Miu Miu fragrance had been discontinued. She threw her head backbin disdain. 'It is definitely NOT discontinued' she said hautily.  'This is Miu Miu - by Prada darling'. Oooook!  So it looked like I  had just bought a tester.  I noticed that Miu Miu retails from about $100-did I just buy $10 of perfume? Away from the crowds I took out my bottle.  It is a pretty duck-egg blue retro quilted porcelain bottle usually with a bonny red cap now long gone.  It feels heavy and solid in the hand so to determine how much was in the bottle, I shook it.  It seemed to be fairly full actually.  So I sprayed it liberally on myself.  And wowzer!   I love it! This is a really unique scent.  It smells pastel to me - a muted floral with plenty of musky and woody notes.  It's elegant yet slightly quirky, modern and yet eternal.  It has a really mysterious quality - it's feminine but strong. I think this is quite bold and seductive and best for nights out rather than for the office or day wear.  This is mature but would suit any age really.  It's a refreshing change from the profusion of fruity florals. All in all this is a beautiful, sophisticated perfume.  I don't really want to pay full price for it once this bottle is finished but I will -after all it's Miu Miu, by Prada darling!
I received this lovely perfume as a gift. I hadn't heard of it before so was slightly apprehensive I wouldn't like it. Like most women I am very particular about the fragrances I wear but my concerns disappeared as soon as I opened it - it's divine! The bottle is very retro with it's quilted blue base and bright red top. It is fun and playful and a nice change from the usual glass perfume bottles. The scent itself also stands out from the crowd with a mix of floral and woody notes. It contains rose, Jasmine, Lily of the valley and akigalawood. For me jasmine is the stand out note. It's beautiful and fresh and smells like real Jasmine flowers. It also has a subtle peppery undertone that really works for me. It's a very well balanced perfume. If you are looking for a fresh new fragrance in your life I highly recommend Miu Miu EDP. The bottle will look great on your nightstand and the perfume will brighten your day with its beautiful scent. I just love it!
Miu Miu made quite a splash a few months ago, not least because of it's ad! Let me just go off on a tangent here and say that if you want a post, an ad, heck, sky writing even, to get really noticed, then you should honestly think about adding a cat to it, because you'd get so much more attention that way! This comes in the cutest compact bright blue bottle with a red circle as part of the cap. The design is as sweet as the scent itself! Here's what you'll find in the perfume: Top notes: Lily of the valley,  Heart: Jasmine, rose and green notes Base notes: Akigalawood, pepper and oud This perfume is sweet without being heady, and it's lasting power means that you'll catch a whiff of it throughout the day, which is why I think this is perfect for work! Without sounding too silly, this is both a little girly and a little serious.
With such an array of perfume in all their glittering glory it's hard to stand out. Miu Miu EDP does just that. The fun quilted design of the bottle with it's pop of red top, promises fun inside. The scent is youthful and delicious. At first you get lovely fresh floral but as it develops it moves to become more warm and woodsy with a patchouli feel. Just like the quilted bags that make Miu Miu so covetable, I was instantly in love and I've not fallen out of it. Try it, you may just fall in love too!
There's nothing I love more than gorgeous packaging.  I've even purchased fragrances before even smelling them because I just adored the bottle so much.  The look, the colour, the design and it's overall presentation would leave a lasting impression on me.  It's just like a piece of art sitting on my vanity.  Each one has a unique story to tell and coincide with different moments in my life. Allowing me to remember different memories through the scents.  I was drawn to the Miu Miu perfume from the moment I saw it.  The gorgeous pastel blue quilted base, just like the coveted Miu Miu handbags, in contrast with the gold and bright pink cap, was sophisticated and unique.  The scent has notes of Rose, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley with a bit of freshness from the Lemon and Bergamot.  It has great sillage and makes me feel very feminine. I could not want anything more!
I'm very particular about my scents. So when I was looking for a new signature perfume for everyday wear, I wanted something sweet that was rooted in musk. This 100% delivers. Non offensive but youthful, fruity and clean. It's not sickly sweet or bitter like other floral fragrances but it's not too heavy either. For me, the smell comes up as somewhat spicy on my skin too, which adds an interesting spike to the overall scent.  The first aromas that come up after spraying onto the skin are jasmine and green tea, rose and lily of the valley and the scent eventually settles to a musky, woody scent that retains the sweetness of the top notes.  And as for the packaging - a gorgeous powder-blue colour bottle with a quilted pattern, it's like a little Miu Miu bag for my perfume collection!
I got this as a gift and it has become my new favourite perfume! It smells floral so is quite feminine, soft and beautiful but then also has a wood smell so is bold and strong. I always get compliments and queries when I wear this. It's a little different but in a good way. Would highly recommend!
I'm a sucker for a gorgeous bottle and this one - the colour of magical pastel dreams - really looks the part. Don't you love how it's quilted, just like your fave Miu Miu arm candy? Elegant yet girly, it'll win you over faster than you can say 'Miuiccia'