MOR Little Luxuries Body Butter in Marshmallow

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MOR Little Luxuries Body Butter in Marshmallow is a light and nourishing body butter enriched with shea butter, vitamins A, C and E and avocado, olive, rosehip, sesame and wheat germ oils. The formula works to hydrate, soften and protect skin, leaving it soothed, rejuvenated and moisturised. It is scented with vanilla musk, jasmine flower, sugar dipped rose petals, white carnation and cotton candy.

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MOR Little Luxuries Body Butter in Marshmallow


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The MOR Marshmallow is one of the most iconic fragrance invented in Australia in the history of beauty. It is unique, feminine but accessible. As its name suggests, it has a sweet top note, but with a floral and musky bottom note which is very rounded and complements the top note very well. I first discovered the MOR Marshmallow scent through the Marshmallow body cream, which I absolutely love.  This body butter is a thicker version of the body cream. Not only it is as indulgent as the body cream, the body butter is even more nourishing, making it especially suitable for the cold and dry Australian winter. The formulation of this body butter is exceptional: enriched with shea butter, vitamins A, C and E, avocado oil, olive oil, rosehip oil and more - it is just like a moisturisation and antioxidant powerhouse. I have dry skin - especially in winter. I go through bottles and jars and tubs of different body lotion and cream and oil every year. The MOR Marshmallow body butter is one of my favourites. The body butter is very thick. My tip is to use a little each time and then layer more as required, instead of applying too much all at once which can make it difficult to spread and absorb. When I use just enough for my skin, It sinks into my skin really well without a greasy residue.  I found it particularly suitable for use at night time. The Marshmallow smell is truly heavenly and it helps me to fall asleep in the marshmallow heaven. It leaves my skin feeling silky, smooth, hydrated and moisturised until the next shower. The fragrance lingers all night and morning without being overpowering. It is pricey, but a little of this certainly goes a long way.  One small jar lasts me the whole season even when I routinely apply this after shower every night.
MOR Marshmallow is my all-time favourite scent, there's something so soft, feminine and graceful about it. This body butter manages to pack in the delicious marshmallow fragrance all whilst keeping your body soft and hydrated. It's great for dry patches and keeps the skin soft all day. Highly recommend this item
I received this as a free gift and just love the fragrance. This is a luscious body butter and smells amazing, it is quite strong and lasts a long time, I use it every day on dry, rough skin. I have since bought more products in this MOR range. Also is is quite inexpensive and recently Myer had the whole range on special, something to keep an eye on.
I received this as a christmas gift and absolutley love it, it makes me feel really spoilt. The scent is lovely, it smells sweet like lollies yet has a floral fragrance as well, the cream is so smooth and lush and makes my skin feel amazing. The packaging is a lovely surprise and is so beautiful it feels special. A lovely gift or a treat just for yourself.
I Use this as part of my daily fragrance layering process , thick but absorbs quickly & no residue ..Light scent that lasts all day ..  my favorite range & product