MOR Marshmallow Reed Diffuser

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MOR Marshmallow Reed Diffuser is an oil-based reed diffuser scented with vanilla musk, jasmine, rose, white carnation and cotton candy to create a soft and sweet fragrance that fills a room.

Size: 180mL


MOR Marshmallow Reed Diffuser


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An amazing friend gave me the Mor Marshmallow Reed Diffuser for my birthday knowing how much I love my Mor Marshmallow bath elixir and I have to say it’s just as delicious. The diffuser and reeds are a stylish black and go perfectly in any room. The fragrance isn’t overpowering at all, it’s rather subtle. I’d recommend this in smaller rooms, I have it in the dining/kitchen and the scent doesn’t carry all through the area but is delightful when you pass through.
I love the Mor marshmallow scent and have bought several products in this range for the gorgeous floral fragrance. Its sweet but not sickly. I bought this for my bathroom and it makes the room smell divine. I get loads of complements on the fragrance and it lasts and lasts. I turn the reeds every week to keep the fragrance strong and fresh. It also looks really pretty which is a bonus. I would highly recommend buying this fragrance as its just so gorgeous
I cannot rave about this reed diffuser enough. It's the most complemented scent from my friends and family. The scent is sweet but not to sweet that you get sick of the scent. It's not to in your face but there to fill the room with a light fragrant scent. It lasts for over 5 months so far with me turning the reeds every month to get the room smelling more stronger. It can be quite expensive but i love the scent so much that i would buy it. It does take a white when first put into use for the scent to come through but that is normal. i advise you to put the product near a window so the air can carry the scent through the room. If i had any con's it would probably be the colour of the reed diffuser (i know it's hardly a problem) as i have a very light room the reed diffuser does stick out from the rest of the decor in the room. All in all i love the product and would buy more, i would recommend to anyone who wants there room to smell sweet and fragrant to give it a try.