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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer

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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer is a primer that can be layered under foundation for a smoother finish. This makeup base contains vitamin E, chamomile and yarrow extracts to restore and soothe skin.


Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer


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The perfect primer

This is my favourite skin primer and I would not be without it. It gives my skin a lovely matte finish which makes the perfect canvas for applying my foundation. It’s worth every cent for the results and helps manage oil and shine all day. It’s so easy to use and spreads well and I don’t need to use a lot for great results. This is a great brand and one I trust with my skin, this primer won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause breakouts, it’s gentle and high quality and makes my skin look amazing. I would highly recommend this primer to anyone who has never tried it, it’s amazing and a must have in my makeup bag

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot

This was the first primer that I ever purchased and would hands down still be my favourite. Packaged to stand on its lid in a gold bottle with black detail. The scent is irresistible you can smell the delicate scent of chamomile followed by a light floral scent. The formula is light and spreads very easily over the skin, it is a lightweight consistency. Having combination skin I found this to be hydrating just the right amount it did not make my skin break out and I would think this can suit all skin types. I found combined with my skincare my foundation lasted all day and also for the events I have applied it for. My skin stayed hydrated and my makeup lasted well and stayed looking as fresh as when I applied it.
I hadn’t had much to do with Napoleon make-up because I had always felt it a bit over-priced to be honest, but since I have been given this primer as part of a gift, I have been very impressed and loved using it. Firstly it smells wonderful so it is a pleasure to use. Secondly it contains some really nourishing ingredients – yarrow, chamomile and Vitamin E for starters – and is so not your usual primer, as it hydrates and nourishes your skin, at the same time as smoothing your complexion and providing a matte base for your foundation.That is a seriously task-oriented product! It is so hydrating that normal to oily types can dispense with moisturizer, applying the primer to bare skin. If, like me, you have dry skin, moisturise away and then enjoy the extra layer of hydration from this base, before adding foundation. The non-silicone base makes this primer accessible and safe for most skin types. It is so easy to apply foundation over Autopilot primer – it glides like a dream. I have also used it, as NP recommends, as a quick way of freshening my make-up for an evening out at short notice (after work for example) – I smooth a layer over my faded make-up, then apply a fresh layer of foundation.  This works a treat at getting me evening-ready very quickly. There are only two minor negatives with this product – one is the very fluid consistency, making it hard to use in a travel make-up bag; the other is the cost – quite expensive for a primer and the only reason I have deducted a star.
I personally don't see what all the hype is about with this product. It costs a lot of money for what it is. I don't think it is any better than other primers. It smells nice and goes on smoothly however I find it doesn't leave me with a matte finish.
I was so lucky to win a fabulous Napoleon Perdis pack from Beauty Crew and this was in it. It has since become my favourite primer and I've tried a few. I have super sensitive, ageing skin and this is perfect for me. It is in a very easy to use tube that allows you to squeeze exactly how much you want to out each time. It is very easy to spread over your face and very pleasant to use. I have found that this primer makes any makeup I use, whether liquid, cushion or powder, easier to apply and much more lasting. I've since repurchased more than once. This successful introduction to Napoleon Perdis products has meant I've explored others from his brand. Thanks Beauty Crew for the initial wonderful introduction.
This was probably one of the first primers i ever used and i Loveeee it.. My skin always felt so hydrated whenever i used it. I have tried lots of other since but would purchase this again for sure and would reccomend to others. This primer feels so good on, not too thick or cloggy just really refreshing and it is a fantastic base for foundation.
This is the first primer I ever owned, and one of the first more expensive makeup items. So it has a lot of nostalgia for me, but its also a really great product. It's a hydrating primer that sinks straight into my combo oily skin. It allows my foundation to glide on easily and definitely increases the longevity. It is scented but I find it pleasant and I don't notice it after application. The packaging looks really lovely on my makeup display. It allows you to dispense the appropriate amount for use. It's also very light weight and plastic so it's great to chuck in my travel bag. It is quite pricey, but you only need the tiniest amount , so a tube lasts forever. I think this is a staple in everyone's makeup collection. I own many others, but I like to keep this one to hand.
Napoleon Perdis was the person who first introduced me to priming ‘not to prime is a crime’. This primer is very lightweight and has a thin consistency. It feels very hydrating and provides a nice base for foundation. I don’t particularly feel like it increased the longevity of my foundation/concealer etc.
This is one of the best primers I have used over the years. The consistency is light yet creamy and very hydrating. It smooths the skin and prepares a great canvas for foundation. It definitely makes my foundation last longer and when using it I get a lot of compliments on my skin. It's especially good under the eyes as I find that it really helps to keep my concealer from settling into the creases. It also gives my skin an extra glow. Also really love the packaging! I also think that the price is really good for the amount you get since you only need to apply a little for the whole face since the consistency is so light, so once you buy it, it will last you quite a while.
I love Napoleon Perdis products but i wasn't a fan of this, although it does the job of hydrating the skin as well as prime i wasn't a fan of the consistency as it was too thin of a primer and quite fluid. I would use this on my clients though but not personally on myself.
I have been using Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer for years and it is the only makeup item I repurchase over and over again.    The primer glides effortlessly over my skin creating the perfect canvas for my foundation.  The cream is so light that it absorbs immediately and leaves my skin looking radiant, smooth and plumped.  The primer gives a blurring effect to my pores and fine lines and wrinkles making them look less visible.  My foundation remains dewy throughout the day, remaining in place without any dryness or caking.    I also use Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer under my BB cream because it gives a flawless look.  For me, this primer works day after day and leaves me feeling confident that my makeup looks just as good at the end of the day as it did when I first applied it. 
This is my go to product to ensure my skin is hydrated before any make up. This helps with blending the foundation through the skin ending up witty great results. The smell is nice and the formula is light and gental on the skin. I would recommend this product to anyone.
Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer is a lovely cream, that is light and so easily absorbed into your skin.  It is lovely and hydrating, making your skin feel alive, plumper and really radiant.    When you apply it, your skin feels so comfortable, really dewy and moist,  The product soaks in beautifully, leaving you with soft and smooth skin,    Once applied, my skin doesn't feel dry or tight, it feels really well  moisturised, which is the perfect look and feel to apply your foundation next,    My makeup went on beautifully and my complexion glowed.  No dry lines or excess makeup sitting on my skin, the makeup looks natural and I look as though I have perfect skin.    After a few days of using this wonderful primer, I am addicted.  How can I ever apply makeup again without using this skin perfecting primer, that makes me look younger and my skin look almost perfect.  It softens lines, and pores are less visible.   My skin looks so good, I now have to use this product everyday!    PRO's Your skin will look almost perfect, fines are softened, pores are invisible, my skin looks so healthy, I want to wear makeup everyday now A very good investment, you will get lots of complments Your confidence will soar because your skin looks so good I recommend this product to anyone who wants flawless skin.  Your skin will look so good, even on days you just have light makeup on,  You can even wear it under BB and CC creams, your skin will look amazing.  Only a small amount is needed to look absolutely stunning everyday.
Words to live by - " Not to Prime is a Crime". I first tried this primer in-store having a much loved and needed Napoleon Makeover. I am wary of being force fed must have beauty products as through the years I have accumulated drawers of must have products that have been used a couple of times and truthfully not worth the effort, zero results for big money out lays. I noticed an immediate result with this product it was a true under coat, smoothing over my flaws and imparting a wonderful smooth base with which to lay my foundation. This primer comes in a gorgeous gold tube, easy to travel with and it doesn't matter if you drop it either, its plastic. The primer itself goes on clear with a natural and pleasant scent that dissipates quickly. It really smooths and seems to tighten too, I have tested it on the ageing skin on my hands and the difference is amazing. You only need a small amount on your fingertip - It goes a very long way. This really is a must have product and essential when your feeling tired or stressed and wanting a miracle when facing a big or important night out. Treat yourself to this one ladies and I recommend you try/test  it on your hand so you can see the actual result before buying.