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Napoleon Perdis Colour Cult Crème Lipstick is a vibrant and creamy lipstick. Featuring a long-lasting satin texture and lush, luminous finish that won’t feather or fade. Made with skin conditioning ingredients such as candelilla and rice bran wax that deliver a hydrating sensation to nourish lips for all-day colour comfort. Vegan, and paraben, gluten, nut, and oil free.

How to Use: Apply directly from the bullet to the lips. If you struggle with achieving a clean, crisp lip line, try applying using a lip brush; begin at the corner of the lips and gently work the product towards the Cupid's bow, then fill the lips to saturate with colour.

Available in 18 shades: 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 888


Napoleon Perdis Colour Cult Crème Lipstick


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10/10 Product you need!

Product is so creamy and LASTS! The packaging is so sleek and fits in all my purses. Would totally recommend buying! Will reach for this product over my other lipsticks. Thank you Napolean for creating this wonderful product that I can’t live without. I applied the napolean base before applying the lipstick and my goodness it totally works and holds for hours. I picked a colour that I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards! And it has changed that game. I’m obsessed with this product and would seriously recommend it to all my friends ( which I have already!)
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Ok, you need this.

Simple high quality ingredients and beautiful packaging! Napoleon have smashed it with this one. The colour range is amazing and so many varying shades all equally flattering!!!! I personally love a red lip and I love the shape of the applicator for applying! Its soft curved edge really aligns to the shape of my lip well that I get a pretty seamless application everytime! Sometimes i softly dab on the red and apply a gloss over top to create a softened more natural wash of colour. This product pretty much rivals all other lip prods in my kit because its so versatile! LOVE.
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Re-Introduced Me To The World of Napoleon Perdis

To be honest, this product is a must. I am a MINIMAL makeup lover, (I mean sunscreen lip gloss and go). But this lipstick gives me a spring in my step I've got to tell you!!! It has a luxurious formula that glides on with ease - nothing worse than a chalky lippy. I will admit I haven't picked up a Napoleon Perdis Product in a few years but this lippy has really reminded me of the good quality ingredients and premium formulas NP has. I feel more confident to wear a bold colour when selecting from the colour cult range because I know it wont be patchy make my lips crusty (sorry for the visual). Overall, love this product.
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Creme del La Creme

What a beautiful product! From the moment you take the lipstick out of the packaging and take the lip off to the moment you swipe the first piece of Creme on the tip of your lips. You know this product is going to be a goodie. With so many variety of shades. It’s honestly the perfect match for your lips with only putting on a small amount of product it literally lasted the whole day without a reapplication. It’s really soft and doesn’t feel heavy or thick on the lips. It can be buildable for a thicker lip but it’s honestly not needed. It will also last a life time
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This lipstick is a must have

Finding a lipstick that is longwearing and hydrating is always a tough search. But I can safely say that the Napoleon Perdis Colour Crème Lipstick nails the brief! The formula of the lipstick is smooth, creamy and pigmented. It feels like you are reapplying your favourite hydrating lip balm throughout the day, but you are also getting amazing colour pay off! I attended the Napoleon Perdis x BEAUTY/crew colour matching event where I was allocated shade 202 to compliment the undertone of my skin. The makeup artist who matched me was so thorough, well trained and made my experience so seamless and enjoyable! This lipstick has become an absolute staple for me and has become my everyday shade!
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My new favourite lip product!

When it comes to a lip product, I have pretty high standards especially when it comes to a more high-end product. The Napoleon Perdis Colour Cult Crème Lipstick has become my new signature lip stick. I am typically a gloss and go makeup wearer, but this crème lipstick has elevated my routine leaving me with gorgeous colour pay off as well as a hydrated pout! At first, I was skeptical of its long-wearing capabilities, but after a long day in the office (and numerous cups of coffee later) the colour crème lipstick withstood the test of time. I did of course reapply here and there throughout the day, but on the whole, I really enjoy using (and reusing) this product for its luxurious feel. Also, something to note, the packaging is sleek and high-end and it always garners attention from the ladies in the bathroom when I’m touching up.
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It’s a BIG YES from me

Light, sleek and effortless! Firstly, the shades were so diverse and inclusive- I always find I struggle finding lip colours that not only look great on my lips but also accentuate my skin tone. Secondly, the lipstick lasted so long and it didn’t dry out my lips at all. This lipstick kept my lips hydrated, had good coverage, was smudge proof (because I tend to get a sweaty upper lip especially in Sydney summer) and most importantly looked great. I couldn’t recommend Napoleon’s new lip range more!
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For my tanned girlies!

I want to express my gratitude to Beautycrew and Napoleon Perdis for inviting me to the masterclass and introducing me to the Napoleon Perdis Colour Cult Creme Lipsticks. Attending the session provided me with invaluable insights into enhancing the appearance of my small lips, and I've been incorporating these techniques into my routine ever since. As someone with a tanned complexion, finding a lipstick shade that complements my skin tone can be challenging. However, I was thrilled to discover that this product matched perfectly with my skin tone. Not only that, but its smooth texture felt delightful on my lips, and even after wearing it for several hours, my lips remained hydrated and nourished, avoiding any dryness. I recommend these lipsticks to all my fellow tanned individuals. They've become a staple in my makeup collection, and I'm confident they'll become a favourite for others as well.
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Love the colours

Loved the colour, packaging and texture. Great range of shades. It went on smoothly and felt pleasantly soft on my lips. I was lucky enough to get colour matched and chose a bolder shade than I would normally which was a nice change (and had the added benefit of making my teeth look whiter). The Napoleon Perdis staff were friendly and helpful, making me feel comfortable in experimenting with a new colour. I trusted their expertise. I did find the colour wore off during the day so reapplication was required. Plus I needed to check it didn't transfer to my teeth! A long stay formulation would be great.

Gorgeous shades

I'm absolutely in love with this Napoleon Perdis Colour Cult Crème Lipstick. The creamy texture, vibrant colors, and long-lasting formula make it a must-have in any makeup collection. It's versatile, comfortable, and receives compliments wherever I go. In terms of comfort, this lipstick is a winner. It doesn't dry out my lips like some other lipsticks tend to do. Instead, it feels hydrating and nourishing, keeping my lips soft and supple throughout the day. I no longer have to compromise between color and comfort - this lipstick offers the best of both worlds.
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My new favourite go-to lippy

A nice creme lipstick is my everyday staple when it comes to my makeup routine whether I'm at work or out with friends/date night so I jumped at the opportunity at the launch of this cult creme lipstick for Napolean Perdis x Beauty Crew. The range itself with 18 colours covers a myriad of pinks, reds and nudes that suit all sorts of skin tones and I'm currently using #209 which is a lovely everyday rosy pink which a hint of shimmer. I recommend that a colour match in person to find the perfect match as it's sometimes hard to tell from the website colour swatches. What I'm really impressed with is the longevity of this lipstick as it is stays on throughout my morning coffee and where I'm talking in a lot of my meetings through the day. I find there is no need to line my lips as this doesn't bleed over my lip line. I also have quite dry lips so it makes a difference as well when I use the Napolean Perdis Skin Guardian SPF50 lipbalm as a primer/moisturiser and then the lipstick on top which makes it so comfortable to wear. Lastly, the slim, sleek black packaging is beautiful but wish it had like a coloured line indicated on the bullet because I actually have a couple of these in my handbag- would like an easy way for me to identify which colour I'm grabbing. I'm so impressed and at such a great price point, I'm definitely keen to expand my collection of this lippy!
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Great lipstick

Lovely quality lipstick and so comfortable! For someone who wears lipstick very rarely, I really enjoyed this product. It is super wearable and a lovely shade, it stayed on well - with no residue after drinking, and the colour stayed vibrant for the rest of the day. It made my teeth look so white and the colour really complimented my skin tone. Would highly recommend. I’m looking forward to trying more products in this range. Congratulations to Napoleon Perdis for creating this wonderful lipstick.
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Best Lippy Ever!

Miracle lippy!!! I have the hardest time finding the right shade that matches my skin tone, doesn’t dry out my lips and doesn’t fade after a coffee. The Napoleon Perdis Colour Cult Creme Lipstick is one to keep on you at all costs. This lipstick is now a must in my handbag for when I need to add some colour to lift my look. The shades are amazing and cannot recommend this product enough. Highly recommend getting colour matched with a blush pink, bold red or nude. Three that I have in constant rotation.
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Great lipsticks

I was so pleased to be invited to attend the Napoleon Perdis event in Sydney. It was a lovely session - the hosts were very welcoming and the workshop was very informative. The makeup artists were very knowledgeable and they listened to what I liked, but also encouraged me to try different things. I came away with 3 lipsticks - 206,208 and 209 and I’m very happy with them. The colours are nice - I like nude lipsticks and they are varying tones. The primer is great, I love that it is SPF as well as moisturising for the lips. The packaging is great, very slim and streamlined. The texture is nice, I found it a little sticky to start with but then it settled. I received compliments on the lipsticks and have enjoyed trying them all out.
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Beautiful colours

I have been really enjoying these lipsticks. The best thing about them is that they are so moisturising and feel buttery smooth on my lips. They do not dry out my lips. The lipsticks are so pigmented. Just a couple of swipes and you get an opaque coverage. I have not been using a lipliner when using b these lipsticks because these lipsticks apply precisely on my lips. They last long without smudging or bleeding. I was amazed with the colour ranges, 18 beautiful shades. I have a darker Indian skin tone and I was matched to v a beautiful pink nude shade 209 that compliments my v skin tone without making me look pale. I got atleast two nude based shades in these range that shoot my skin. Usually I stay away from nude shades from most brands as they really don’t suit my darker complexion. But these cult lipsticks surprisingly suit me so well. I have been so happy with the nude shades. The 888 shade which is a beautiful blue red colour looks so good. I think every girl should have a red shade like that in their collection. This red shade suits everyone. I have gotten so many compliments when I’ve worn this shade. It just makes my look pop and my teeth look whiter. The slim tube packaging is great only issue is sometimes the lid gets stuck and you have to pull strongly to open them. Overall I recommend these and advice to get a colour matched by the pro team at Napoleon Perdis.

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Ok guys listen up to this review you won’t regret it I swear now you will have the perfect lipstick to your make up bag. Ok You really really reallllllly need to add this to your make up routine! Obsessed with this new lipstick shade I’ve been trying to find this shade in a lipstick for so long I’ve I can now finally say I have found it!!! Yay ! Also this lipstick is very very hydrating and moisturising for all you dry lip girlies. So If you are looking to try a new lipstick I couldn’t recommend this product more definitely add to cart!
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Gorgeous lip colours

These Colour Cult Creme satin lipstick range from Napoleon Perdis is a game changer. Remember those God-awful liquid matte lipsticks that was trending not too long ago?! These are not it! These NP range is what lipstick should be: creamy, comfortable, long lasting, gorgeous lip colours. The shades in this collection range from shades of nudes, pinks, to bright reds but it all looks soft, pretty and feminine. Not harsh and uncomfortable. *Side eye to liquid matte lipsticks* The slim angled bullet makes the lipsticks easy to apply with precision. A couple of swipes is all it takes to get that perfect amount of colour. It feels soft, creamy and comfortable on my lips. I felt it wore off slightly while eating and drinking but a quick touch up was all I needed to freshen up my lip game. It didn't settle into lip lines or look flaky throughout the day. I have 205, 207 and 209 and I'm loving these shades. All absolutely beautiful shades thats wearable. I only wish I could try them all because the range looks so good and I love the comfort and easy application of these lipsticks. The slim sleek lipstick bullet packaging is a conversation starter too!
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Creamy, Buttery, Vibrant Lip Swag

I absolutely love lipsticks and firmly feel my face just looks better with some colour on my lips. I feel incomplete without my lips on and so imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to the NP Colour Cult masterclass, thanks to BC and NP! The new Napoleon Perdis Colour Cult Creme lipsticks are long lasting satin finish lipsticks. I received 3 shades from the range on the day. My makeup consultant picked shades 205 and 203 for me. I described loving nudes but he picked out this gorgeous my-lips-but-better 205 shade that I just adore. It's this mauvy pinky browny shade that looks absolutely gorgeous on me. The other, 203 shade is the perfect blushy pinky beigey nude shade that I think every women should have in their makeup arsenal. I prep my lips by gently exfoliating and applying the Napoleon Perdis Skin Guardian Pout Protect spf 50 lip balm and let it hydrate and nourish my lips while I do my hair and makeup. Then I gently blot my lips with a tissue to soak up excess lip balm and apply my Colour Cult lipstick. I build up the lipstick gradually using the lip brush from the Napoleon Perdis The Expert Edit Brush Collection. Building up the lipstick in thin layers helps the lipstick last longer on my lips. The brush also helps with precise application of the lippy. The Colour Cult lipstick is buttery soft and so comfortable on my lips. It has a hint of a sheen but not glossy finish. It makes my lips look full and vibrant without settling into lip lines or lip flakes. It's long lasting and I didn't need a touch up until I had food and drinks. Touch up is easy as the lipstick bullet is thin and angled. I was able to reapply the lipstick without a mirror without any issues. It also helps that the lipshades I have are pinky nude shades I suppose.q I'm really excited about these gorgeous pinky lip colors, I'm thinking of throwing out my nudes. I really want to try shade 202 and others from the range now that I have worn the lipsticks out a few times. I'm kicking myself for not swatching it on my hand at the event. What was I thinking?!!! I will just have to pop into the NP counter with my bestie next time I'm at the mall.
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Game changer

The Napoleon Perdis Colour Cult Crème Lipstick is a beauty game-changer! Its creamy texture glides effortlessly, coating lips in vibrant, long-lasting color. The shade range is unparalleled, catering to every mood and occasion. Plus, its hydrating formula keeps lips soft and moisturized all day. Say hello to your new holy grail lipstick! Indulge in luxurious packaging that exudes sophistication. From bold reds to subtle nudes, each hue delivers rich pigment without compromising on comfort. Whether it’s a casual brunch or a glamorous evening out, this lipstick elevates any look with a touch of elegance.
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Creamy, long lasting - NP has nailed it!

I would like to thank Beautycrew and Napoleon for the opportunity to learn about these lipsticks face to face and try them at home! I love the packaging, it is black and sleek and I feel like a real boss babe pulling one out of my handbag! I applied the Napoleon Perdis SPF50+ balm before applying the lipstick, and blotting off the excess. The lipstick applies so smoothly, whether directly from the bullet or with a brush, they are super pigmented and boy do they LAST! They have great longevity, I wasn't feeling the need to reapply every 5 minutes. The nude thay I tried on the day is lovely, and the red is stunning as well - I am a bit scared of red but this one is so great! I highly recommed!