Natio For Men Firming Roll-On Eye Serum

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Natio For Men Firming Roll-On Eye Serum is a multi-tasking eye cream for men that helps moisturise, soothe and refine skin surrounding the eye area. The plant based cream targets puffiness and dark circles and is enriched with plant peptides to plump and firm the eye contour, aloe and cucumber to soothe irritation, and hyaluronate and jojoba to moisturise.


Clean & natural credentials:  Contains significant amount of active naturals, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging & free from common synthetic irritants.


Natio For Men Firming Roll-On Eye Serum


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I purchased Natio For Men Firming Roll-On Eye Serum for my hubby to encourage him to look after his skin. He had used the range before and actually didn’t put up a fight about using it. It was easy for him to use, he dabbed a little on at night before bed and let it work magic. In the morning he definitely looked refreshed. A great product to smooth fine lines.   
I have never been big on products like this before, but with Natio it is different. Especially with the amount of time I spend on the computer at work, my eyes, really relish the comfort and papering this product offers. It is a really easy to use, effective product that I would highly recommend.
My husband and I both use this roll-on eye serum. I bought it for him but loves it as well!! The metal ball is very cooling on this skin, and it distributes really well. It’s quickly absorbed and dries really fast. The smell is really fresh. In terms of hydration is not quite there, but great for a quick pick me up.
I buy this all the time for the man in my life and i can 100% notice the difference! No more dark circles and he says its so soothing. I also love that Natio produces wonderful, plant based products that actually work. Its super moisturising and an indulgent product to use daily. I'd buy it for any man who likes taking care of himself and it makes a great gift, its something they'd be happy to use and would really notice the difference it makes to their eyes!
I bought this eye serum for my husband who actually asked for it, I thought he was joking but as he works night shift he had puffy eyes and dark circles which he was self conscious about. he loves natio products and loves their fragrance and this was such a great price I bought it. he really loves this and it has made a difference. The dark circles are reduced and it has really decreased the puffiness, his eye area is noticeable smoother, so much so I pinch it now when hes not looking. It really firms  and smooths the eye area and is so gentle to use. it feels light and non greasy to wear and the addition of cucumber and aloe soothe the area, great for tired eyes, great product, I would recommend this.
Works great for puffy, tired eyes. So soothing, immediately the skin feels calmer and rested. The metal ball applicator is cooling and like a spa experience! However it has no effect on dark circles or wrinkles, and really is just for that nice cooling feeling rather than anything more tangible or helpful long-term.
I bought this product from Myer and tried it, instantly I could see a difference in my wrinkles. I would definitely recommend to any woman who wants those hard wrinkles to fade away.
Got this for my hubby as something had to be done about his baggy dark under eye thing- not appealing. A few weeks of continuous use has dramatically improved his under eye appearance. He actually looks well rested for a change!
My family were gifted with puffy eyes and a capacity to party (which led to even puffier eyes). This has caused a perpetual sleepy look that has, at times, called into question my lucidity. Looking in the mirror, I decided I needed to do something. Voila! I gave the Natio For Men Firming Eye Serum a whirl.  Easy to apply and cooling on the eye, the relaxing sensation was enough to give relief. This little tube was packed with mysterious ingredients that sounded like science meets nature. Plant Peptides mingled with Aloe, Jojoba  Cucumber and a whole bunch of other stuff to make me feel - and look - more alert and respectable.