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Cleanse your face without stripping it of its natural oils with Natural Instinct’s Skin Refining Cleansing Oil. This lightweight cleanser consists of a blend of six botanical oil extracts, which work to improve and even skin tone.




Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging, vegan-friendly face and body care range, grey water safe.


Natural Instinct Skin Refining Cleansing Oil


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Great value, great product

I discovered this product in the Body & Soul magazine, it was recommended and also affordable. I am not great at cleansing, toning, moisturising,etc, however I thought I'd give this product a go and I have never looked back. Morning and night I pump it twice into palm of my hand and rub all over face and neck. I rinse with warm water and towell dry. Your face is left oil free but hydrated and after about 6 weeks of using, you can see a notable difference in skin. I found the overall tone of my skin a lot clearer and toning in sun spots. It takes 1min morning and night, I absolutely love this product.
I love cleansing oils and I find that they do a fantastic job of removing makeup in a gentle yet effective way.  Most of the ones that I have tried tend to emulsify when I mix it with water which is what I was expecting when I had purchased the skin refining cleansing oil.  Upon using the product I quickly realised that it's a straight oil and doesn't turn milky which made it quite difficult to use.  I tried it with my hands at first but found it quite messy so the next time I used it with a wash cloth which made it a bit easier but not something I could do in a short amount of time.  It contains a blend of different oils which are quite hydrating and rich but even when I mixed it with water it was a bit of a struggle.  If you have the time and patience to go through with using this cleansing oil then you would like it because it's hydrating and keeps your skin soft.
This cleansing oil comes in a 100ml amber glass pump bottle. I like the packaging as I find it easy to dispense the product from the bottle without being too messy. Powered by natural ingredients this cleansing oil from Natural Instinct also offers moisturising benefits that go beyond just cleansing. It has a very short ingredient list with just 6 ingredients and is formulated with beautiful lightweight blend of ultra-nourishing & moisture-replenishing natural oils,including Sweet Almond oil and Argan oil. I absolutely adore the scent of this cleansing oil which smells so pleasant, natural, citrusy & truly divine. I find it totally therapeutic and relaxing while massaging this oil into my skin. I massage this light and silky cleansing oil on my dry skin for a minute or two and it gently melts away makeup, dirt and impurities without drying out my skin. Then using a warm wash cloth I wipe it all off and it leaves my skin feeling beautifully clean but not dry and stripped, instead natural oils in this formulation provide extra nourishing benefits. With continuous use I have noticed it has made a notable difference to the appearance of my skin tone and texture. Note: As this cleansing oil does not emulsify with water, a warm wash cloth is needed to thoroughly get rid of any residue. Overall, I find this cleansing oil to be extremely gentle yet highly effective at removing dirt, makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. My skin is left feeling fresh, clean, soft and smooth to the touch. I would recommend this absolutely fabulous cleansing oil for dry and mature skin types. This cleansing oil is free of toxic, sulphates, artificial fragrance, petrochemicals and parabens and is truly a winner for me. I’ll surely be re-purchasing once I run out of it. 
I love this! Been using it for close to an year... works well with my sensitive skin... I use in the morning to cleanse my face and it leaves it feeling soft and amazing.. the scent is not to strong either . I also use to take my make up off and believe it or not actually does a really good job... for the price it's great... feels like its hydrating my skin all day!!
I don't really like this cleanser. I have used oil cleansers before and I really like them (my favourite is from Happy Skincare) but this didn't work for me. It removes makeup really well and  I love that is contains all natural ingredients, but it's really quite heavy. Once I have it on my skin, I found it really hard to remove. The bottle is glass and it has a pump which I like (easy to use and earth friendly), I just wish it wasn't so heavy!
I love a cleansing oil for easy removal of makeup and this is a great one. Being all natural was a winner for me, along with price, its really budget friendly and I didnt need to use a lot. This easily removed all traces of makeup, oil and grime in a gently manner and didnt dry my skin, its actually quite hydrating, it even removed my waterproof mascara. it smells really nice and fresh and after cleanasing my skin felt smooth, clean and soft. The packaging is nice and the pump makes it easy to use and dispense with no mess. The addition of oil extracts improve the texture and appearance of my skin tone and being Australian made is a big plus. This natural instinct skin refining cleansing oil is a winner for me and I would buy it again and highly recommend it.
I received this as part of the Natural Instinct 6 week challenge a few months ago. I'd tried cleansing oils in the past and wasn't really a huge fan as I was never aware you had to use another cleanser afterwards and they had just left my already oily skin feeling extra oily. By the time I used this product I was already double cleaning so I ended up much more comfortable using it. The Natural Instinct cleansing oil comes packaged in a heavy dark glass bottle with a pump dispenser. To use,you simply dispense 1 or 2 pumps of the oil and mix with a little water. It has a nice mild citrus scent and goes on smooth and velvety.  I was surprised it didn't lather up at all as most I've tried in the past have at least a tiny amount of emulsifying and I quite liked that about them. Regardless, this oil did seem to dissolve makeup and daily grime quite well and left my skin feeling hydrated and supple. A double cleanse wouldnt even be necessary if you wear minimal makeup. I personally don't feel right unless I've washed my face with a foaming cleanser before bed however so I cleansed again after use of this simply because of that. I found this to be a gentle,effective and fun to use product. Best of all-it is so affordable!  Pros  100% Natural ingredients  (sweet almond and argan oils with some essential oils) Made In Australia Gentle and effective  Dark bottle keeps ingredients fresh Great price Leaves skin hydrated and soft Cons Does not emulsify or foam at all Need to double cleanse if wearing heavier makeup
Prior to purchasing the Natural Instinct Skin Refining Cleansing Oil, I wasn't aware of the benefits of double cleansing and cleaning with an oil based product, but after using it for a month, I am so glad that I tried it out and stuck to a new cleansing regime. The oil itself has such a nice, fruity, citrus scent which smells so fresh and crisp and it isn't overly strong. The brown tinting glass bottle helps the product maintain its freshness and the pump allows for just the right amount of product to be dispensed. The package recommends two pumps,but I am able to get away with just one to cleanse my entire face and neck and with a 100ml bottle, this cleansing oil will last for quite some time. When massaging into the skin, the product melts away all of the make-up from your skin and allows for a deep cleanse which is then followed by a rinse of warm water that turns the oil into a milky white colour. After the rinse, I highly recommend you use your regular cleanser and this gets rid of any excess oiliness from the cleansing oil and gives you a second cleanse. I have oily skin and using this cleansing oil didn't break me out or leave my skin feeling greasy. With 6 botanical oil extracts, the Natural Instinct Skin Refining Cleansing Oil gently cleanses the skin without stripping away natural oils and removes makeup, dirt and excess sebum to provide you with soft, hydrated and glowing skin. 
It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I became familiar with the term "double cleansing".  It was all so new to me, especially oil based cleansers but it quickly turned into a popular beauty phenomenon that wasn't just for those with dry skin.  I wear makeup everyday and even with the makeup wipes and cleanser I use I still end up with makeup residue.  There will be times at night where I think all my makeup has been washed off and come morning I'll see that I'll have panda eyes from mascara I didn't thoroughly wipe off.  The Natural instinct cleansing oil is a great way to incorporate this product into your nightly routine.  I start off by using two pumps of the oil, mixing it with a bit of water and massaging it over my face and even on my eyes.  The product contains sweet almond oil, argan oil, watermelon seed oil and lemon peel oil which has the most wonderful aroma.  Normally cleansing oils, when mixed with warm water, will emulsify and turn into a milky liquid, however the texture of this oil remained the same.  Some people love it, others don't.  For me, I would've preferred it to emulsify as removing it is a lot easier.  However, I am willing to overlook it as the oil still did a great job of removing makeup and leaving my skin hydrated.  I used it with a damp wash cloth and it worked just fine.  The oil would help liquify and dissolve everything on my face allowing the makeup to come off easily.  The oils in this particular cleanser did not cause any irritation and it didn't leave any oily residue behind.  As part of the two step process I followed it up with a foaming cleanser to ensure all my makeup was removed.  For a cleansing oil it's definitely on the more affordable side and I would recommend it to everyone.  It's especially nice to use during the winter when my skin is ultra dry and sensitive.  It adds that extra layer of hydration and moisture to protect your skin from the harsh cold.   Benefits: -Great for all skin types -Hydrating without stripping skin -Won't leave any oily residue -Removes makeup -Wont clog your pores -Affordable price -Natural and cruelty free Downside: Doesn't emulsify with water.  Works better with a wash cloth 
I have been using Natural Instinct Skin Refining Cleansing Oil during the past six weeks.  This is the first cleansing oil I have used and I must admit it is completely different to my normal cleansers.    I love the brown glass bottle and the colouring of the label which reminds me of the old apothecary bottles.  The 100ml bottle has a pump which makes it easy to dispense the oil.  The oil has a delightful citrus fragrance which smells so clean and fresh.    It didn’t seem possible to me that a small amount of oil spread over my face would clean away all of my makeup, but I was mistaken because just two pumps of the oil completely removed all traces.  I was a bit surprised that the oil seemed to remain on my skin no matter how many times I rinsed my face with warm water, however after drying my face my skin didn’t feel greasy at all but it was definitely soft and smooth.      I find it a lot easier to gently wipe a wet, warm washer over my face to remove the cleansing oil and makeup rather than to rinse it away.    I have mature skin which is slightly dry and I have found that the Natural Instinct Skin Refining Cleansing Oil leaves my skin looking hydrated and glowing.  I really like this cleansing oil and would be happy to purchase it in the future.
I have dry sensitive skin, and this cleanser oil doesn't strip away too much, and leaves my skin clean, hydrated and soft after cleansing. I often wear zinc sunscreen and found it hard to find a cleanser that can take it all off yet still keep my skin feeling supple, and this works so well, and it is very gentle.  Nice scent, and good quality packaging.
I adore the beneficial and repairing formula the Natural Instinct skin refining cleansing oil provides for my skin. As it rejuvenates the cells on my  on my skin, it cleansers thoroughly removing any impurities and radicals. Extremely well formulated the cleansing oil is fantastic option for extra gentle cleansing with anti-ageing benefits that can also can help fade discolorations in on my skin. Only a small amount is needed to cleanse my entire face and neck, leaving it feeling much softer and clean.  Natural Instinct skin refining cleansing oil has very attractive packaging that keeps fresh and has good measurement control making it last for a long time. The mild and pure Natural Instinct skin refining cleansing oil always leaves behind a more youthful and healthy look. I apply daily for best results.
I love this brand.  This cleaners is fantastic.  My skin feels so fresh, clean and smooth.  I highly recommend.
I've jumped on the Asian Beauty double cleansing train and use this as my first cleansing product.  Oil cleansers are important when using sunscreens for proper product removal. I like this oil cleanser as it is very hydrating and doesn't feel like it's stripping your skin. It is on the expensive end of the scale, with many other budget options and brands, but there are also many more, more expensive options. It works well and has a very appealing scent, very 'fresh'. If essential oils or scented products are not your thing, maybe give this a miss. 
Very hydrating for the skin! Very high recommendations!
This cleanser is perfect for my dry / aging skin. It cleanses beautifully without drying out my skin , leaving me with  soft supple clean skin that feels moisturized.It has an amazing clean scent as well !