NIVEA 3-In-1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes

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NIVEA 3-In-1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes are gentle cleansing wipes enriched with micellar water, which contains microscopic oil molecules that draw and trap dirt, makeup and excess sebum to leave skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and moisturised. The formula also contains vitamin E to help retain the skin's natural moisture balance.


NIVEA 3-In-1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes


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The Nivea 3-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Wipes are a must-have staple for removing makeup! They come in a pack of 25 wipes, and are easy to throw in a purse, for a quick refresher, or great for removing makeup after a long day.  The scent is fresh, but not overpowering, which is wonderful. It easily removes stubborn makeup, and doesn't leave the face feeling sticky or oily, like many other wipes do. The enriched micellar water was effective in removing all makeup. There is no need to scrub - just gently wipe across your face, and the makeup is removed. As I have sensitive skin, I was originally hesitant in using these wipes, but they work great, and don't react with my skin. They leave my skin feeling refreshed, without the need of water.  Definitely a great and affordable purchase! I highly recommend the Nivea 3-in-1 Wipes!
I was never a cleansing wipe person but I noticed I turn to them more and more often. I got these Nivea Micellar Cleansing wipes while they were on special. I must say I enjoy using those. I could never imagine removing my mascara with a wipe as I think they are not very good at it, but these wipes are perfect for removing the top layer of foundation, bronzer, and some eye shadow too. I like the classic Nivea scent to the wipes, the light fragrance always makes me feel more relaxed and I enjoy my night time routine more. The wipes are rather moist and they are a good size too. I have not noticed any irritation of skin as I do with some other wipes. These wipes seems to be very gentle. I even used them on my daughter to removed face painting and they work great that way too. I do not think they are capale of removing  waterproof make up, as they have a hard time to get rid of my regular Chanel mascara, but other than that I must say they are great, they smell great and it is a pleasure to use Nivea Micellar Cleansing Wipes.
I really like Nivea products so I was eage rto try the NIVEA 3-in-1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes when I needed to replenish my wipes. The white and blue packaging is easily identifiable with the Nivea logo. The strong adhesive tab on the pack ensures the wipes stay damp right to the last one in the pack.  These generous sized wipes are soft with just the right amount of dampness to wipe away all traces of makeup. Some wipes I have tried have been either too dry or too wet but the NIVEA 3-in-1 Micellar wipes are just damp enough to glide across my skin and remove all my makeup. I find I don't need to rub my face hard to remove my makeup and my skin feels clean, soft and nourished afterwards. I have mature skin which can lean towards being a little dry however I find these wipes don't feel drying at all.  The wipes have that pleasant NIVEA fragrance.  I usually follow up a wipes cleansing with Micellar water on a cotton pad by wiping it over my face to ensure all traces of makeup have been removed.  On each occasion the pad has been clean so the NIVEA 3-in-1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes have done a great job.  I have no hesitation in recommending these as a quick and effective cleansing product. 
I bought these wipes as a fast alternative to remove my makeup at the end of the day when I’m being a bit too lazy to wash my face. The micellar water in the wipes helps to remove every last bit of makeup, both quickly and without irritation. However I was disappointed that the wipes are not as strong as wipes from other brands. I found that the wipes quickly teared even when trying to open the wipe to full size. Despite the wipes being difficult to handle with each tear, they effectively removed all my long-wearing makeup without force.
I picked up the Nivea Caring Micrllat Cleansing Wipes 3 in 1 when Nivea offered their cash back promotion. It was a great incentive Because my local Coles didn't have them in the most obvious spot and I probably would have never seen them otherwise. They come in a rather compact packet making them easy to take travelling or to a hot summer wedding. They have a lovely subtle scent, and remain moody with a resealable tab. The wipes are thicker than a baby wipe and have the texture of a soft cloth. Makeup even waterproof mascara comes off rather easy with these wipes and I would recommend giving them a try.
Nivea Pure Effect ALL-IN-1 Extra Deep Cleansing is a multi-purpose cleanser formulated to eliminate impurities in one step. It cleanses and exfoliates the skin, can be applied as a mask to prevent shine, and uses magnolia extract to provide anti-bacterial properties. The cleanser helps to clear all impurities while remaining gentle on the skin.
I am happy to Wipe away the day with this irresistible product.  They thoroughly cleanse and refresh my skin, they are effective and oh so gentle and lovely and soft and also affordable, these are truly wonderful and a definite keeper in the beauty bag.  I would strongly recommend these.
I really like to have a pack of cleansing wipes on hand as they are so convenient and I find them invaluable for travel. Recently I've become alarmed at the number of good brands that are sourcing face wipes from China. I may be over reacting but I refuse to buy or use cosmetics, skin care items or makeup made in China. I needed an extra item to get my goodie bag at Priceline a while ago and saw the Nivea 3 in 1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes for Eyes, Lips and Face. After reading the ingredients and noting they were made in Netherlands I bought my first pack. I've since repurchased. I have found these to be the best I've used. The softness of the wipe is beautiful with a lovely, delicate fragrance and it is possible to remove all makeup without any need to drag or be heavy handed. The moistness is perfect, neither too much not too little and the wipes stay moist from the first to the last wipe in the pack. It is a simple task to secure the closure each time. The Micellar Water and Vitamin E make this as good as it gets for convenience, as well as leaving my skin feeling beautifully cleansed and moisturised. I have incredibly sensitive skin and can use these frequently without any irritation whatever. I would recommend them to everyone.
I always have a packet of face wipes handy for nights when I'm feeling a bit lazy with my skincare and want a quick and thorough cleansing option.  I also really love using Micellar products, finding this ingredient works brilliantly to gently and effectively remove makeup, grime and dirt.   So seeing Nivea had released a product combining both of these together, I knew I had to try these wipes out. The wipes come in a standard soft pack of 25, with a flap closure.  My only gripe with this product is that the sealing capacity of the packet isn't perfect - it would be great if Nivea would adopt a better sealing option many other brands use, which encompasses a plastic compartment to really seal the wipes. The wipes are a standard size, and oh so soft and lovely to use.   They feel lovely and moisturising, even before they're on my face, and I love that they only have a very subtle scent.  They also work exceptionally well at removing all my makeup, including all of my eye makeup, without needing much effort from me.  Definitely don't need to rub or tug at my eyes to remove my mascara, and I notice how clean and soft my skin feels after using them.  They do a fantastic job. I will definitely be buying more of these wipes and highly recommend them to anyone looking for wipes that really do a thorough, yet gentle cleanse of all of your makeup.
NIVEA 3-In-1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes are unlike many of the cleansing wipes you see on the market today. These wipes are very gentle on the skin and doesn't need much force to take off makeup. When i first opened the wipes i was surprised to not smell the usual make up remover smell that i dislike. When taking out the first wipe it had the perfect amount of moisture in the wipe. Not to much that it felt like water was running down my hands and not dry that it would hurt when applied on the skin.  As i used it on my face to take off makeup, i felt that it didn't take much force to start removing layers of makeup. It was quite refreshing on the skin and didn't tear easily which is a plus. I could fold the wipe and use the other side to keep cleaning the face. One wipe would be used to wipe of a minimal face/everyday makeup off. Two for a more heavier make up look. It was quite effective with the micellar water enriched in the wipe rather than dabbed on a cotton pad as it had a larger surface area and was (micellar water) totally enriched throughout the wipe. It was also much faster than any other bottle micellar water or makeup remover as i didn't need to keep changing cotton pads every time it got dirty. I simply need to fold and wipe and continue as each surface was infused with micellar water.  Once used i felt my face was not only clean and clear from any evidence of makeup but also quite moisturised and refreshed for the rest of the night. Usually after cleaning my face my face usually feels dry, but not in this case. It restored some moisture back in the face which makeup and remover usually takes away. I also didn't have any irritation from this product with my sensitive skin. After using the wipes numerous times i felt that the micellar water and moisture from the wipes did dissappear from the unused wipes in the package. This could be because i didn't stick the self-adhesive label properly or it came off in the bag through contact with other objects in the bag. This did make the wipes a bit drier and more force was needed to take off makeup.  Pros- - Dosen't easily rip/ tear           - Effective in taking off makeup even waterproof mascara.           - Very gentle on the skin           - Dosen't leave the skin dry           - Moisturises and leves skin refreshed           - Great for travel           - No strong smell  Cons- - Self adhesive could come off and leave wipes drier. (I used sticky tape as an extra layer to the self adhesive to make sure it would't be accidentally left open) Overall i find this product useful and effective with many positives. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs an effective makeup wipe, or even a normal face cleaning wipe.
Love these they do a great job and my skin is better for them
The NIVEA3-In-1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes are cleansing wipes that have micellar water and can be used to remove makeup, dirt, etc to leave the skin feeling cleansed and moisturised.   As someone who loves micellar water, I saw these wipes and thought they would be super convenient and handy to use so I had to try them. They came in a handy pack of25 wipes.   These cleansing wipes are great to use. They removed all of my makeup and cleansed my face with just one wipe. If you wear full face/heavy makeup you may need to use two or wipes. I found the wipes to be gentle on my skin. I didn’t need to rub or pull at my makeup to have it removed, just a gentle wipe of my face. They left my skin feeling soft, cleansed and refreshed.   These wipes are a great alternative for when you get home really late and need to remove your makeup but are too tired to do a full face wash.   Pros: - the wipes are enriched with micellar water - very gentle to use - only need to wipe off makeup once -handy and easy to use - great value   I recommend the Nivea cleansing micellar wipes to people who use makeup wipes and want something soft and gentle that cleanses the skin.
For fresh clean soft skin these wipes are amazing. I cant live without them, they remove the days grime and makeup with ease including hard to get off mascara and lipstick. They leave my face so clean and fresh and feeling amazing. I cant wait to use them at the end of the day or a night out. They are easy to use, just pull one out and all traces of makeup are removed in an instant. A slick of moisturiser  before bed and I have amazing skin at at such a great price. Love love love these
This product is amazing, when wearing medium to heavy makeup one wipe takes everything off which is amazing. Unlike other wipes where you have to use several. They make your skin feel very refreshed once you've used them. Highly recommend these
Everyone should have NIVEA's 3-In-1 Care Cleansing Micellar Wipes in their bathroom.  They are so handy and quick to use and nothing removes makeup faster than these wonderful Micellar wipes, aswell as leaving your skin clean, refreshed and hydrated, The pack is easy to open and you pull each one out and gently smooth it over your face.  They smell lovely and fresh, and are so easy and pleasant to use.  They remove all forms of makeup including foundation, powder, mascara, lipstick, eye shadows and eyeliners. These wipes are very gentle and will make your skin feel super soft.  So no more excuses to go to bed with your makeup on, simply grab the pack and wipe your makeup off.   If you have a full face of makeup you might need 2 or 3 wipes to ensure your skin is thoroughly clean and makeup free, You will be amazed at how quickly these wipes remove your makeup.  You don't need to rub or scrub hard, just wipe over gently and watch before your eyes, all your makeup coming off with each stroke. Your skin will feel clean and fresh and then you can go on do your skincare routine.  I found my skin was much cleaner, clearer and products absorbed in better which was wonderful After a few days, you will come to love these time saving wipes. as they are super fast to use, cleanse thoroughly and leave you with clean and hydrated skin, that feels calm, gentle and fresh. PRO's So quick to use, no more excuses to go to bed with makeup on. Very affordable. Made by a very reputable brand. Can be used day or night. Best makeup removing wipes I have used. I recommend these to anyone who loves to wear makeup but then goes to go to bed and realises they still have all their makeup on.  With these wipes, makeup is removed super quickly and your skin is left feeling clean, refreshed and vibrant.
These wipes are great for removing makeup and also for freshness anytime. They are soft and easy to hold and gently and effectively remove my makeup without drying my skin. I use these wipes as the first step in my makeup removal routine. They have a mild fragrance which is fresh and reminds me of cucumber. After use, my skin feels soft, looks clean and natural. Pros:-affordable, non irritating, easy to use and portable so perfect for travel Cons: -doesn't remove all my makeup if I am wearing full face of makeup, but I'm happy to further cleanse to remove my makeup Tips: -keep a pack in your handbag on hot days to freshen up your face Recommendation: -this makeup removal wipe is great for anyone who wants a clean and gentle wipe which makes your skin feel soft and refreshed
These are my go-to make up wipe now. They leave my skin feeling fresh, cleansed and have no oily residue at all. I absolutely love them. The fragrance is minimal and very pleasant. Afterwards my skin remains clear and isn't at all irritated which I often find with other brands. I have been using them for a few weeks now and have noticed my skin is happy even when I don't have time for a full on cleansing routine. Would definitely recommend them to my family, friends etc.
Love these!! So good when you're too lazy to use a cleanser to take off make up. Skin feels so good after the use as well. It doesn't dry it out at all and feels soft. Great after a night out!! Highly recommend and very affordable!
Love these wipes!! They get my waterproof mascara off easily and don't leave my skin feeling oily like a lot of other makeup wipes do. I can go to sleep straight away with no other skin care rituals (great after a big night on the town). Great value for money and would highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy face clean!