NIVEA Daily Essentials All in 1 Cleanser

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NIVEA Daily Essentials All in 1 Cleanser is a cleanser that deeply washes off skin impurities with its mild formula. The all-in-one face cleanser is enriched with magnolia extract, which has antibacterial properties and combines three actions to help prevent impurities and breakouts, and peeling particles to help unclog pores and purify skin from blackheads. Can also be used as a mask to prevent shine.


NIVEA Daily Essentials All in 1 Cleanser


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This is a fantastic everyday, facial cleanser. It cools and soothes my skin as it cleans and freshens it. I can use this daily and my skin remains soft and dewy afterwards without any irritation or tightening. I love the fragrance too, which is slightly cucumber and makes this cleanser appealing and pleasant to use. When I use this cleanser, I massage it in gently around the congestion areas of my face, focussing around my nose and my chin. I also ensure that I apply this cleanser all the way down along the front and back of my neck and my décolletage as these are areas often overlooked when I'm cleansing. I recommend this every day essential cleanser for anyone who wants a budget friendly daily use cleanser, that soothes, cleans and freshens. The clean scent is perfect for men and women.
After trying a small sample sachet of this I went out and bought the full sized product.  It's a white formula that does a really quick mask, exfoliation and cleanse all at the same time.   And it's quick......I just apply it and massage it around my face like I would my normal cleanser, then I target a few areas of my face that I want extra exfoliation  and then I just leave the whole thing on for a few minutes while in the shower.  Then a quick and thorough rinse and my face looks more even, smoother and and feels fresh and clean.  It's not harsh at all which I like but it's very effective.  I find a product like this helps me get in that extra face mask I want to do each week if I haven't got time for a long one.