NIVEA Daily Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes

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NIVEA Daily Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes are cleansing wipes for all skin types, especially skin sensitive to perfume, oil, colours and alcohol. The wipes cleanse and tone in one step, gently removing makeup and waterproof mascara while leaving skin refreshed and feeling moisturised. The formula is enriched with vitamin Eto enhance skin's natural moisturisation and provitamin B5 to leave skin feelingcleansed and refreshed. Free from fragrances, ethylalcohol, oil and colours. Skin Compatibility dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved.


NIVEA Daily Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes


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Nivea Wipes are an excellent product for the price, the packet fits nicely in my make up bag the pack is easy to seal and the wipes don’t dry out  The wipes are ideal for my sensitive skin  Best of all they actually work So I would recommend these Nivea wipes 
These Nivea fragrance free facial wipes are great addition to my daily make up removal routine.  They are very handy when traveling as the packaging is soft and there is no chance of being broken in your luggage.  I don't wear much make up on my face but these Nivea wipes certainly do remove ordinary grime from my face and my mascara from my eyes. They are quite refreshing and not harsh for my face.  Not having any fragrance is not an issue for me.  We all know the skin around our eyes is sensitive so care much be taken, l have found these Nivea wipes are gentle for that very skin. They are very well priced so the beauty bank will not be broken. These Nivea wipes are are great inclusion to anyone's beauty routine.
These wipes are nice and moist and clean my face nicely after a hot sweaty day at work. I don't use these to remove make up but they perfect as a pick-me-up when I need to refresh my face during lunch and feel "cleansed" - the packet also reseals well as i've noticed others don't and therefore dry out. I recommend these wipes for both practical and economical reasons.
These are excellent wipes which are extra mild and work well to clean and freshen my skin.  I love how gentle and effective these wipes are to my skin. I use these to freshen my skin and to remove all signs of makeup. These wipes are soft and gentle on my skin and they work effectively to remove makeup and also the day's dirt and grime from my skin. These are fragrance free, and are very soft and cottony to hold and use. Even if I am a little rough with using these wipes, they don't irritate or dry my skin. They come in a resealable pack so they stay fresh and moist whenever I need to use them.  I use these around my eyes and to remove minimal eye makeup, but if I'm wearing a lot of eye makeup, I use a separate eye makeup remover.  These wipes are fantastic to carry with you when travelling or to the gym. I keep a pack in my office desk and use them to freshen my face and neck when I'm sitting at work. Pros: inexpensive, easy to carry, doesn't irritate, cleans and freshens  Cons: none!  Tip: keep the seal side faced down on the counter so it doesn't open accidentally Recommendation: these makeup remover wipes would suit anyone who wants a daily use wipe to cleanse and remove all makeup without irritating the skin 
By far one of the best facial wipes i've used in my lifetime. The facial wipes feels great on the skin. You don't need to use too much force to clean off the makeup on the face. The smell is pleasant and unlike other brands don't have a heavy alcohol in the wipes. Therefore. doesn't dry out the skin and doesn't have a alcohol smell to them.  When applying the wipes on the face, i notice immediately that i don't need to use much force and the makeup is coming off within a few wipes. The wipe is quite thick, great so it doesn't break in your hand and can use the wipe to it's full potential. I would usually use two wipes for a full face makeup and does the work perfectly. The first wipe i would make sure that the majority of the makeup is off and the 2nd wipe to make sure it's all off before i go to sleep. There is no irritation on the skin and doesn't dry it out after use. It is sensitive skin friendly and doesn't leave any small rashes or dry spots on the skin. The wipes also got rid of waterproof mascara which is a plus as previous wipes had to use excessive force to get off.  My initial thought after first use is that i like the results and the gentle cleansing i can use on the skin to remove makeup on the face, eyes and necks, After using the wipes for over 2 weeks i still loved the results but had to make sure that i kept the remaining wipes moist or it will start to dry out. But i have to say on a plus note it doesn't dry out as much as alcohol based wipes and did retain moisture, Just remember to close the packaging as tight as you can after use for maximum potential use,  Pros- effective, clean, great for dry and sensitive skin (like myself), not to expensive, hydrates the skin after use, great size for holidays, thick wipes, doesn't break during use, don't need to use much force on the skin. Cons- does dry out a little bit if not closed properly.  Overall i do recommend this product to anyone who has dry or sensitive skin. it works effectively and has results you'd be pleased with. 
Tailor made for sensitive skin, these wipes are ideal if you have skin that's easily irritated (like mine!). What I love with this formula is what Nivea leaves out - no alcohol, no perfume, no oils and no colours.  Basically if anything is a potential irritant, it's been left out of these wipes. They are very well priced (and often on special in supermarkets), making these good value for money.  They come in a standard pack of 25 that has the usual seal - I find it's easy to re-seal the packet and keep remaining wipes in moist and ideal condition.  The wipes are a square shape with a beautifully soft texture. They really feel lovely when I'm using them on my skin, very soothing and comforting.  I only use at night as a first step in my cleansing routine, to remove makeup, oil and daily grime.  And of course when I'm traveling wipes become my only facial cleanser, they're so convenient and leak-proof. They are gentle enough to use in the eye area, but if I'm wearing strong or waterproof eye makeup, I definitely need to use a separate eye makeup remover.  I prefer to do that, than rub my eyes aggressively with any face wipe. I love the clean, soft, fresh feeling these wipes give my skin, and how non-irritating they are.  Highly recommended for anyone with sensitive skin, or anyone wanting a gentle, but very effective facial wipe.
The first thing I noticed about this product is the pack size. Perfect for travelling, my gym bag or at home. The second thing I noticed was the texture of the wipes; they're smooth, large enough to provide good coverage, and thick enough not to tear. With minimal fragrance and infused with a rich blend of moisturisers and cleansers, my skin felt clean after using, but without residue. I had to wipe fairly firmly to get all my mascara off, but that's usual. My skin doesn't feel dry or get red at all after using these. The pack also seals well, so the wipes don't dry out (although it can be difficult to get into first time around, so beware if your nails are long!). The price is a bonus.