NIVEA Firming Q10 Plus Body Lotion

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NIVEA Firming Q10 Plus Body Lotion is a moisturiser that nourishes and firms normal skin within two weeks. The body lotion is enriched with skin's own coenzyme Q10, L-Carnitine and Creatine which all work together to support skin cell renewal and improve its appearance. Skin is left feeling firmer and tighter.

Price above is for 250mL. Also available in 400mL.


NIVEA Firming Q10 Plus Body Lotion


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This is a nice skin lotion that is cheap, effective and does what it says. The lotion certainly firms my skin  slightly, but in the end i have to switch products because i feel that it is not hydrating enough for my skin which is my main concern. Definitely have a go if you feel that your skin needs toning up!
Since February of 2016, I have lost approximately 25 kilograms. Unfortunately, my skin has also lost its firmness, particularly on the underside of my arms. I sought this out, even though I was doubtful that any product could really help me with loose skin related issues. The bottle is pretty generously sized for the price. I think I only paid about $4 for it, due to it being on sale. I picked it up because the smell of Palmer's Cocoa Butter was giving me headaches and the texture was leaving me feeling greasy. This has a beautiful light weight consistency. While some might compare it's look and feel to sunscreen, I find both to be pleasant. My skin absolutely eats this up. I use it all over, with particular focus on my arms, tummy and thighs. I don't think it truly firms the skin long-term, but it definitely makes your skin feel tighter after its been applied. Even if that effect is temporary, I welcome it. It makes your skin feel soft and tight. After applying this, my skin has a lot more life to it, which is great because I often feel self-conscious about it, so any improvement is good. I will give it 4 stars because I appreciate how effective it is as a moisturizer and the confidence boost it can give me. It does say it is for normal skin, and I guess mine is not what one would define as normal. If you're willing to apply it every day and appreciate the effect while it lasts, this one's for you!
My skin tends to be on the dry side and I also have a bit of cellulite going on so I decided to give the Nivea Firming Body Lotion a go. It is a very light feeling lotion as shown by the 2 drops of skin feeling scale on the label of the bottle. It rubs quickly into the skin and makes my body feel nice and moisturised. The smell is not too strong once it absorbs into your skin but it has a noticeable lotion smell when you apply. It contains Q10, Creatine and L-Carnitine which is meant to be the magical ingredients for firming up your skin after 2 weeks. I saw some improvement in my skin but it's not going to drastically improve really bad cellulite. I see it more as a great moisturiser for summer that also has the added benefits of improving the look of your skin. It's really affordable so their is no reason not to give it a try.
This is one of my favourite body lotions ever. Reasonable price, huge bottle with a pump!, lasts ages. It smells beautiful, I have an impression that Nivea Q10 body lotion is just the same as the old Nivea Goodbye Cellulite ( which was the best EVER!), the scent is the same, very pleasant and subtle, it absorbs quickly,  it's not sticky, we can get dressed straight away. The body lotion nourishes the skin, makes it look healthy and radiant and overtime, with regular use, the skin seems firmer. The cellulite doesn't look that scary anymore either. That Nivea Body Lotion is really high quality.
This wonderful Firming Body Lotion is lightly scented and is fast absorbing.  My skin feels wonderfully hydrated and so very smooth after application.  I use this as an all over body moisturiser. I apply it to my skin after a shower while my skin is still damp.  That's when the skin is the most ready to absorb lotions.  I love the light scent of this lotion.  The fact that it contains Q10, which is something that is naturally produced by the skin as a rebuilding agent, or so Google informs me.  Use this lotion daily for 2 weeks and the promise is that you will notice firmer skin.  I noticed positive changes in less then 24 hours. I have the  400 ml pump bottle, which I love.  The pump twists to lock if you wish to take the bottle with you when you travel. For a cheap price you get a quality product that does as it claims without fuss. Very much worth the purchase.
Have used this every night for the past 5 years. It's some game changing stuff!! It will halve you cellulite after 2 weeks and moisturise. It's great. A must have in my beauty cupboard!
I started using this product daily, last winter, when my legs needed a lot of moisturizer. I noticed after a few weeks a big difference on my skin around my thighs. Definitely got me ready for bikini season!