NIVEA Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion

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NIVEA Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion is an intensely moisturising body lotion that delivers 24-hour irresistibly smooth skin feeling. The formula is enriched with ginkgo extract, shea butter, Hydra IQ and vitamin E to soften and nourish skin while enhancing the skin's natural moisturisation.

Price above is for 400mL. Also available in 250mL.


NIVEA Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion


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For the price this moisturiser is good value it's easy to apply and goes a long way I do find that even though my skin looks dry when I use this I feel greasy and oily which isn't great especially in summer. The packaging is easy to use and it's small enough to take with you if you go away, the smell isn't offensive which is nice as we seem to use lots of different products these days. Would recommend as a good budget moisturiser for people with drier skin.
Another fabulous body lotion by Nivea! I love Nivea body lotions - they are so affordable and they do the job well! Nivea's irresistibly smooth body lotion is my go-to body lotion in spring and autumn, when I need a body lotion that is not too heavy and yet hydrating enough for me during the change in weather.  Nivea's irresistibly smooth is the perfect candidate: it has a light to medium consistency, after applying to my skin it is absorbed almost instantly without any stickiness so that I can get dressed immediately. It certain smell of shea butter which is probably the most nourishing ingredient that I can put on my skin, and yet the scent of the product is not over-powering and it does not linger for very long. As the product name has suggested, it leaves my skin very SMOOTH and also soft to touch. I have very dry skin (due to my habit of showering twice a day) and this body lotion does a great job in keeping my skin hydrated in between showers. After applying it once, I do not need to top up with more moisturiser until I shower again and wash the product off. The product comes in big 400mL pump pack which is both hygiene and is very good value for money.  I would recommend this product to everyone!
I have given this product four stars out of five but I think for an affordable body moisturiser this is a really great option. To start off, I have slightly dry skin and I find that this moisturises the perfect amount, it gives it enough nourishment so that it does not dry out and I find that when I use this product I only generally have to moisturise twice a week, maybe three days during the summer months and my skin is always supple and soft.  The first positive of this body moisturiser is that it sinks into the skin very easily without leaving any kind of residue or oiliness. I find that I can even apply a thin layer of this over the skin in the morning and still be able to pull my jeans on a few minutes later without getting that uncomfortable sticky feeling that you can get with some moisturisers. I also like that the moisturiser leaves a slight sheen to the skin, leaving it healthy and glowing. This is particularly good in the winter months when your skin just needs that gorgeous glow. I also find that like Nivea claims, it does in fact leave your skin feeling soft for a whole 24-hours. The magic ingredients of Shea butter and vitamin c really do help to nourish and enrich the skin.