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NIVEA Lip Care Essential is a lip balm that moisturises and nourishes, while protecting lips from drying out in all weather conditions. The moisturising formula is enriched with jojoba oil and natural shea butter to care for lips and prevent against moisture loss, leaving lips soft and smooth.


NIVEA Lip Care Essential


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I used this as a lip balm for quite a long time and had a tube both in my handbag and at work.  I find that it does work well upon application to smooth dry lips but unfortunately does not last and does not actually TREAT the lips - it just masks the condition by adding a slippery layer on top of your lips that disappears pretty quickly.  I now use other products as lip moisturisers and treatments, however I did find that this NIVEA lip balm is actually really good when applied over the top of matte lipsticks to stop them from making your lips dry and flakey.  So it definitely is a product with a purpose - just not what it was originally intended!  So if you have a NIVEA Original lip balm just floating around that you don't really use, give it a go on the top of your favourite matte/demi matte lipstick!
The twisting mechanism is very easy and effortless. The lipbalm itself is relatively "hard" in texture compared to other lipbalms. I also found that the lipbalm can leave a white "cast" on the lips which is not very nice. It does add some moisture while I am using it but I feel that the moisturisation is very superficial. Once the balm itself is gone then the lips revert back to what they were. It is not a very effective lipbalm if you have seriously dry lips.
For the longest time, this lip balm was my constant companion. I had one in every bag I owned, and I would reapply it multiple times daily, and my lips would immediately feel better. As time went on, I found I needed to reapply more frequently. But no matter, my dry lips would feel hydrated after, even if just for a while. For well over a year, I ignored the icky white film this balm cast on my lips because it moisturised my lips as long as I remember to apply frequently. Then one time, while on a family vacation, I realised I'd forgotten to pack my beloved Nivea Lip Care, and ended up using my mom's lanolin ointment on the plane, and then once every night during that vacation. That was when it hit me: My lips looked and felt better than it had in years! I haven't looked back since. This is the lip balm that made me realise what a lip balm should NOT be - a temporary quick-fix. It took me a long time to notice, but I now know a good lip balm should nourish my lips instead of just acting as a surface barrier. Even petroleum jelly does a better job of that. My lips are softer than ever, and I don't need to deal with gross white film over my lips, nor do I have to buy a dozen lip balms to carry around because I need them, or else my lips would be a dry, cracked relic. No. A good lip balm doesn't leave my lips dry within hours of wearing off. This one does.
I think I had an allergc reaction to this balm. It made my lips really red and itchy. I'm surprised no one mentioned this either, but it tastes SO bitter! Has a really strong, bitter chemical taste that made me feel super nauseous while on, and my tongue got coated with it as I tasted it and I felt like I was going to throw up. Hurts me to say this but it's the worst lip balm I've ever tried, and I'm a lip balm hoarder/addict! Formula is lightweight and provides a nice sheen on the lips, unfortunately I didn't have a good experience with it.
I Have been using this for years and there is nothing better!! I love the NIVEA Lip Care Essential-  I have at least one of these in every handbag i own. My lips dry out and crack when the weather changes !  This product helps my lips feel like they are getting back to normal in no time. It is so hydrating. I also use this as a base before applying my lipstick, it helps it last longer and keep my lips hydrated throughout the day. Would recommend these to everyone and anyone!! They are amazing.
I have been buying this lip balm for years and will continue to do so! There is no funny tastes or smell and very comfortable to wear without feeling sticky. I'd much rather prefer to use on most days instead of lipsticks. I do use this on top of matte lipsticks as it doesn't look shiny however it makes the lipstick more comfortable to wear! Will definitely repurchase!
This lip balm is exactly what I need when I have dry lips because as soon as I apply it instantly makes them moist and feeling good. I honestly have lost count of how many of these I have because I buy so many and leave them all over the place because I know I'm always going to need it. I recommend this to anyone who has dry lips and just needs that soothing relief
Love using this on my lips. Doesn't need regular application and leaves them feeling soft. Also adds a shine to them.
I can always rely on this product when i have dry lips :) its perfect!
I LOVE this balm, its my go to lip cover for everyday of the week. Its simple and gives great coverage; protecting from dryness and soreness.  Its ingredients look after my skin which is sensitive and its a great relief to find a product that doesn't react with my face. 
Nivea have ticked all the boxes with this lip balm. It's a high quality product with a ridiculously cheap price tag. The texture is nice & it glides on smoothly, keeping lips well hydrated for ages. I'm a bit OCD with this & I apply way more often than I need to, just because. I have 4 on the go at any given time (in strategically placed locations, for easy access) & also always have a spare, unopened one in my cupboard. As soon as that spare is opened, it's off to the shop to buy another one. I guess that says how fantastic this product is - I can't stand the thought of being without it. It really punches above its weight.
I love this lip balm. I find that menthol type balms make my lips even more chapped so I always look for balms without that ingredient and this is one of the best. It is ideal under lipsticks to help them apply better but it's also terrific on it's own. The packaging is excellent. I have never broken one of these yet. I like the chunky size of it - does not feel like the stick will snap in two like some lip balms I have tried...  A staple product for me!
Great lip balm! especially for dry cracked lips. Its very moisturising and nourishing. I always use it before applying drying lipsticks such as liquid lipstick, mattes, etc. make the application go way easier. The packaging is made out of plastic so it perfect to pick it up on the go, overall its a great product to have.
This lip balm is perfect for repairing and adding moisture into dry lips. I apply this everymorning, and am still able to feel the effects when I apply it again at night. I have so many of these laying around the house, in the car, in my handbag. It's a must have to keep your lips hydrated and in top shape.