NIVEA Lip Care Hydrocare

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NIVEA Lip Care Hydrocare is a lip balm that rehydrates lips with intensive long-lasting moisture and protects them against broad spectrum UVA and UVB rays. The light, fast absorbing formula contains aloe vera and pure water to support the lips’ natural moisturisation.


NIVEA Lip Care Hydrocare


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Bye bye dry lips!

Kiss goodbye to dry chapped lips with NIVEA Lip Care Hydrocare. It is nourishing and prefect for wearing over a lipliner for a bit of shine and colour. The SPF15 protects me from the sun during normal daily activity when I usually wouldn't think to use sun protection. I keep it handy in my bag so can reapply it.

A staple for everyone

Nivea HydroCare s a staple in my house that is used by all, which is actually a nightmare and a blessing all in one. I can never find mine but someone always has one handy. The lip balm provides a great amount of hydration that lasts for hours and doesn’t leave a slippery film like a lot of balms. The addition of spf 15 is another big plus for me, I know I’m protected all year round. There isn’t any fragrance so it’s safe for even the most sensitive. I know I’ll be purchasing for many many years to come.
This little gem is my favourite lip balm of all! What makes this lip balm different to others is its element of sunscreen. I love that it has sun protection which works a treat in summer. It has a thicker and creamier consistency which I personally prefer over the slimy, runny lip balms.  The packaging is hygienic and the narrow grip makes the product easy to apply on lips.  When applied, the Nivea Hydrocare leaves my lips nourished and moisturised. It doesn't leave an oily or sticky residue like other SPF lip balms I've tried. I adore the natural and healthy shine it gives my lips.  I use this everyday and cannot fault it. I thank Nivea for my hydrated lips.  Would recommend to all to use in the summer, because this is the best and (budget friendly!) SPF lip balm you can use to achieve healthy, sun protected lips. 
I can't say enough about this. If you need a long lasting super moisturiserising lip balm, look no further. Easy to carry around, a beauty essential when travelling and easy to use. I don't think I've gone a day recently without it. Thank you Nivea, you have saved my lips
This lip balm has been a lifesaver for my lips over winter! I have tried almost everything to heal my dry & chapped lips and found that this lip balm was the only one that consistently delivered. It has a smooth & moisturising consistency with no strong scent. A definite handbag staple.
I'm definitely an outlier here, but I actually found that this product dried my lips out as opposed to hydrating them. I had to stop using this as it was just making my lips more chapped, and went back to the Nivea Original Care lip balm, which I find way more moisturising.  This is probably just down to my own lips, as it seems from other reviews that this is a great product, so I'd definitely recommend trying it! It's great that it's got sun protection in it, and it doesn't smell or taste sunscreeny at all! 
The best, basic and simple lip moisturiser. Last ages and is always creamy for your lips. Never dries out. The original (light blue) has no small at all and is literally the perfect must have in your hand bag, or for cold months. Although it has SPF in it, I wouldn't recommend only using that if you need sun protection for your lips.
HYDROCARE is the perfect name for this delightful lip balm. I don't tend to get dry lips too much in winter, but as the weather warms up, they are more sensitive & easily irritated, so I need an exceptional lipbalm. I've never tried another lip balm or protective product that feels as soft,  Hydrocare is like a slip of heaven on dry & parched lips. Absolute bliss. What I like most, besides the hydration, is how light & soft it feels on my lips. It's not as long lasting as some other brands I've tried, but I much prefer the texture, feel & how my lips feel with this product. Plus the included SPF15 is a big plus.  It's also delightful to re-apply - so I don't mind putting it on a few times a day.  It has a very pleasant, neutral taste, which is another reason I love this. I really love this, and can't recommend it enough.  A true 5 star gem.
I absiloutly love this product! Its my favourite lip balm, I have actuallyrepurchased this 5 times because i use it so often. It works well under lipstick or on its own. Its super moisturising and no matter how dry my lips are after i put this on they are immediatly mousurising. Its super smooth and isnt sticky or greasy on the lips. I love it!
I am convinced that I keep this Nivea Company in business as I have bought this Product since it was put on the shelf for sale................................. Love it,not so greasy,flows just right on application and doesn't make You want to lick Your lips all day so it stays on as it should,and to boot You end up with ever so soft Lips which are kissable all year around,so My Partner tells Me ! Be gone flaky dry Lips !
Nivea hydro care lip balm is a staple. It lives in the bottom of my handbag or beach bag. It's super moisturising, as I tend to suffer dry lips in summer and winter.  I love how it has SPF. My Mum also uses this product daily, and  being a swimming instructor she is outdoors and loved the SPF. It doesn't have much of a smell, and I use it as a base under my lipstick or lipgloss. It goes on smoothly and isn't sticky or claggy.  The lipgloss is well made and you are able to get just the right amount, it lasts along time. A great bargain and a must have for my handbag. 
Can't flaw this product. I love that this balm is really moisturising and light to wear on your lips. Doesn't leave them ever feeling sticky or gluggy. Really great that it also offers SPF 15 protection, and due to its clear colour I have even been able to apply some to the tip of my nose when it gets super rore and aggravated in flu season.
A great product to keep in the bottom of your hand bag. I use it daily and I love that it has an SPF in it as well. Works well as a base under lip stick - especially coming into Winter when my lips get quite dry. I love that it's not too slimy like other lip balms either, has more of a creamy consistency.