NIVEA Lip Care Milk & Honey

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NIVEA Lip Care Milk & Honey is a rich and creamy natural lip balm for dry, chapped lips. The formula contains organic shea butter, milk, honey and natural ingredients to provide lasting moisture and smooth lips. 100% free of preservatives.


NIVEA Lip Care Milk & Honey


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Something that always draws me to a lip balm is the way it smells and unfortunately I didn't really like the fragrance of this lip balm which is sad because the quality is quite amazing because it's smooth and glides really well against my lips. I just sort of have to hold to my breath or avoid smelling it but I do like how this delivers what it promises (other than smell) but I probably will stick to the other range of lip balm products from Nivea.
I love this lip balm! It is cheap and cheerful and does a great job at keeping my lips hydrated and soft. The scent is gorgeous and the packaging is great - so easy to use with no mess at all. I like that I dont need to apply with my finger like a lot of lip balm products. This product is an absolute must for the cold an dry winter months.
This is my number one favourite scent, flavour and fragrance of all time! To have it packaged into an affordable little nourishing lip balm is gold to me! I love this and cannot recommend it enough! It isn't one of those balms you have to keep re-applying all day long which is great because really, who has time for that?! It makes my lips feel ultra soft and smooth. The balm twists from the bottom out the top with ease and convenience. I just love it!