NIVEA Lip Care Sun SPF30+

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NIVEA Lip Care Sun SPF30+ is a long-lasting moisturising lip balm with SPF 30+ broad spectrum sun protection and four hours water resistance. The formula contains Hydra IQ for deep moisturisation and sunflower extracts to prevent moisture loss, leaving lips smooth and protected.


NIVEA Lip Care Sun SPF30+


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Leaves a white cast on the lips and has a very bitter chemical/sunscreen taste. I've never been a fan of Nivea lip balms, but they keep coming as freebies in the Priceline skincare bags so I keep trying them with the hope that one day I'll like one. Nope. The formula is slightly waxy too.
Whenever I'm outdoors in the long, hot Perth summer, this is the lip balm I gravitate towards using. I am a big fan of Nivea Lip Balms in general, and while this isn't my favourite of their formulas, it does offer properties that aren't available in other formulas, or other brands, making this an essential buy for me. This is the only affordable lip balm I am aware of that offers both SPF 30 protection, and is Waterproof. Both essential when I'm outdoors, enjoying our beautiful weather in W.A. The lip balm comes in a standard wind-up tube, is cream in colour, and is quite a firm texture. It doesn't feel as soft and moisturising as other Nivea Lip Balms, but I'm not using it primarily as a moisturiser, so that doesn't bother me.  As another reviewer has mentioned, it does leave a "whiteish cast" on the lips.  This is why I've marked a star off my score, as I'd prefer it was less visible.   That said,  when I use it, it's not for how it looks or feels, but for how it can help prevent sun damage in our punishing climate.  I'd rather have it visible on my lips anyday than go outdoors or swimming minus SPF protection!  I highly recommend everyone includes this as part of their SPF arsenal - it is so important to make sure lips are thoroughly protected and cared for!
I bought this as it was the first lip balm I had seen with a higher SPF than SPF15. I wanted a lip balm with higher SPF as I had previously had a mole removed from my lower lip so have been a bit more cautious since.  This product was incredibly disappointing. The first time I applied it, I did it without using a mirror. You can imagine my shock when I first saw my reflection in the mirror! It left a very obvious white cast similar to face/body sunscreens but was also incredibly patchy. The texture is also quite hard in the tube so does not feel very moisturising on the lips either. I probably used it once before it quickly sat at the bottom of my make up bag for a long time.  When I decided to give it a go again, I lightly dabbed it on though I doubt I got the full SPF 30 anyway! I have also tried it on beneath another more moisturising lip balm again which is much better but I also rarely can be bothered to layer lip balms. Otherwise its OK if you use it when you're at the beach or by the pool when you don't really care that you look like you have lips with zinc on.
All everyone wants to do in summer is head outside and enjoy the sunshine but unfortunately the sun comes with a price. We often remember to put on our sunscreen and our hat if we're lucky but we often neglect our lips one of the easiest parts of our skin to damage. Fortunately Nivea has this little lip balm beauty which not only will moisturise your lips but it will protect them as well. It's easy to apply and it lasts fairly well. The formula gives the right amount of moisture without being sticky and it doesn't taste bad. Plus it's cheap enough and small enough to buy multiples and keep them everywhere so you have no excuse not to apply it throughout the day. Keep those lips safe ladies (and gents)!
Great lip balm for all seasons, hydrating and moisturising. Love that it contains SPF30+ to stop by lips from getting sunburnt.
This is perfect for summer time, especially the beach. Whenever I use it, my lips stay hydrated and never burn.