NIVEA MEN Active Age Moisturiser

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NIVEA MEN Active Age Moisturiser is an anti-ageing moisturiser for men. The fast absorbing moisturiser reduces the appearance of wrinkles and firms the skin, improves the skin’s elasticity, helps protect skin’s DNA from external influences, and leaves no greasy residue. The formula contains skin’s own creatine, cell active folic acid and UVA and UVB filters to increase surface skin cell renewal and protect the DNA against future damage.


NIVEA MEN Active Age Moisturiser


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Initially, I was skeptical. We've all heard the wild claims by manufacturers that this product, or that product, is the new miracle treatment for reducing wrinkles. Nivea Men Active Age Moisturiser would just be another over-hyped product aimed at a gullible public (ie, me) — or so I thought. I was wrong. I decided to give Nivea Men Active Age Moisturiser a try because the product aimed at men. I'm comfortable using beauty products as a modern metrosexual, but it's refreshing to see a product aimed specifically at the male half of the population. Next, came the results. My skin definitely felt better. I used to take Roaccutane for bad acne, which has had the lasting effect of very dry skin. Other moisturizers over-compensated with excessive oils, bringing the pimples back. But not Nivea Men Active Age Moisturiser. I'm unsure how they've done it, but they're achieved a good balance. My skin doesn't feel dry, but it doesn't feel oily, either. As well as feeling firmer, my skin looks firmer. My wrinkles don't appear as deep. The scent is subtle, not overpowering like other brands. And application is quick and easy. Nivea Men Active Age Moisturiser is no miracle cure to ageing. But, so far, it's the closest thing I've found to it.