NIVEA MEN Active Energy Face Wash Gel

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NIVEA MEN Active Energy Face Wash Gel is a gel face cleanser for men. The light gel formula is enriched with Vitamin+ Complex and cellulose micro beads to remove impurities and dead skin cells while unblocking pores.


NIVEA MEN Active Energy Face Wash Gel


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After years and years of watching me religiously cleansing my face my husband has finally succumbed and decided that he wanted to take more care of his skin. Whilst I am a caring and sharing wife, I wasn't keen on him using my expensive Shu Uemura cleansing oil so I decided to pick up the NIVEA Men Active energy face wash gel for him. Well if I am not the most popular wife on the planet now! He loves the refreshing scent and regularly comments on how soft and clean his face feels after using the exfoliating gel. Whilst he is not religious in using it every day, his skin definitely looks cleaner and brighter and he is now teasing me that he is starting to look as young as I am. I believe it is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
With the NIVEA MEN caring, effective and simple routine, Active Energy Face Wash Gel makes my skin feel refreshingly clean!