NIVEA MEN Clear Effect Oil Control Facial Scrub

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NIVEA MEN Clear Effect Oil Control Facial Scrub is a face scrub for oily skin. The exfoliant delivers eight benefits in one: long-lasting oil control, less oily shine, tighter pores, even skin texture, correct skin moisture balance, less breakouts, less blackheads, and less whiteheads.


NIVEA MEN Clear Effect Oil Control Facial Scrub


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This is a great facial scrub for men. My husband works in mining and it is so hard to get coal dust from pores. He puts this scrub in his wash bag as it is a really handy size and uses it in the shower for super clean clear skin with ease. It removes all impurities and is so gentle, it removes oil and dirt and comes at a great price so is easy to replace. A great product that i would recommend
Firstly, I'd like to say that it isn't just for men! We went traveling overseas and I forgot my face scrub so I used my partners. It comes with a screw off lid and is mint green in color. It leave your face feeling refreshed, like a cooling sensation. The only thing I don't like about it is that the beads are not natural. Price is great and affordable. As with all scrubs, you should and need to tone and moisturise after. Pros -effective -refreshed feeling after using -not only for men -affordable -readily available Cons -beads are artificial, may be harsh if used long term
NIVEA MEN Clear Effect Oil Control Facial Scrub has become a bathroom staple. Its a great product for young men or teenage skin. Deeply cleanses the face, without drying out skin. Leaves a fresh icy face feel (although strange to adapt to at first) but noticeably reduces breakouts, while clearing current blemishes. Quick and hassle free to use which is appropriate for men who like simple skin care. Price is great and the product is easy to find at the supermarket or most chemists.