NIVEA Men Deep Antiperspirant Spray

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NIVEA Men Deep Antiperspirant Spray is a long-lasting aerosol deodorant spray formulated with black carbon to fight bacteria. It provides long-lasting dryness for up to 48 hours with no visible black residue. Dermatologist approved.


NIVEA Men Deep Antiperspirant Spray


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My partner wears this & this is the ONLY spray I will buy!! It’s so good and smells amazing (gets rid of his smell after work)! I also have asthma and usually sprays are so heavy that it causes me to have an asthma attack, this however doesn’t! Love it so much, highly recommend
I bought this antiperspirant deodorant for my son for his gym bag and he really likes it. Even after a heavy workout he reports staying dry and with no odour. The addition of charcoal really helps and leaves no black residue but soaks up sweat effectively. This is a great size for a gym bag and at under $7.00 it’s great value for money. The black cylinder is really masculine and it’s also quite gentle so great for those with sensitive skin, love that it’s dermatologist tested. I love Nivea products, always great value for money, this deodorant is effective for 48 hours and offers a deep level of protection. I would recommend this product.