NIVEA MEN Originals Face Scrub

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NIVEA MEN Originals Face Scrub is a face scrub for men. The fresh foaming gel contains extra fine scrub particles, vitamin E, minerals and menthol to thoroughly clean and clear skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and relaxed.


NIVEA MEN Originals Face Scrub


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My husband was happy to try the NIVEA MEN Originals Face Scrub on his face.  He has issues with oily skin and it can look a little dull after awhile.  It is not harsh on the skin. The menthol makes his face feel refreshed.  He uses it once a week and has been very pleased with the results.  It is handy to have in the shower, it is easy to use with the flip top lid. Overall my hubby thinks its great to have products especially for men, Nivea have other great products for men.  The cost of this item is more than reasonable and a small amount goes a long way.  It is great that men have products that they feel comfortable using.
With 3 teenage boys who have their fair share of hormonal break outs and blemishes, I was after an easy to use, economical scrub that they could all use. I left this in their bathroom and asked them to use a 10c piece size of the Nivea Men Exfoliating Scrub daily when they had a shower. Whilst one kid literally used it once *sigh* the other two (13 and 15 yo) used it daily and their skin definitely appeared smoother and clearer after 2 weeks use. Maybe mummy DOES know best! I've always been a fan of Nivea products and this just re-enforced my opinion.