NIVEA MEN Originals Protective Moisturiser SPF 15

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NIVEA MEN Originals Protective Moisturiser SPF 15 is a facial moisturiser for men. The formula is enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E and active moisturisers to prevent dry skin and leave skin feeling smooth and protected. Contains SPF 15 sun protection.


NIVEA MEN Originals Protective Moisturiser SPF 15


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My husband is fantastic at personal grooming - he prefers shave oil to foam,uses argan oil post hair wash,knows his eau de toilette from his after shave and loves a sheen to his skin rather than looking matte,but the one thing he NEEDS to do,he won't...and that's using sunscreen.So when i found this,i knew i had to get it for him.....and it has changed his mind (and habits). This moisturiser is a perfect blend of protection and skin care (rich,but not irritatingly so) leaving a moist sheen plus the sun protection he needs,as well as calming skin post shave (Nivea is fantastic at skincare for the whole family),won't clash with fragrance AND hubby said his skin felt soft (not greasy...a pet hate of his) for hours after application.I have noticed a visible difference in his skin,and i don't worry as much about the effects of sun exposure as much as before he started using this (he uses it daily,and as it doesn't look,feel or smell like sunscreen,he is happy to use).Another plus is the fact that this is not in a "girly" package,it feels masculine,and if anyone would see it in the bathroom,he would not be worried about any queries as to his skin habits (not that this would worry him,but guys being guys and all) My only negative ? This really could do with being an SPF 50. TIP:Keep a tube everywhere...the car,his locker at work,his gymbag,bathroom benchtop,everywhere.That way,your guy can re-apply as needed (to keep up the SPF) AND, he can maintain that soft skin feel all day long.