NIVEA MEN Originals Refreshing Face Wash

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NIVEA MEN Originals Refreshing Face Wash is a refreshing face cleanser for men. The gel formula is enriched with vitamin E and menthol to thoroughly clean and clear skin and leave it feeling refreshed and relaxed.


NIVEA MEN Originals Refreshing Face Wash


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I'm reviewing this on behalf of my boyfriend who has been using this for about two weeks now. He said he really likes it as it does leave his skin feeling fresh and clean, and he had a few bumps on his forehead which have cleared up since using this face wash so he was happy about that. He did mention that it left his skin feeling dry sometimes so he'd always have to moisturise afterwards which is why he gave it 4 stars not 5.  Overall he said it was a no fuss cleanser that is refreshing and has left is skin feeling soft and smooth!  Pros - lightweight cleanser that leaves skin feeling clean and smooth - no fuss  - affordable  - feel refreshing and hydrating during use Cons - slightly drying so needs to be followed with moisturiser