NIVEA MEN Originals Shaving Gel

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NIVEA MEN Originals Shaving Gel is a fresh and lubricating shaving gel for men. The formula is enriched with aloe vera, vitamins and active moisturisers to prevent dry skin. Using Ultra Glide technology, the shaving foam helps achieve a close shave and leaves skin refreshed with a healthy look and smooth feeling.


NIVEA MEN Originals Shaving Gel


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This is my husbands go to shave gel, I regularly buy this at the supermarket for him as he swears by it. this is a really moisturising shave gel that leaves skin soft and smooth with no irritation or red bumps. It gives a really close smooth shave due to its ultra glide technology. This gel is infused with aloe to sooth skin while shaving so skin does not dry out, I must admit I have 'borrowed' this gel to do my legs with great results as it lathers really well and is so gentle. This is a great product that I would highly recommend.
I "borrowed" my husband's NIVEA MEN Originals Shaving Gel one day when I forgot to shave my legs in the shower.  I found that this gel really helps my razor glide across my skin more easily as opposed to a shaving cream or soap.  It has a refreshing, just-showered scent and it slightly moisturises my skin so I don't have to immediately apply a seperate moisturiser and it gives my legs a slight sheen rather than a dry matte finish.  I continue to use NIVEA MEN Originals Shaving Gel and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who normally cuts themselves shaving as this product will prevent this from happening.   I can't see any downsides to this product.  
Many years ago my husband was looking for a shaving gel and it was me that directed him to the Nivea brand.  He has not looked back.  He prefers this gel one.   Spray the gel from the can onto your dampened face and you get this gorgeous turquoise colour out that smells divine.  He found that only a small amount was needed to lather onto his face.  He gets a good clean shave and his skin feels absolutely smooth and soft afterwards.    I like it because it is not a thick heavy gel that clogs up the bathroom sink.  I also like it, because I often steal some for when I shave my legs, when in a hurry but he doesn't know that because I do it when he is not at home.