NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm

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NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm is a fast absorbing and extra gentle after shave balm. The ethylalcohol free and fragrance-neutral formula is enriched with natural pure chamomile and vitamin E to instantly soothe skin irritation, alleviate skin redness and dryness, and improves skin’s defense over time.


NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm


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I discovered this brilliant idea to use NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a Primer, from a makeup artist on Instagram a few months ago. It absolutely does work and your make up looks flawless and I actually prefer this to the primers I have used in the past as it's not so heavy. On applying it has a light masculine fragrance that does fade away but I don't mind the smell as it's quite refreshing. The bottle opening is quite large and the balm is a liquid so does come out fast. A little goes a long way and I apply to my entire face and neck. Leaves no sticky residue, drys fast leaving skin super smooth and hydrated (but not oily) and ready for make up. I wasn't expecting it to be so hydrating which once make up is done my skin looks healthy +make up looks great all day. The ingredients are excellent - vitamin E, witch hazel, camomile and the glycerin seals in moisture which I think is why makeup looks so fantastic all day and doesn't dry out the skin. I'd absolutely recommend trying Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer and also for keeping skin hydrated. Pro's: Definitely a fantastic price as primers are more expensive, best primer I've used, really hydrating.
Just like everyone else I gave this product a go when everybody’s favourite beauty blogger jumped on its bang wagon and shouted its praise as a primer. And truth be told, it does live up to the expectations.It is very liquidy which can feel a little weird when used to using normal primers of a thicker consistency, but once you’ve worked it into the skin and it dries it has a very tacky feel which is ideal for foundation application. The scent can be a little off putting at first. It has a very masculine old spice smell which can feel a little strong, especially when it’s right under your nose, but have no fear because as the balm dries the smell fades away and you won’t be able to smell it during the day. I feel like this product would be perfect for dry to combination skin because as Nikki says it makes your makeup last all day ... if you’re not oily. Now I have oily skin and it did work relatively well, but I felt like I needed just a little more mattification (don’t know if that’s a word, but let’s just roll with it). I had to touch up earlier than I usually would and I typically touch up twice a day, but wearing this I sometimes hit three times a day. The bottle isn’t the best. It’s made out of a heavy glass I think and the opening is quite wide so a lot can come gushing out. It’s not a practical design for either a primer or a post shave balm. As well, it’s well priced and it will last you forever.  I don’t shave my face, so I don’t know how it works as an actual post shave balm, but I’ve been using this as a primer for over a year and I highly recommend it to everyone.
This shave balm has been raved about on the youtube world alot of late!  Not only is it a shave balm but can be used as a makeup primer as well. Who doesnt love multi purpose products?! Its thick consistency quickly turns " tacky " on the skin before fully drying. The glycerin in this product makes sure makeup adheres perfectly to the skin. It doesnt leave the skin feeling greasy or leave an oily residue and moisturizes the skin all while doing so. Perfect for the oily skin girls and suitable for all skin types. Cut an extra step out of your morning beauty regime-perfect for busy on the go girls and inexpensive all in 1.
This product has been raved about on YouTube lately as being an amazing makeup primer, and I can definitely vouch for that!  This product has a thick liquid consistency which can be off-putting at first, but it spreads seamlessly over my skin and moisturises the dry patches on my face at the same time. When I use this my foundation slides on effortlessly over the top and my makeup stays completely stuck in place literally all day long, and looks flawless! The only negative is that it does have the typical shaving gel fragrance to it,but luckily it disappears within seconds of applying it onto the skin! 
Now to those who haven't heard of all the drama surrounding this Men's product: a YouTuber used this as a primer and raved about it! Since then I have purchased this for myself and my boyfriend.  As a men's product: my boyfriend uses this everytime he shaves and says it helps with the "sting" of shaving and doesn't irritate his skin. It has a nice, strong men's smell and works wonders for him!  As a makeup primer: the glycerine in this product makes it feel "sticky"  right before its fully dry. This is perfect to get foundation to stick to your skin, and it really works! Makeup can be of course still rubbed around during the day, but I found that this as a primer worked really well to keep the most of my makeup in place, even after a hot long day outside! Bonus: you only need a tiny bit, so you are really getting a lot of product for your money!  So if you're looking for a solution to the after shave sting, or an affordable alternative to expensive primers, this is it! 
AMAZING PRIMER! I don't use this as a post-shave balm but as a primer before applying makeup, thanks to YouTube tutorials/reviews. My makeup lasts all day, and sits well on my combination skin. The smell is nice but does smell a little "manly", as it is supposed to be a post-shave balm. However, it's so affordable compared to high end primers out there, so it doesn't really affect me and I think it's well and truly worth buying, at least to try it out for yourself :)
Firstly, I should mention that I do not use this product for its intended purpose. A youtuber and make-up artist by the name of NikkieTutorials used this product as a primer for her make-up routine. I've been using it for 2 to 3 weeks now and it has been awesome. It really allows my make-up to stick better and it's great for keeping my skin hydrated. I can't give an opinion on its effectiveness as an after shave balm, but as a primer it is extremely affordable and does an amazing job.