NIVEA MEN Sport Shower Gel

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NIVEA MEN Sport Shower Gel Gel is a shower gel with a masculine lime scent to vitalise the senses and deliver a fresh after-sport feeling. The transparent icy blue gel formula contains minerals to cleanse skin and hair, leaving you feeling recharged.


NIVEA MEN Sport Shower Gel


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My husband  has decided it's time to start looking after his body.  He has started to use Nivea for Men Sport shower gel.. He loves it because it does so many things,  He can wash his hair, face and body with this great Nivea product.  How simple can it get.  Three applications in one bottle.  Very suitable for a fuss free attitude toward a little pampering.  Very reasonably priced and won't break the budget for the man of the house.
The citrus aroma, the wonderful lather, effective results.......Nivea for Men Sport shower gel certainly ticks the boxes. A real plus is the fact that it is so versatile. It can be used for body, face and hair.  Perfect for physical workers, athletes and just regular JOES. Nivea for Men Sport leaves you feeling fresh and smelling great. A smart, sensible buy I'd highly recommend!