NIVEA Micellar Skin Breathe Micellar Water for Normal Skin

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NIVEA Micellar Skin Breathe Micellar Water for Normal Skin is a micellar water that removes dirt, oil and other impurities from the skin without leaving any residue. The gentle no-rinse formula enables makeup to be removed in a single swipe without the need for rubbing.


NIVEA Micellar Skin Breathe Micellar Water for Normal Skin


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Great value for clean, happy skin

I prefer to use cleansing oils, but I have to say the huge bottle is great and lasts for a long time. It works just like magic in removing makeup with minimal effort which is what we all need after a long day with makeup on. I think it really does live up to its name because it does feel like your skin is on clouds when you're using it. I really like the value of it, the packaging and the fact that it does what it's supposed to! The fact that you can use it to remove lipstick is also good - as long as you don't swallow it! I have used micellar waters which are more gentle than this one. As I have sensitive and oily skin, I would prefer to use those ones.
I love micellar water, and while this product is nice and effective, I tend to prefer another brand over this one. This is purely due to value for money, and the fact that the product comes out of this packaging a little messily and I find myself wasting some. It is still a really good product that cleans the skin well and doesn't leave any unwanted residue. I have sensitive skin and tried the sensitive skin version of this micellar water, and I found that my skin did feel slightly better afterwards, but if you don't suffer from irritation I think this product would definitely be suitable for you.
This is a great micellar water, removing much more make up than other micellar waters. I like the flip lid rather than having one that's removed. It is nice and gentle on the skin. The only downfall is when applying it onto a cotton pad a lot comes out.
This is my go to makeup remover at the moment. I use it every day to remove my make up. It removes all my eye make up at one go, I usually have to use a little more to fully remove my foundation. It doesn’t irritate my eyes or dry out my skin. Great remover