NIVEA Naturally Good Organic and Avocado Hydration Body Lotion

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NIVEA Naturally Good Organic and Avocado Hydration Body Lotion is a body lotion for dry skin that combines creaminess with a light freshness and a soft green note. Each of its key ingredients are 100% organic. The Naturally Good range cares for both the skin and respects the planet through responsible sourcing of ingredients, minimising pollution and waste. No hidden ingredients and completely free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones.


NIVEA Naturally Good Organic and Avocado Hydration Body Lotion


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Balanced body lotion - and 50% less plastic

I received this product from Nivea for testing and review. I have always loved Nivea body lotions as I find it reliable and great value. This body lotion does not disappoint at all. It strikes the perfect balance of easy absorption and moisturisation level. The scent is subtle and overall a fantastic product. I also like that is it packaged in a roll up plastic bottle to squeeze out as much product as possible, and the bottle is made from 50% less plastic than the alternative packaging. This product has been gifted by Nivea but not as part of ReviewCREW. adfakldj

Great budget friendly hydration

This is a great budget friendly moisturiser. The best part is it isn’t greasy which I love. It’s super absorbent, I like to use it straight from the shower as it sinks in easily. It’s really hydrating and great for winter when skin is really dry and can go a bit scaly. It has a light scent and is easy to use and I really love the price, really economical which means I can really slather this on. It contains no nasty chemicals, a big bonus and I love the addition of avocado. I recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin as it won’t irritate yet will give great hydration. Love it and highly recommended it.
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I NEVER would have thought!

As someone who has keratosis pilaris. Hydrating body creams that are this cheap are usually not enough. This was actually a very hydrating and soothing moisturizer. I loved the thickness of the cream, it felt rich and the smell is incredibly nostalgic. I used it in conjunction with another moisturizer at first but found that I didn't really need to. Perfect just out of the shower and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. The tube it comes in is a great alternative to those structured plastic bottles that you can't get the last bits out of however, A tub would probably be easier again and potentially more reuseable? Happily suprised and probably WOULD repurchase!
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Fabulous Body Lotion

This product is wonderful. Its a very thick consistency which moves smoothly and easily onto the skin. It does leave a slight residue layer on the skin after application, so it wont be a lotion I use in summer, but in winter this product is going to be perfect when that layer of moisture on the skin doesn't bother me. the advertising states 48H hydration and whilst I didn't notice it lasting that long, its quite possible as after 24 hours and after showering my legs still felt lovely and smooth. No scaley skin here. The scent is very mild and inoffensive, it smells like a Nivea product, but I didn't notice it after applying. The folding packaging intrigues me, however, it will be quite a few more uses before i can really test out that feature. Being a Nivea product, it is readily available at an affordable price and often on sale. will definitely be recommending to family and friends.
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Pleasantly Surprised

Really didn’t expect much from this moisturiser (I mean it’s just another lotion, right?) but was left actually going back for more. My skin type is normal, but since I’ve been lazy it’s been dehydrated and dry. The perfect test for this lotion. Since it had avocado in, my expectation was that it would be oily, greasy and that my skin would not like it. Not quite so! My skin actually LOVED it. Now this is surprising because I also have sensitive skin (from back when I used to have eczema) so my skin reacts badly to oils, and anything that is fragrances. I generally need to use brands like QV, Cerave, J&Js - stuff made for babies or frangrance-free, hypoallergenic etc. This did not cause any reaction to my skin, which was crazy considering the fact that when my skin is dry, it’s even more reactive to anything I put on it. But please, if you are sensitive or allergic to anything, read the ingredients and do patch test first. Moving on to the texture: it wasn’t what I was expecting, in a good way. It wasn’t greasy, as I said before, and it actually absorbs quicker than I thought it would. It does initially leave a ‘white cast’ similar to what sunscreen looks like when you first rub it in. But this disappears as it run it in more. And it doesn’t leave a greasy residue but just leaves my skin moisturised which I looove. Don’t have to wait forever for the cream to be absorbed. I am glad that it is better for the environment and uses less plastic, the bottle itself is quite nifty. However I would say the way it’s designed, isn’t quite to my liking. The bottom part is made so that you can squeeze and roll the bottle once product is reduced to get every drop but then once you do that, how do you stand the bottle up ? It also makes it seem a Would’ve been better in my opinion if they had designed the lid on the bottom and the squeeze/roll down feature on the top. But even so, the product itself is well worth it as it does exactly what it claims and I’d pay more money for what’s inside than what’s outside, wouldn’t you?
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I’m. In. Love!

This is a lovely, light feeling body lotion which leaves the skin velvety smooth and moisturised without feeling heavy or thick on the skin. I love that avocado oil has been included as an ingredient, as I’ve read that avocado has great benefits for the skin. A little of this lotion goes a long way, and it glides smoothly over the skin, and is great for applying over delicate areas like the décolletage as it doesn’t cause dragging. It doesn’t take too long to rub in, and it soaks in within a couple of minutes and I absolutely love how my skin feels afterwards. I feel safe to put clothes on only a few moments after application. This body lotion has a gorgeous, subtle fragrance which is noticeable on application, but not overwhelming. The scent is just perfect for me. I love that less plastic was used in the bottle, and that the bottle is designed to roll up to squeeze every last bit of lotion out. I really enjoy this body lotion! It’s definitely worth using on the daily. Highly recommended!
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Great product

Lovely nourishing moisturizer. Super fresh feel and smell. Absorbs well into dry and normal skin alike, which is great so it doesn't leave akin feeling all nasty and sticky. Have enjoyed using this product. Suitable for all the family, men women and seems gentle enough for youngsters too. Brilliant that the packaging is more eco-friendly and sustainable. Less plastic use is always a positive move. The instructions on how you can roll up the end to maximize using all the product. helps to not feel as harming to our planet too.v
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Lovely organic lotion

I have been using the Nivea naturally good organic and avocado hydration body lotion for the past few weeks and I’m very impressed with the product. My skin becomes very dry but this lotion keeps it soft and hydrated throughout the day I did find it wasn’t as fast absorbing as other moisturisers I have used, and took a while to run into my skin, though isn’t a big issue. It has a lovely scent and I love the fact the packaging is environmentally friendly and the bottle rolls up as you near the end of the product so you can squeeze out every last bit and minimises wastage. As my skin can be sensitive I also love that it is made from 98% natural products and 100% natural avocado. I highly recommend this body lotion and would definitely purchase again.
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A great affordable moisturiser

The NIVEA Naturally Good Organic and Avocado Hydration Body Lotion is a great affordable moisturiser option that doesn’t feel cheap at all. It has a thick consistency that goes a long way. The smell is nice and fresh and didn’t interfere with any perfumes I had on. I have dry skin and this left me feeling soft all day and I didn’t need to reapply until after a shower. The packaging makes this really easy to dispense and I like that it’s not in the traditional pump bottle which is difficult for travel. I’ll be repurchasing!
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Yes yes yes!

Yes yes yes! I was won over by the Nivea Naturally Good Organic and Avocado Hydration Body Lotion before I even opened the lid... This packaging is unbelievable, soft enough and with a ridge in the bottom to allow it to be rolled when the product is getting low so you can squeeze out the last little bit. I hate how much product gets left behind in other hard plastic moisturiser bottles, I wouldn't be surprised if we see more brands adopting this packaging type moving forward. Getting to the product itself, it's my favourite type of moisturiser, light weight, thin and easy to apply quickly. 100% re-buying as my new daily moisturiser!
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Great for the environment and for your skin!

The first thing you notice about this product is how INCREDIBLE it smells, the scent is honestly so delicious, The best part about it is that it doesn't linger and isn't overpowering. The second you apply this moisturiser on to your skin it sinks in instantly, leaving no sticky residue and provides instant hydration. I have super sensitive skin so fragrances can sometimes irritate me but I had no issues at all with this moisturiser on my body or hands, mainly due to how hydrating the product is itself. I LOVE how environmentally friendly the packaging is also, I have never owned a product that is this easy to recycle. It is great to see NIVEA innovate in this space and provide such a great product that is also great for the environment. I would honestly recommend this moisturiser to anyone.
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beautiful results

I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised with Nivea Naturally Good Organic and Avocado Hydration Body Lotion! ( what a mouth full haha ) First of all, let’s discuss the bottle. The bottles are made out of 50% less plastic than current NIVEA packaging Is an a innovative squeezed and rolled bottle that can ensure you get every single last bit of lotion. Exactly like a like a toothpaste tube! I love a revolutionary, sustainable and recyclable packaging. Such a huge win for the environment and I hope to see more of this in the future. The body lotion texture isn’t thick or heavy, just the perfect amount of creamy, that can easily spread with the smallest amount. It absorbs quickly, leaving my body feeling hydrated, smooth and soft. My two children and I loved applying this after the shower and just randomly through the day for extra moisture. I noticed a difference in our skin within a week, there was no dry patches and works well with fake tan. The one thing I didn’t like was the scent, it was a little to strong and still stuck around even after applying. Which I was expecting considering as this product contains 98% naturally-derived and 2% other ingredients to ensure safety and stability under the highest dermatological requirements. Overall, I’d highly recommend this product. Was a great lotion it apply and quick results of hydrated skin. Will purchase again.
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Organic, Hydrating, & Environmentally Friendly

The Nivea Naturally Good Organic and Avocado Hydration Body Lotion is a body lotion that is perfect for dry skin, and each of the key ingredients is said to be 100% organic. The moisturiser is light and smells lovely, and absorbs well once you take some time to rub the moisturiser in. Once absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft. Love that the Naturally Good range cares for both the skin and respects the planet. The bottle itself is not the hard plastic you would normally expect, but rather a soft plastic that can be rolled up to make it easier to use and takes up less space and is recyclable. Loving the environmentally friendly features of Nivea's new line. I would recommend this to everyone, especially if you are looking for a moisturiser that hydrates and softens the skin but also more environmentally friendly.
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Lightweight body lotion with eco packaging

I was pleasantly surprised by this product as I usually find Nivea moisturisers to be quite bland in my opinion. This is because I am typically more drawn to scented body lotions and a part of me actually wished there was a faint avocado scent with this product to make me truly love it. What I did instantly love about this product was the soft bottle packaging which was specifically designed so that it can be squeezed and rolled up as you use the product (like a toothpaste). This was very unique and a packaging idea which I had not encountered before. It would be great for more products to be packaged this way so as to reduce wastage (or needing to cut a bottle with scissors in order to get the last dollops of lotion!) Otherwise, the moisturiser did its job well and was a great one to apply after shower.
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Light weight moisturiser

I found this product by Nivea to be a nice, pleasant smelling light weight moisturiser. As a person who has sensitive dry skin I found this product did not irritate my skin like some other moisturisers on the market. It has a fresh smelling scent which is not overpowering. I did find that sometimes it took a bit longer to absorb into my skin and required a bit more massage before it was absorbed and that a little bit goes a long way. As my skin is so dry, I do think I would need something more 'heavier' during the winter months but this product is perfect for warmer summer months. I also like how the bottle is made from less plastic enabling users to squeeze and roll up the bottle to get every last drop of moisturiser I would recommend this product for anyone wanting a nice light weight hydrating moisturiser perfect for people with dry sensitive skin.
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Natural skincare winner

I'm always on the lookout for more natural beauty products, especially skin care as I really notice the difference more organic ingredients make to my sensitive skin. I love that Nivea's Naturally Good body lotion uses 98% natural ingredients. It is very lightly scented and feels quite thick when you first squeeze it out of the bottle. A small amount spreads a long way and easily moisturises your whole body. It soaks in quickly giving the thick texture. The bottle claims 48 hour moisture but I would say this is a stretch - however it does last all day. The packaging is also innovative- made of a flexible "50% less plastic" material that apparently rolls up. I'm not sold on this feature, as it seems as if it would be inconvenient to keep in the cupboard rolled up. But I do appreciate the efforts at creating more sustainable packaging. Overall, for a supermarket brand, this is a great product and i would definitely consider repurchasing.
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Nivea - Family use

Nivea Naturally Good Organic and Avacado Hydration Body Lotion - my family and I preferred the original in comparison. The squeeze and roll function didn’t work as expected. It does leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and non-greasy. It has a standard smell - not noticeable that it is Avocado as such. Good to see Nivea thinking about the environment - less plastic - should be considered in many more products. More importantly - great to see natural ingredients being used - particularly ‘No Parabens’. Overall my family might stick to using the original Nivea.
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Naturally Wonderful

First on the agenda - I LOVE the packaging! 50% less plastic, it’s squishy and easy to get the lotion out, and even rolls up from the bottom to minimise any waste. Both Eco AND user friendly, it’s a big win for me. The lotion itself is lovely, a very light ‘natural’ scent, it feels lovely on the skin and for myself doesn’t take long to absorb. On occasion body lotion can irritate my skin but this has been perfect for me. I use it every night after showering and my skin feels so soft and smooth and has a certain glow about it, even moving into these cooler months when my skin really dries out. It’s also great to keep in the car to moisturise my hands after using so much sanitiser on the go, really keeps my hands from drying out.
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An everyday moisturiser

I have been using the Nivea Naturally Good Organic and Avocado Hydration Body Lotion for the past few weeks, and boy was I surprised! This lotion is so smooth and silky, it just glides onto the skin to keep you hydrated all day long. I love the subtle fragrance and realised very quickly that you don't need much to moisturiser your whole body each and every morning. I love how this lotion was made of 98% natural ingredient, and even the packaging is very environmentally friendly. The only downside is how flimsy the bottle feels, but it does make it much easier to get every last drop out of the bottle. I would definitely repurchase this product in the future. I have been using the Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion in the past, which I have loved, and this is another favourite to add to my rotation.
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Would love it more fragrance free!

I really appreciate that Nivea is making steps towards more sustainable skincare. The packaging is great - a soft squeezy, recycable, reduced plastic bottle that you can roll up as it runs out. Genius! The bottle claims 48 hour hydration but it didn't quite get there for me. I had good hydration for about a day. It has a lovely silky non-greasy finish. The main issue with this product for me is the scent. It's very overpowering and clashes with my preferred perfume. Would love to see a fragrance free version.