NIVEA Sun Protect & Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF 30

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NIVEA Sun Protect & Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF 30 is a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 protection that protects skin against premature ageing. The light feeling sunscreen absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving skin protected and comforted. 


NIVEA Sun Protect & Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF 30


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I used this underneath makeup everyday. It is very light however it did leave a slight shiny coating on my skin, however it was nothing to bad to worry about. It sat nicely under foundation and it didn't cause the foundation to clump or separate. The price point is great and is a must have in your skin care!
This is a daily essential for me, as I know the best way to prevent those pesky wrinkles is to apply a high quality, high SPF sunscreen every single day.  I use this sunscreen on my face, neck, ears and any exposed areas on my chest. I apply a different sunscreen on any exposed areas on the rest of me, as this is a modest 50mls size.  Scented with the familiar Nivea aroma, this is a real treat to the senses to use. The texture is delightful, it is a cream-gel and is the perfect density. Neither too thick or too runny. It feels wonderfully hydrating as an added bonus, and also leaves no visible whiteish cast.  It also sinks in easily, I know I can apply my foundation within a minute of applying this. Price can't be beat either, I bought mine on special for just $6 or $7. Still a great bargain at the RRP of $11 too. I highly recommend everyone use a daily, high protection SPF on all exposed areas. This perfectly fits that criteria! 
I use this product on those days I go out and about and don't intend to spend too much time in the sun as it's very light.  It's also great when I go to the gym as I find it doesn't sting my eyes when I sweat.
NIVEA Sun Protect & Light feel daily I have been using this facial sunscreen from NIVEA for about 2 years now and although I have tried many others along the way, this one always makes its way back to my shelf.  This product has a very light feel to it and also a light scent, making it a perfect all year rounder and, if like me, you live in the tropics, it's perfect as it lets your skin breath without running down your face or causing your eyes to sting. Once applied, my face feels moisturised, protected and perfect for a base of other make up to come - or not as it's also great on its own. I highly recommend this product on any skin type for protection all year round.
I was lucky enough to receive this product in a Beauty Crew prize pack. Having recently neglected to add an SPF to my daily routine, coming into my mid-twenties I had noticed dark pigmentation around my eyes and my hyper-pigmentation was becoming worse. If I had done this damage to my skin already, I didn’t want to see what would happen if I continued not to protect my skin. Now every morning, I cleanse, moisturise then use my Nivea daily face sunscreen religiously. The cream is non-greasy and has an appealing scent. If I’m applying makeup it glides straight over the sunscreen flawlessly. I feel so good knowing my skin is protected every day with a 30+ SPF against UVA and UVB rays. This product did not cause my sensitive oily skin to break out either. Yay! I recommend eeeeveryone to use a sunscreen everyday, regardless of what you do, (hey why not try this one!?) your future self will thank you!
I like to wear a moisturiser with SPF almost everyday because it makes me feel better knowing that at least my face is always protected if I have to have a quick trip out into the sun. The problem with SPF moisturisers is sometimes they don't really work for my dry skin but I find the Nivea one works well for me. The formula is very light so it absorbs really well into the skin without blocking pores or being too heavy. And it is so light you can easily apply make up over the top without it being too much for your skin. Plus the price is great and it is small enough that you can take it in your handbag or away on holidays with you. A summer must have for any girl on a budget (or guy for that matter too).
NIVEA Sun Protect & Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF 30 is my go-to product if I am going to be spending an extended period outside.  It is light feel on my skin.  Not as thick as some SPF creams, especially being a SPF 30.  Light enough to wear under my makeup without clashing with my foundation or mineral powder. The downsides for me is that is has a cheap scent if you sniff it before using but you don’t notice once you have applied it.  NIVEA get extra marks because their packaging is recyclable and it is cost effective.   
We all know we have to wear sunscreen right ? But seriously,who sometimes doesn't wear it because it feels so darn greasy...especially on your face ? Then this product may just be what you are looking for.Nivea does GREAT skincare,so a sunscreen made specifically for the face is a must - try from them.This is lightweight (REALLY.It feels like nothing is on almost has a "powdery" feel about it,allows makeup to go on after applying AND it resists water / sweat / humidity) ,non oily, sensitive skin friendly AND a perfect size to pop in your bag for touchups. If,like me,you have tried the same sunscreen on your face as you put on your body (yes,i did..until a recent holiday when due to the extreme heat and humidity,i was applying 3-4 times a day,and by day 6,i had breakouts galore) ,you need to try this (a huge plus is that you can skip the moisturiser and just use feels that good).Oh,and the price ? Less than a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk (for great skincare...priceless).TIP:Want to be sun safe,but also want to get your glow on ? Mix this with a faux tan cream to get that golden sunkissed look AND be protected from sun damage. 
Nice thin light SPF sunscreen that can be worn daily on top of your moisturiser. Great for moisturisers that don't include SPF properties in them and you don't want to layer up with greasy sunscreen afterwards, especially if you are going to work! You don't feel this at all, it's so light and absorbs well into the skin.