NIVEA Sun Ultra Beach Quick Dry Sunscreen Pressurised Spray SPF 50+

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NIVEA Sun Ultra Beach Quick Dry Sunscreen Pressurised Spray SPF 50+ is a broad spectrum sunscreen spray with SPF 50+ protection, designed specifically for the beach. The formula is four hours water resistant and alleviates the dry and tight skin feeling caused by direct sun, heat and salt water.


NIVEA Sun Ultra Beach Quick Dry Sunscreen Pressurised Spray SPF 50+


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NIVEA Sun Ultra Beach

I always sway more towards a spray on sunscreen or roll on purely for convenience. After having children I have found it even more of a necessity. I really like the Nivea Sun Ultra Beach Quick Dry Spray SPF 50+ as it comes in a pressurised can designed specifically for the beach it is water resistant and it works so well as you just spray it on rub it into the skin after 20 minutes you can go into the sun, then just pop it in your bag for real application in 4 hours. I found this great even for sensitive skin like my kids, really great protection, easy to rub into skin. Lasts for hours and protects even in the water.
This sunscreen is easily my favourite on the market. Not only does it have SPF 50+ sun protection, perfect for our harsh Australian summers; this formula is also quick to dry and doesn't leave you feeling sticky or greasy like many sunscreens can do. Plus with it being an aerosol, you don't have to worry about sunscreen leaking on your beach towel or all through your handbag. Perfect for sunscreen touch ups on the run!
I'm an aerosol sunscreen convert! It's so much easier to apply, dries super quick and doesn't feel heavy or greasy (Smells great!) and I can do between my shoulder blades with minimal effort. I also find theres less chances for leakage in your beach bag.
Love that this comes in a spray - I pretty much only exclusively buy sunscreen spray these days its just so easy to apply. This one was easy to apply, moisturised as it worked and stayed on even in the waves. Highly recommend.
OK,we all know that to not use a sunscreen daily is just nuts....sunspots,wrinkles,leather like beauty treatments can reverse that,and as for the worst case scenario...melanoma,well that doesn't need to be mentioned to convince you.But what about that greasy feel that goes with sunscreen...the feeling that puts many of us off ? Nivea have nailed it with this light feel,quick dry spray that delivers high,50+ protection in a super convenient spray form (giving access to those hard to reach spots that we all seem to miss) that is perfect for the beachbag (no sand monster look from having half the beach stuck to you like typical sunscreens).As well as reliable protection,this gives a soft feel to the body that isn't always apparent after a day in the sun / saltwater,and as Nivea is a family orientated company,this is perfect for just that....the whole family.TIP:Coloured hair ? Blonde hair ? Save some coin on colour protection sprays for the hair by giving your locks a burst of this brushed through before going outside to protect your colour (and give your hair a sexy,slicked back look that remains soft even after a day in chlorine or salt water).