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Nude by Nature Allure Defining Mascara

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Nude by Nature Allure Defining Mascara is a separating mascara with a flexible brush, which works to create buildable drama, length and separation on the lashes. The formula is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 to condition and strengthen lashes over time.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Allure Defining Mascara


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The nude by nature mascara is great, the brush is thin but not too thin, the bristles don't hold onto to too much product so you don't have to worry about your lashes clumping.  It helps to separate your lashes so your lashes are even and it helps to lift and curl your lashes and it keeps them in place too.  The formula won't weigh your lashes down and the product can be used on your lower lash line as well.  No flaking, no clumping and it gives me gorgeous lashes every time.
Ok I wasn't completely sold on this mascara when I first purchased it as I found it quite runny and messy to apply. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I now use it daily and haven't experienced any clumping or flacking. I guess over time the consistency has changed and its now perfect.  Love the applicator, rather than being a big fluffy brush, it is quite small and flexible so it reaches even the smaller lashes towards the inner part of the eye.  Its the perfect everyday mascara but still gives my lashes a nice full but natural look. I have splurged on "cult" mascaras and at the moment they are just sitting in my make up bag not being used as they just don't stack up next to the Nude By Nature mascara.
This is a great mascara. The wand is incredible, it's a perfect size that it can reach all of my lashes, even the ones in the inner corner of my eye.  The formula itself is a nice consistency. It isn't too thick that it clumps, but it's not runny either. It coats my lashes well, and makes them look fuller. It gives them length and volume, without looking like spider lashes. I've replaced one of my holy grail high end mascaras with this, and I'm glad because it's much more affordable for a higher quality product! 
This mascara is amazing. I was definitely sceptical about this mascara but I really like a lot of the NBN range so decided to give it a shot (plus so shiiiiiny). I’m glad I did. I wear contacts and have quite sensitive eyes, plus I have a huge problem finding mascara that doesn’t smudge under my deep-set eyes. This stayed in place all day, was easy to get off, caused no irritation. It did clump a little, but not enough to ruin my love for this product. 
Major love for this one!!!! I am always on the search for great mascara that doesn't clump and this is gorgeous. The beautiful container really makes a good visual on the table. Obviously a beautiful product. Having long lashes this mascara enhances my eyes even more. Love this more than Essence in green writing
I’ve been steadily replacing all of my makeup with Nude by Nature products.  This is partly because they’re so good - they’re good for my skin, good for the environment, and really work.  I’ve just bought the mascara and although it’s a little expensive (I don’t often pay full price but I did this time), it’s another mainstay product - one I’ll continue to replace faithfully.  Although I did find the brush a little wobbly - very bendy at the base, it does coat the lashes well and doesn’t clump even when I do a few coats.  I’ve got quite sensitive eyes that mascara often makes itchy and this one doesn’t bother me at all (I wear it nearly every day).  I use the brown which is very natural looking but still provides good definition, extra length, separation and thickness, and is actually good for the lashes with all sorts of nice, natural ingredients like vitamin B5, kakadu plum, and candelilla wax. I love the rose gold packaging which is sleek and classy, and the wand feels good in my hand and is lightweight and easy to apply.  It also comes off easily at the end of the day.  I’ll be stocking up on this one next time NbN has a half price sale on.
This is a great mascara for those who want a more natural look for their lashes. It separates and darkens lashes really well, however I wouldn't say that it really lengthens or creates much volume for my lashes. It is great for people who already have long, thick lashes and just want to darken and separate them for an every day look. I would give this 4 stars, however have dropped to 3 as after using the product for a couple of weeks, the actual brush part of the wand snapped off.
I love this mascara. I have the brown and it is perfect for those natural days. Its so simple yet so effective. Its not clumpy which it perfect for those days. It lengthens my eyelashes and coats them individually. I highly recommend this and its cruelty free. Love this line of makeup.
A great mascara for long, natural looking lashes. The packaging for this product is a gorgeous rose gold. The wand is on the thinner side, and is very flexible. The only con I have about this is that I feel like I have to be very careful when I take the wand out of the packaging as it feels as if it's going to snap. This mascara has no scent, and is made from naturally derived ingredients- huge plus! I bought this as I wanted to try out some natural mascaras. I also bought the 100% pure one, but that is a bit clumpy for me. This mascara is just beautiful. I curl my eyelashes first and apply a light layer. It gives my lashes so much length without clumping them. It doesn't give a lot of volume though. It can tend to clump if you apply too much, but I prefer a light layer anyway as I love a natural look. If you're looking for a mascara that gives beautiful length without the clumps, I would highly recommend this! Don't pay $40 for it though- you can get it half price at chemist warehouse a lot of the time.
I lovee this mascara as it is super long wearing and doesn't smudge when I bump it. the brush is flexible and allows you to get every strand evenly. the coverage is great and it applies evenly. this is a good mascara if you like a nice subtle tint and lift without splotchy panda eyes. its clean precise and easy to use.
A great mascara! Great brush, easy application, not gluggy (major perk), gives a nice coating over your lashes. Affordable! Ive met the owner of NUDE before at a beauty training course a few years back..a incredible person with a incredible brand, what he stands for is just amazing!xx
This is quite possible my new favourite, everyday mascara.Here’s why: I am a busy mum that needs to apply makeup in 5 mins (10 if I’m lucky!) and it needs to last all day. I don’t have time to be precious with application and for major touch ups. I think that’s why I like this mascara so much- it’s super easy and quick to apply and lasts all day. It has a rubber brush with bristles that gradually lengthen towards the tip of the brush. The brush and wand are very flexible, which is great for application as it moves easily and quickly between the lashes. The tube has quite a small opening, and as you remove the brush it removes any excess product so you don’t use too much, and avoid clumps.  It’s also quite a dry formula, which I prefer as I find there is less chance of clumping and smudging. I don’t find this mascara to be overly lengthening, but it does separate and define the lashes extremely well. It’s also a buildable formula (I generally use 2 or 3 coats), and my lashes stay soft and don’t become crunchy or spidery looking. The final look is defined, but still somewhat natural. By the end of the day, I may have a small amount of flaking, but I have that with most mascaras. It is easy to remove with a standard makeup remover. The only negative I can think of is in regard to the flexibility of the wand and brush—while it’s great for ease of application, it can be difficult to put back in the tube and could see this bending or breaking overtime, although I haven’t experienced this yet. This mascara is a great option for those who prefer cruelty free, vegan and natural products. It also doesn’t hurt that the rose gold packaging is pretty to look at!
I really loved this mascara as its easy to apply, great brush that delivers just the right amount of product without clumping. The mascara did not flake or smudge and had a nice consistency, it did not feel heavy or sticky on and did not irritate. The packaging is really nice and the product glides on effortlessly. My lashes looked long and thicker after application and with two cotes there was a real difference in appearance, the lashes separated really well with the flexible brush, a great mascara that I would certainly recommend
I picked this up when the chemist was having a 40% off sale as I needed a new mascara but it has fast become my new favourite for creating gorgeous lashes.  I'm a bit of a mascara addict so I have a huge collection with the different brushes and formulas and I find that this type of brush works best for really defining my lashes, giving them length and boosting up the volume, the perfect trifecta.  It is a thin, precise brush with a flexible head making it easy to manoeuvre.  I am lucky enough to have a good amount of lashes but I still want a mascara to take them to the next level.  This Nude by Nature mascara allows you to take the brush straight to the root, then I wiggle it up and coat all the way to the tip and repeat several times.  The great thing about the brush is that it's the same throughout so one side of your eye won't get more product than the other.  No matter how many times you take it in and out there's the same amount of product and it takes any excess out when you pull it out from the tube.  The formula coats all the lashes whilst separating them at the same time, allowing each lash to be defined and giving it a full effect.  This prevented my lashes from clumping and creating that even, uniformed look that I desired.  If you wanted to make your lashes more dramatic you could add more coats of the mascara as the formula was buildable.  The mascara created a nice curl and it actually held up throughout the day as some mascaras can be quite heavy and can make the lashes droop.  The mascara dried relatively quickly and they looked great all night without any flaking or smudging.  It's great for everyday if you want something more low key and for special occasions when you want more glamorous lashes.  Tip: Great for using on your bottom lashes as it helps separate and define 
Great product again like I said in the eyeliner review I bought a kit which had mascara also and it isn't to bad. It's easy to apply and not to much product gets stuck on the brush and not bad on transfer on skin as there isn't to much product to create glugginess it does do that eventually but that is usually when it's due for renewal great product.