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Nude by Nature Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter

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Nude by Nature Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter is a lightweight gel highlighter that can be used alone or with foundation. The liquid highlighter contains light-reflecting pigments for a radiant shimmer, as well as Australian Kakadu plum, quandong and lilly pilly for added antioxidant protection, and vitamin E and avocado oil to nourish and moisturise skin. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Available in three shades.


Nude by Nature Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter


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Ooo this is a really beautiful liquid highlighter that leaves my skin looking dewy and luminous. The packaging is gorgeous and quite compact, so very easy to carry around with you. It's also very easy to apply and blend. I use it on my cheeks, cupid's bow and sometimes on my brow bone as well. It isn't sticky on my skin and lasts quite a long time! I have the shade sunshine and occasionally use it on my eyelids as eyeshadow as well! Super versatile and pretty! Pros: - Versatile (can be used in a lot of different ways) - Gorgeous colours - Easy to apply and blend - Non-sticky formula - Leaves skin with a gorgeous glow Cons: - None
After hearing so many good feedback on the NBN liquid highlighter I decide to try it out oh my goodness this product is gorgeous. The formula is very smooth that just glides on my skin beautifully without any patchiness or exaggerates my pores. The highlight is gorgeous under the daylight with a natural glow and is very long wearing. Super affordable and one tube last for months.
I love, love, love this liquid highlighter! I have both the 02 Sunshine and the 03 Sunrise shades. I have to say I use these highlighters for pretty much everything.  The shades are so on point that you can easily create a finished look with just the one product. It has a creamy gel like consistency making it super easy to apply to your eye lids.  I like to put on a small swish of sunrise across the eye lid and then blend it out the with a blending brush or a fluffy flat brush. I then use a little of the Sunshine to high light above the cheeks, under eye brows and on the cupids bow.   It has great staying power, although if you are planning a night out I would recommend a little Eye Perfecting Primer first as it does have a tendency to crease if you apply too much. Tip: you really only need a little as the product goes a long way.
This highlighter is beautiful in theory. I have the shade Sunshine, which matches my pale skin. It is a lovely, light gold shimmer that looks incredible when blended out correctly.  My only issue is that I really struggle to apply liquid highlighters over the top of foundation. It's a bit to a hassle for me, and is quite hard to work with. I much prefer powdered formulas as they're easy to apply.  In saying that, I do like that this product has a doe foot applicator, you can really control how much product you use instead of pumping out more than you need.  I'd recommend this to those who are confident in using liquid highlighters, as it really is a beautiful shade. 
Enter the everything stick!!! I just adore this liquid highlighter! The gel is a gorgeous texture and makes for an easy application. The pigments give a perfect natural glow and shine which can easily be built up for extra glam! I use it everywhere! Cheekbones, eyes, above my lips! It’s an everything stick. It’s compact design makes it easily to slip in your pocket or purse! Easily blend it with foundation for that soft beach glow!! The natural Australian botanicals and antioxidants make for a gorgeous smell and it’s good for your skin! Get it!! You’ll love it! xx
If you strive to achieve a skin tone that looks as though you just returned from one month sunbathing in the Caribbean's then this is the product for you. As a lover of liquid highlighters, this nude by nature product is a must have. The highlighter is extremely subtle and natural, and appears to make the skin glow from inside out. I would honestly consider this highlighting product a holy grail for all makeup lovers, and could not praise nude by natures heavenly invention any more.  The product: The liquid highlight comes in three shades; sunrise, moonlight and sunshine. My personal favourite in sunshine, I find that the gold shimmer in the product would easily highlight all skin tones. Application: Dab a small amount of the highlight onto the higher points of your face (cheekbones, nose, etc). Using the ring finger blend the product in gently. I find that the warmth of my finger helps to blend the product in seamlessly onto my skin. The product was very easy to apply, didn't pull at my foundation, and was very bendable.  Overall, I really enjoyed this product. My favourite aspect was the fact that the highlight was not overly glitter like most other highlights, and rather seemed to appear iridescent. I could not recommend this product enough.  10 stars from me x 
I must admit, when I first saw this product I actually thought it was a new lip gloss or liquid lipstick but upon actually seeing the product up close I realised that it was actually a liquid highlighter! Nude by Nature seems to be expanding their range of products more and more and I'm thrilled! I have used all types of highlighters and although I tend to use powder more (just because I find that it's easier to apply especially when I'm in a rush) I prefer the look of liquid highlighters a lot more.  As I use a liquid foundation they say it's always best to use the same format for the rest of the products that you use on your face.  Therefore, using liquid foundation would require using liquid highlighter, blush...etc.  It makes sense as the same formula will allow the product to adhere onto your skin better and blends much nicer.  The highlighter comes in three different shades to suit all different types of skin tones.  There is moonlight which is more of a light pink, iridescent shade which reminds me a little of Benefit High Beam.  There's also the colour sunshine which has more of a bronze, yellow base which works the best with my skin tone as I'm a light medium shade.  There is also another shade called Sunrise which tends to be more of a rose gold colour but equally as beautiful as the rest. The packaging of the product is really pretty and confused me as it looks exactly like their own lip gloss products! Nevertheless, I like the way they created this liquid highlighter as it comes with a doe foot applicator so it's quite precise and you can control how much of the product you want without having to pour it out onto your hands.  I take the brush and I apply several dots on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow.  I find that this works better than just sliding the applicator across my face as it can wipe off my foundation.  I was expecting it to feel a bit sticky but was pleasantly surprised that it had a gel like formula which felt lightweight and didn't leave my skin feeling oily.  It dried fairly quickly with no issues at all.  I would use my fingers or a blending sponge to gently dab the highlighter into my skin so it would blend in nicely.  It has a nice bit of shimmer that's subtle but adds a nice touch for a glowing complexion.  It also contains an array of wonderful ingredients such as avocado oil, Kakadu plum and vitamin E to hydrate the skin.  I've even used a little bit of the highlighter as eyeshadow and it looked great.  It gave my eyes a nice sheen with a bit of colour that I found to pretty but not overdone.  Overall, it's a great product for all ages and all skin types.  It's natural, cruelty free and doesn't contain any nasties and I would definitely recommend it!  Tip: Mix a bit of the highlighter with your foundation for a subtle, healthy glow
Nude by Nature Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter comes in a lip-gloss style packaging with a wand applicator so you don’t have to worry about messy fallout or a brush. It comes in 3 shades; Moonlight, Sunshine and Sunrise, I have light/medium skin tone and Sunshine gives me a radiant complexion all year round. No brush needed, I apply and blend with my finger to all of the high points on my face for a dewy/luminous finish.  Pros:  Radiant Dewy Easily blended Doesn’t go patchy Blends in with my skin tone I would recommend Nude by Nature Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter to anyone wanting gorgeous glow ☺
I use this product to create a natural luminescence on the top of my cheekbones, the tip of my nose and at times in the corners of my eyes. I simply dab it onto any desired area's and blend with small, light strokes, which I find to do for best results.  The is perfect a shimmery light colour which looks just as good on my skin as it does in the versatile tube. I however found it easiest to apply this product with my finger-tips. Small enough to take anywhere for those perfect touch up's. 
This is a great liquid highlighter that gives a gorgeous glow that makes skin look luminous and glowing with a touch of shimmer. Its super easy to use, I just dab a few dots on and blend, I love it especially to highlight cheekbones before applying blush. its great value for money as a little goes a long way so it lasts for ages. It has a gel like consistency that never goes oily and it feels really light to wear. I love that it contains antioxidants such as kakadu plum. quondong, and lilly pilly with hydrating vitamin e and avocado oil to do my skin good, so its great for its anti ageing properties. Its also great for those with sensitive skin as its all natural and contains no nasties. This product is a winner for me and I would recommend it.
Love this highlighter! I use highlighter recently and have been trying the powder highlighter but they don't match my oily skin, it looks patchy always. But since I love Nude by Nature brand , I got myself this liquid highlighter  and so impressed by the long lasting and easily to dab on my skin. It give a better result and long last too. Great product!
`I have been looking for a concealer that does the job using ingredients that are ethically sourced.  I tried this and like it very much.  You do not need a lot so the product lasts a good long while.  It goes on very smoothly, blends well and does not settle in lines.  I did not give it a full five stars because I would like to see more shades included in the range.  My daughter is vegan so I bought some of this for her as well and she is very pleased with it too.  Definitely recommend for all ages!