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Nude by Nature Flawless Concealer is a full coverage concealer formulated with bamboo powder, baobab fruit extract, Kakadu plum, quandong and desert lime to soften and brighten the skin, while covering dark circles and imperfections.. The concealer leaves a satin matte finish on the skin and is housed in a makeup stick for easy on-the-go application.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Available in five shades.


Nude by Nature Flawless Concealer


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I love Nude By Nature products but unfortunately the Flawless Concealer was not for me. I thought I’d try it out whilst looking for a more natural and non-toxic alternative to traditional liquid concealers that I use. This is a concealer in a stick format. I had purchased it in the 02 Porcelain Beige colour for my light neutral skin tone. As with all Nude by Nature products, the concealer is packaged in a beautiful rose gold slim line stick which is perfect for the handbag due to the smaller and slim size. As it is a stick format, I found the concealer difficult to apply and blend. It works better with fingertips as the warmth of the skin makes the consistency a bit more pliable. It dries almost matte. I did find the concealer difficult to smoothe out and dragged on the skin so it was difficult to get an even light coverage. It may suit those that like a heavier coverage. I did not find it very user friendly to use and would much prefer a liquid concealer.
Nude by Nature Flawless Concealer truly is my new best friend when it comes to hiding my flaws.    The concealer comes in a lovely golden case, which you open and wind up just like you would a lipstick.  The fair shade is absolutely perfect for my skin tone and works so well. I apply the concealer after I have applied my foundation or BB cream.  I use this concealer on two types of flaws - first is a scar on my right temple where I had a growth removed by a dermatologist and the second are  pimples which I get on my chin. So after applying foundation or BB cream, simple wind up the concealer and stroke it gently over the areas you want to conceal.   Then dab to blend it in.  The product blends in superbly and if you wish to apply a few layers you can, I often go over my scar 2 - 3 times, the product builds up the coverage beautifully, does not cake, looks so natural and really gives me the confidence to go out to work or wherever I may be going, and know my scar is covered well, and hopefully not noticeable.   When I apply the product to my pimples, the redness is calmed down so well, it is almost amazing too watch.   My pimples are often very red, but with this wondrous concealer, the redness has just about disappeared!    If I need to apply a second layer I can too, the product will blend beautifully into your skin, leaving your skin looking smooth, calm and so much clearer.    The concealer will not cake or sit there looking flaky, which is fabulous because I rely on this product to help me look my best, but also give me the confidence to go to work and speak to people without being self conscious of my scars.  PRO's Great coverage, the product blends beautifully You can build up the coverage without any caking or flakiness Great colours Terrific value 100% natural No animal testing at all Brightens your skin Will last you a long time Great for your handbag, fits easily into a cosmetics purse. I recommend this concealer to anyone who wants to cover a scar, some pimples, dark circles or freckles.  It truly is a lovely product, is all natural and is so easy to apply and blend.  Do yourself a favour and buy one of these, you will be so happy.
This concealer is great. It's a creamy formula that covers all my blemishes and acne spots well. It's a bit to thick to use on my under eye area, but I prefer liquid concealers for that anyway.  The coverage is medium, but is definitely buildable. It leaves a nice matte finish, and lasts well on my skin if I set it with powder.  I don't have a perfect shade, so I alternate between the two lightest ones. I wish there were more shades available, if there were I would have given it another star. 
This concealer is quite heavy, similar consistency to stage or pan makeup. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and might be exactly what some people are after. For me though, I tend to use concealer under my eyes and I found this so be much too heavy. For covering acne scars, or tattoos, or anything that requires a maximum level of coverage I think this would be perfect. 
Wasn't a huge fan of this one.  The stick format drags on the skin if you apply directly from the tube, especially when the weather is cooler.  I find I have to warm it up with my fingertip then apply with a brush then blend out again with my finger.  Too much effort and too much messing around first thing in the morning!  It is a very thick formula and it dries down to a demi matte finish but it does settle into fine lines and when I use powder to set it it gets a little thick and heavy looking.  I gave to my daughter who is younger and much oilier skin than I have and it works well for her.  Maybe not for more mature normal-dry skin.
Medium coverage, matte formula and blendable so it’s a convenient little concealer that’s great for travel or throwing in your bag. I use it for my spots and under eyes in the morning and it lasts most of the day, gets a tad streaky when you sweat. It’s a good concealer so I would recommend
This is a very handy, quick and easy to use concealer thanks to it's stick design, and the gorgeous rose gold packaging is a bonus too. The coverage is medium to slightly full, but still looks pretty natural and luminous. I don't have very obvious dark circles so I'm not sure if this concealer would conceal very heavy dark circles. The formula is quite creamy and although it can be a bit tricky to blend and spread, but it's non-drying and doesn't settle into the fine lines under my lines. My favourite things about this concealer are firstly the stick packaging as you can quickly apply the product directly onto imperfections and then blend it with either your fingertips, concealer brush or a sponge. I prefer to blend it with a slightly damp sponge as I find this helps give the most even coverage and natural finish. I also really like that there is no added fragrance, but lots of nourishing oils, antioxidants and mineral pigments. There is a good selection of shades to suit most skin tones, and 02 Porcelain Beige is best for my skin tone, and it's a neutral light shade. I would recommend this concealer to anyone who wants natural, medium coverage, that lasts relatively well all day long.
I use this little stick of goodness every day. It goes everywhere with me, as does the matte powder mineral compact. I'm a huge fan of Nude by Nature, with a quality unsurpassed in a natural, reasonably priced range. This concealer does everything. Under the eyes, on blemishes and to cover redness and uneven skin texture. It consistently performs. I even use it as an eye shadow primer. Magic in a stick.
Whilst I think that the packaging of this product is great, I am not that happy with how this concealer works.. It is ok to cover small blemishes etc on my face, but when I apply it under my eyes, it is quite thick and doesn't spread evenly and looks very noticeable. It is difficult to try and spread, the consistency being what it is doesn't help.  I would say that it is an ok product, but doubt that I would buy this in future. 
Nude By Nature is a beauty line that believes that beauty CAN be hardworking and gentle to the skin at the same time...something i also believe and strive for in everything i do for my skin ,hair etc,so when i tried the Flawless Concealer (in 02 Porcelain Beige) i was excited to try it. First off,lets check out that packaging (superficial of me,i know)...a stunning rosey - gold hued,metal tube that is the size of a lipstick (so perfect for touchups as you go about your day),and very easy to use.It is a creamy (and nourishing to the skin) full coverage formula...a medium-thick consistency in a stick (so perfect for hiding all manner of sins),that is also light enough to let your skin breathe and still shine through.The addition of some beautiful,"skin loving" ingredients ( including Baobab Fruit Extract, and the antioxidant rich Australian native Kakadu Plum and Quandong )is wonderful,and adds to the skincare philosophy the Nude has tried to encapsulate in all it's products. I applied this with my ring finger,and tapped it under my eyes (forget dark...we are talking BLACK circles here) and on those pesky,once a moth spots that even a 40+ year old gets,and it both went on like a dream AND concealed that which i don't want the world to know about.It was waterproof (tears and rain gave this that kind of testing) and it lasted for a 10 hour day without too much fade.I did double cleanse to remove,but that's me everyday..not indicative as to what you have to do to remove this.Only drawback was that it wasn't really eye makeup friendly.. it caused my mascara to smudge and my eyeshadows to migrate south a fair bit (so i will try a little setting powder on top next time,or allow a little more drying time). So,next time you need to hide,why not get Nude as well...your skin,and Australian manufacturers will thank you. TIP:Apply to lids and lips sparingly,then powder over the top to provide a longwear prime for your makeup to adhere to.
Nude By Nature Flawless Concealer has the prettiest rose gold packaging that looks very luxe but more importantly it works. The mess- free wind up stick makes it easy to use and is also handy to pop in your bag for touch ups. It has a beautiful creamy consistency with a dewy finish. It is pigmented enough to cover spots, dark circles or uneven skin tone.  It layers without creasing or caking and it doesn’t settle into my fine lines. I would recommend this product.  
I am not a fan of this concealer. It wouldn't stay on my skin and separated into blotchy little chunks. The colour matched well but I couldn't get it to blend, it just didn't work for me. It was quite thick compared to some of the lighter concealers I have, which may be why it was so hard to blend and use.
I received this with a fantastic prize win from this site. I don't usually use concealer so don't have a lot to compare this to but I will repurchase this one in future! The Nude by Nature concealer comes in an elegant rose gold tube that looks much like a fancy lipbalm or lipstick and you twist the tube at the bottom to get the product up (again,much like a lipstick ). The shade matched my skin perfectly and I found it blended in seamlessly and easily. It was hidden well after applying my Nude by Nature foundation. I used this to cover redness on my chin and cheeks and found it worked well. It needed reapplying on occasion but not too often that it was an inconvenience. I tried it under my eyes but it looked too obvious when applied there.  The thin tube makes it so simple to apply to any problem area. Overall,quite happy with this concealer.  It lasted quite a few months with daily use. Will definitely buy again
This not my favourite concealer. I was very excited to try this as I usually love Nude By Natures products but unfortunately this didn't work for me. I found it hard to blend and found that it didn't provide the coverage that I required. After setting it with powder I found that it separated and went all blotchy - this is a problem that I do not have.
This is a gorgeous hydrating concealer that covers skin imperfections with a super creamy formula. Love nude by nature and this concealer is so high quality I cannot recommend it enough. This is easy to use just blend on with fingers or a brush to cover imperfections, lines, dark circles and blemishes. This is hydrating, it won't dry skin or go cakey. It comes in five shades to get the perfect colour match for every skin tone and is not noticeable under foundation. This has a satin matte finish for gorgeous coverage and a radiance. The handy makeup stick is so easy to use. Love this product and highly recommend it.