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Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer is a mineral liquid concealer. It helps cover and mask skin imperfections including dark circles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and uneven skin tone with mineral pigments that leave skin radiant and dewy. The concealer contains vitamin E, jojoba and shea butter to help nourish skin and prevent it from drying out. Paraben-free, talc-free, silicone-free.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Available in three shades.


Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer


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Natural medium coverage oncealer in limited shades

This is a medium coverage liquid concealer that comes in a small squeezable tube. It only comes in 3 shades - light, medium or dark. The ingredients are natural and include: Glycerin, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, beeswax, Squalane, Kakadu plum extract, Vit E. It is a bit runny, you could use fingers to apply but I'd recommend a concealer brush for better control. It blends nicely but in terms of coverage you may need more than 1 layer to conceal. I use it around the eye area and it doesn't crease or settle into my fine lines. I love the ingredients list, but unfortunately it's not the best concealer for me in terms of shade and coverage -'Light' has a cool undertone which doesn't suit me, and I need to apply more than one layer for coverage.
Maybe I got a dodgy tube because these reviews are really positive and my experience of this product was far from good. It is like a cream that looks like my skin tone but as soon as I put it on my skin it disappears. It covers nothing at all. I have tried the nude brushes, a beauty blender and mecca brushes and all of which provided the same results - nothing. I wish I could say something more positive as I do love the nude range. However, this concealer just ain't it! Would definitely not recommend this product, unfortunately.
I love using this concealer for daily use. This is another winning product by Nude By Nature because it is affordable and works well. This concealer comes in 3 shades and is thin to medium thick in consistency. I use my fingers to blend this concealer into my dark areas and red spots. It blends easily and is light and creamy to touch. It dries quickly, so I like to dot it into my problem areas and immediately blend it in with my fingers. Once applied, it stays put, and seems to fade away after some hours of wear.  Pros: Australian made Cruelty free Natural ingredients  Affordable  Hides dark blemishes and evens skintone Cons: Fades after a few hours, if used lightly  3 shades, so perfect match to skintone may be difficult  Dries quickly, so blend immediately with fingers or go brush  Recommendation: This concealer is a good effective concealer to have in your makeup bag when you want instant touch ups because it blends easily and makes my skin look smoother. 
I love Nude By Nature's other concealer, but find it too thick to use under my eye area. This one is perfect for that! It's a liquid formula which blends out really well. It's very pigmented, and covers my dark circles like a dream. You only need to use the smallest amount, and it works wonderfully without creasing or looking heavy.  The shade Light matches my complexion, but it would be nice if more shades were introduced for those who can't find their match. Other than that, this product is fantastic.
Purchased in the fair colour as there are only 3 colour options & I use this under my eyes for a brightening effect. It is very pale! The concealer is creamy with a medium to thin sticky consistency and I’ve found you need to blend it quickly before it dries. Works better with a sponge vs fingers for a seamless blended finish. Does need to be set with powder very lightly to stop creasing but once you have it looks great. I really like the tube application which is great for hygiene & travel. I’ll likely purchase again along with the medium colour to give that a try!
Definitely my favourite concealer at the moment - i tried it on a whim after running out of my usual and haven't looked back! I love how easily it applies, it covers everything that i need covered and doesn't feel heavy on my skin. Does the job perfectly and i've recommended it to my sister who now buys it too!
Unfortunately this concealer doesn't hit the mark for me.  It is very liquidy and doesn't absorb into my skin very well leaving a shiny surface.  On the plus side I found the color matched well to my skin tone and it is affordable and a little goes a long way but I wouldn't purchase this again.
This concealer unfortunately didn't hit the mark for me. It was lovely and light and brightened my under eye area, however it lacked in the coverage and longevity areas. I like to use one concealer for different areas of my face, however I can't do that with this one. I usually really like Nude by Nature products, however I most likely won't be purchasing this product in the future.
This is a great concealer that applies easily and brightens dull patches on your skin. It also covers those nasty red pimple spots, however it does need reapplication after a few hours. For it’s affordable price, it is definitely worth it if you don’t need a thick coverage.
The concealer applies really well, it is brightening, and a really good color for my fair skin, however it doesn't seem to stay all that long and you need to touch up which I'm not a fan of, I'm not sure if its not suited to oily skin types? It did conceal my blemishes and the redness but I do think its too creamy and doesn't quite set properly.
This is my go-to concealer - I have a large melasma patch on my forehead as well as other marks on my nose and cheeks and this gives excellent coverage and blends really well. I find it sits all day on my skin and the Medium is a perfect colour match for me although others might find the three options available limiting. For the price (which you can often find on special) this is a high-quality product that has beaten out premium brands in my experience. The tube packaging makes it easy to throw and go as required.
I've been on the hunt for a good natural concealer for a while, and during my search I came across this Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer. Being a fan of NBN, I was excited to try the product and had high expectations.  It comes in a sweet little tube that is great for your makeup or hand bag. I'm a proud NBN user and am always happy to show off my natural products and this sleek nude number. It's got simple packaging that works well and squeezes out the amount of product that you desire.  When applying the product to my skin I needed to use a bit more than some other products, and found the coverage wasn't as much as I had desired. I would definitely use a brush or blender as it was not at all effective when using my finger. I found the product didn't really 'sink in' and just stayed on the surface of my skin, which I haven't experienced before. Without setting powder: When using it under my eyes, I found the product was cakey and just looked like I had days old makeup there. With blemishes, it barely lasted an hour before turning like a powdery appearance that didn't blend well and highlighted all of my dry skin and crevices.  I didn't notice any particular fragrance, which I usually prefer with my makeup. I would recommend using a setting powder or translucent powder over the top to help it last longer, though I still think it wears off quite quickly.  Positives:  - It's all natural! It has delightful ingredients that are kind to your skin, including jojoba, shea butter and vitamin E - It is made so that it doesn't clog your skin and doesn't have any nasty chemicals/products like parabens or silicone - You can use it with a clear conscience as it is cruelty free and suitable for vegans - Handy packaging that is easy to use and take with you for touch ups - Fragrance free  - Suitable for sensitive skin  - Affordable  Not so positive:  - It only comes in three, quite distinct shades. I was lucky that it was a good colour and tone for my skin  - Coverage wasn't what I expected of a concealer  - Didn't last long when applied  - Had a cakey finish  I would definitely test this product before purchasing it to see how it blends in and applies on your skin. Unfortunately I would be choosing other concealers as my go to, however still love Nude By Nature and their other products! This particular one just isn't for me. 
I love a good concealer and I am always looking for an affordable one for daily use. This Liquid Mineral Concealer from Nude By Nature is certainly affordable, and while it blends well enough, I find that it provides medium level of coverage. So in terms of covering blemishes on my face, I think there are better options on the market for a similar price point. I also find that it feels tacky once applied and I need to use lots of powder to reduce the stickiness and the shine. I do really like the packaging - the plastic tube with the slanted tip is very handy and easy to use.
I generally love Nude By Nature products for their all natural ingredients but unfortunately this product did not work for me. I found the concealer to have a pink undertone which did not suit my olive skin (but may work better for those with fairer skin). I also found that it had quite an oily consistency, which makes it easier to blend but does mean that you have to use a setting powder afterwards. It doesn't provide great coverage, so if you're looking to cover up prominent dark marks or obvious blemishes I wouldn't recommend this product. Overall, I didn't have a great experience with this product so I won't be repurchasing it.
5 Star Mineral Concealer! Love love love this Liquid Mineral Concealer from Nude By Nature. Nude By Nature is a great Australian Natural Mineral Makeup brand with beautiful naturally derived ingredients that are good for the skin. The Liquid Mineral Concealer gives amazing coverage for my dark circles but can also cover my blemishes when needed. Made with key ingredients including Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Floraesters this concealer feels creamy and refreshing while reducing puffiness and inflammation on my skin. The packaging is a small tube similar to a lip gloss tube with a angled tip applicator for easy mess-free application. Downside... In my experience working in Makeup Sales, Nude By Nature or any Mineral/Natural Makeup isn’t for everyone and can give a different look and feel for the customer in comparison to other less Natural Cosmetics. If you want a Concealer to brighten dark circles or sun spots depending on your skin tone try the light shade. Conceal the darkness before your foundation and it will have a brightening effect as well as lasting coverage. This concealer is ideal for anyone who wants to use naturally derived products on their skin while still looking for good coverage.
I adore nude by nature and this concealer is a real winner for me. This concealer is super creamy so is so easy to use, just dab it in, I use a nude by nature concealer brush to blend in. It blends in perfectly to hide imperfections, blemishes and pigmentation. I love that this concealer has staying power and is not heavy or dry which means it never develops that cakey feel. This is a really high quality concealer and the handy little tube fits in my makeup bag easily in case I need touchups through the day. I love the mineral pigments that leave skin so radiant, also that this liquid concealer is free of nasties, no silicone or parabens. This is a really great quality professional concealer that I highly recommend.
The Nude By Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer is a lovely lightweight concealer, that provides minimum coverage. The 10mL tube is the perfect size to chuck into my cosmetics bag, making it perfect for travelling! It has a very smooth formula, that makes it perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies of your face. Because of this, I've found it applies best when used with a BeautyBlender (or any sort of makeup sponge). It provides medium coverage - making it perfect for a natural, everyday makeup look. Despite this, I've found that it doesn't absorb that well into my skin; but rather just sits on top of it. As such, it tends to leave the concealed areas slightly shiny (which does not photograph well!). However, by simply baking it with a loose translucent setting powder, it is instantly mattified. For extra assurance, make sure to set your makeup with a good setting spray, and the concealer will not budge! Overall, this is a great concealer - but not on its own. If you do purchase this, I would recommend that you invest in a good translucent setting powder. Moreover, if you're after a full-coverage concealer, then you might want to keep looking. (Keep in mind that this concealer does only comes in three shades, so make sure you test it before you buy it - it won't be a match for everyone!)
I can't say this is my go to concealer. It is very light coverage and for someone who doesn't have blemishes or dark circles this would be great. But for those of us who do! It didn't work I have veiny under eyes and dark circles and it didn't conceal that well. It is a light formula.
I found the Nude By Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer to be lacking the coverage to adequately conceal blemishes and spots on my skin. The shade that I purchased the concealer in was an okay match for my skin, however it was slightly too warm for my skin tone.  The tube that the concealer is packaged in is easy to use and handy to just throw into your make-up bag or handbag. The price of the product is also quite good, however I have bought other similarly-priced concealers that have had much better coverage and tone.  I would not buy this product again, and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone looking for a good coverage concealer. 
Not the biggest fan of this concealer that's for sure. Way too dark even though I'd chosen the lightest option and very cakey when applied. Didn't last long at all, felt as if it was melting away after a few hours of wear. My foundation didn't blend in well with it at all. Only part I really liked was the size and ease of application otherwise I would t bother purchasing.