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Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer is an oil-free, highly pigmented, loose bronzing powder. The tanning pigments help create a natural, shimmery, sun-kissed tan on skin. Can be mixed with oils and lotions for use on body. Paraben-free, talc-free, silicone-free.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer


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Great for people who have fair skin. The shade is great as it doesnt look 'orange' or 'muddy' like some bronzers tend to do on fair skin. Product is smooth and blends beautifully. Lasts all day and creates the perfect shadow along the desired areas. Although it blends well, be careful not to apply too much at once as it is very pigmented. This product will last a long time as a little goes a long way.
I love all of Nude by Nature products however I found the loose bronzer quite difficult to use! Whilst the product itself goes everywhere! The colour and texture of the product is great! I prefer the compact version of this, only because I can get more control of the product and application on my cheek and forehead area.
In love with this bronzer because the powder is very fine and smooth on skin. The powder look super natural on skin, easy to blend out without any patches. I have dry skin and this bronze powder can get a little dry on my skin if used during winter but can be fixed if I use a hydrating foundation.
I got this bronzer as part of NBN starting kit and while the container looked small, I quickly learnt that this is one of those products that is better used in moderation and little goes long way - long enough to make this tiny container last at least two week's daily usage.  While the packing with rose gold lid looks good, I'm not a fan of 'tap in the lid' kind of application. It takes a while to get hang of it and still doesn't work out smoothly all the time... and if you have an active toddler like mine, it's a ticking time bomb of mess.  The product itself is quite lovely - really fine powder with red shimmery tone that is very easy to blend and gives a subtle tanned look. Easy to build up if you like more prominent look. The hue isn't as universal as the pressed version I have. I found this one to be more with pink undertones and what suits my skin are yellow undertones.  Overall, a good subtle product for everyday use that can double as illuminating blush for some skin tones but I'd rather stick to pressed version. 
I have the bronzer in the pressed version and it's my fav bronzer. It gives my light olive complexion a great sunkissed glow that looks super natural. I love that it wears all day and doesn't get oily. There's varying degrees of olive tones in my family and I've used this on my sister's both and it gives them a nice glow too. First bronzer I've hit pan on and finished!
Nude By Nature Minerals Bronzer is my sage healthy skin sunkissed alternative to exposing my face to the sun every day to get the perfect tan. It is not only cruelty free, it is made without any harmful ingredients or toxins/synthetics. I use it as part of my daily make up routine and wouldn’t leave the house without it.  Gives me the perfect sun kissed glow all year round.
I had the sample version of this and I don't like the packaging. It's messy and the powder gets everywhere when you too it onto the lid. The powder is a red toned shimmery bronzer. I actually quite like it. The issue is it's too pigmented. I have tanned skin and a little goes a long way- I'm not sure it's suitable for paler people. It's also difficult to blend. It's a shame because it's a lovely colour on my skin tone.
My friend gave me this bronzer as she said it doesn't show up on her skin. She has beautiful olive Egyptian skin and I am naturally rather pale. On me this bronzer is a believable bronze and that's why I really loved it. I would give it 5 stars for warming up a light complexion. It has a lovely slight red undertone which gives a realistic sun kissed glow. The reason why I ended up giving it 4 stars is it doesn't have much staying power. Half way through the day it seemed to all but disappeared, and that was even when I applied it over a loose powder, to give it extra grip. I would recommend this bronzer to anyone with a fair skin tone that wants a natural tanned look and doesn't mind if it wears of evenly by the end of the day.
Skin type: olive skin tone oily combination 25-30years  Pros:  The colour is for all skin tones so a universal bronzer  You can add as little or more product as you like very buildable  It provides a soft bronzed look  It’s mineral so good for a softer more natural look to the skin Cons:  Add too much and it can look muddy  Being a mineral product the longevity is not a selling point  I like this product as an everyday bronzer which I use on my cheeks as a blusher or contour. I also dust it across my hairline to give my skin a sun kissed look. A little bit of product goes a long way, which means the 2g total amount will keep you going for a while. You can use it as a crease shade in your eye look as well. It’s a versatile bronzer. I do find that if I go a little dab crazy that it can look muddy on the skin. It’s super blendable and easy to use. My only issue is the packaging it doesn’t allow for a controlled amount to be used, you will have to add some powder to the lid and stir in your brush tap it off and then you can use it. The bronze colour is nice in the sun it looks luminous but sun kissed there is no orangeness at all. It won’t be the product to use if you need your makeup to last a long time, you can get at least a good 5 hours wear depending on your skin and the conditions. 
I’m a huge Nude by Nature fan and I’ve just discovered this bronzer which seems to have a transforming effect on my skin.  I use it very sparingly - just the lightest touch and bam - I’m instantly more healthy looking - a nice glow on the cheeks and a hint on the front of my nose. It’s extremely lightweight and blends in easily (if you don’t use too much - sparingly is the key word, which is also more economical).  It seems to make my eyes look greener, my lips look redder.  I don’t know why- something to do with the shimmery light reflection in it.  I also find it’s very kind to my super sensitive skin - and doesn’t clog my skin.  I love that it’s all natural with no nasty ingredients like parabens or silicones so I can use it everyday.  There are also nice ingredients that I like putting on my skin like clay and jojoba oil.  I have aging (as well as sensitive skin) and this product is moisturising without being greasy.  That Nude by Nature is all Australian and cruelty free makes me very happy.  This is my new go-to for summer.
I tried this product about a year ago in one of Nude by Nature's value sets. I have to say this product isn't all bad but there are some definite cons-as well as pros!- to this one... PROS: Pigmentation: My issue with a lot of Bronzer is that they either have to much pigment and look stark on the face or not enough and you have to build them up until they become cake... if you have this problem, this is the Bronzer for you. I find it builds up really well on the skin and I just use my kabuki brush to apply 1-2 light layers on the cheekbones, forehead. I also find that the product never looks cake and blends very naturally into the skin. for reference, I have dry skin and this powder still looks lovely on my skin and doesn't cling to any dry patches or fine lines .Blendability: I just use my NBN soft kabuki brush to buff out the Bronzer and I find that it blends really naturally into the skin and doesn't leave any harsh lines. Shade: I find the shade of this Bronzer is very flattering on the skin. I have a medium skin tone and I find that it gives quite a natural bronzed look, not too orange toned and faux looking but also not too cool... just a happy medium to give you that natural just got tanned at the beach look. I also love wearing the Bronzer on my eyelids as a slight wash of colour. Ingredients: I do like NBN products because they use such natural ingredients and I have rather sensitive skin and I've never had any issues with their makeup products breaking me out. Product amount: Although this product is reasonably expensive you do get a lot of product for your money. Ive had mine for nearly two years now and there's still almost a third of the product left in the tub. CONS: Longevity: Unfortunately this bronzer doesn't last amazingly well on my skin. As I have drier skin I usually don't have. an issue with this but for some reasons with the Bronzer it only lasts 5-6 hours without fading. I find  can increase the longevity a bit with a decent setting spray, however it is still a little bit disappointing. I would recommend trying this product before you buy the full size as NBN do some really great packs were you can sample quite a few of their products for a good price! Price: I personally think $40 is a little expensive for a pharmacy brand Bronzer, however as I mentioned before you do get a lot of product and again I would suggest trying the smaller size in a pack. Packaging: A qualm I have with NBN products is their packaging. The exterior packaging is fine and is sturdy and I have never had any issues with spilling. However, the interior packaging is another story... the mineral powder comes pit through a sieve but its got very large holes in the top so the product falls pit and when you go to use it falls out of the lid. This leads to product being spit everywhere and is an absolute nightmare to travel with.
This bronzer brings so much definition and glow to my face, like I've just been to the beach! My skin is quite pale and this does not go over the top at all! It gives a subtle warmth to my face and it doubles as a perfect nude eyeshadow that is perfect for everyday where! I never leave this.
This is a gorgeous mineral bronzer. I love that it's oil free so it won't add oil to my face, great as I tend to have an oily t-zone. This loose bronzer is highly pigmented and provides a nice natural sun kissed glow. I use this to highlight cheekbones and it looks amazing on my olive skin. So easy to use I just apply with a large quality brush in a second. At under $40.00 it's budget friendly as it lasts for ages and I don't need to use a lot. It blends really easy and lasts all day without wearing off, and I love the hint of shimmer. A huge plus is that this is paraban and silicon free. I love this product and highly recommend it.
I love this bronzer! It gives a gorgeous, soft and natural bronzed glow +ves: -Great shade-not too orange and not too muddy, rather a good balance between the two. -Gives a natural glow -subtle shimmer brings a youthful glow to the cheeks -can be used as a contour or bronzer -no odour -very pigmented (a little goes a long way!) -warms up the cheeks -Is oil-free, made of natural ingredients and is vegan friendly -ves: -I have the sample size and the packaging is not ideal. It has three holes that the product comes through so I have to shake it quite hard to get any out If the packaging was better it would be the perfect product!
This is my everyday go to!! It is such a great colour for any skin tone. It gives a great 'sun kissed' look and blends in so easily to the mineral foundation. Because it is oil free means that I don't breakout from it like I did with a lot of other brands. I bronze instead of contouring for an everyday look and it gives great colour to the skin as well as definition!