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Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation

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Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation is a loose mineral powder foundation that conceals redness, pigmentation and enlarged pores and evens out the complexion. The lightweight formula contains SPF 15 and provides sheer to full coverage with a satin-radiant finish. The foundation is made of 100 per cent natural ingredients including jojoba esters to nourish the skin and kaolin clay to promote a radiant complexion. This product contains no synthetic ingredients or preservatives and is fragrance-free, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

Available in eight shades.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Available in eight shades.


Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation


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The Nude by Nature mineral cover foundation is a face powder I like to use on the days when I want to wear minimal makeup as it helps to even out my skin tone and while also covering up any redness on my face.  It also have SPF 15 to protect your skin which is always important to have when your skin is exposed to the sun. The product comes in a jar and I just lightly dip my powder brush into the pot and then I just swirly it across my face so everything is evenly covered.  The coverage is light and won't make your face look like its caked with powder.  Ive come across a lot of powders that would make my face really dry and settle into lines or accentuate my pores. With the Nude by Nature powder, I had no complaints.  I feel like my face can breathe when I'm wearing it and it also helps to keep my face matte throughout the day without making my skin dry in the process.  In addition to using it as foundation, I like to use it as a finishing/setting powder when I wear liquid foundation. This adds a bit more coverage to my foundation while also preventing the foundation from moving or getting oily.  It really keeps everything in place, it keeps my forehead and nose shine free and my makeup always looks more airbrushed when I finish it off with the powder.
I started using this powder when I started using makeup everyday. It is great for beginners! It is great coverage, but not cakey at all. It sits on the skin nicely. It isn't super long lasting so I would normally put some liquid foundation on underneath to make sure it lasts the day.
I had been on the hunt for a good, easy mineral foundation for a while now. I always heard it was better for the skin (generally and because I have acne) and watching how quickly it can be applied while still looking flawless was a big draw.  Nude by Nature was the most obvious pick due to it's reputation and it's constant inclusion in 50% off deals from Chemist Warehouse and Priceline. This is where I grabbed it first, in it's original packaging which is all plastic with a twist top that locks the product before the lid goes on, and then later in a special edition packaging which has a netting and is only blocked by the lid. I personally prefer the net/special edition packaging.  The product itself comes in a limited colour range but seems to suit a fair few tones except for the very fair and I wager the very deep. A lightweight powder, it has a light to medium but certainly buildable coverage. It goes onto the skin very easily and I prefer to have a pretty hydrated base, too matte and I feel it can look a bit dry and powdery. It buffs into the skin effortlessly and I never see any streak or lines, and the finish is incredibly light and breathable - a true skin like feel and finish. This is very easy to build on each other without caking up and looking too heavy and is quite good for midday touchups. It doesn't settle into pores or lines and does an okay job at keeping my combination skin at bay. Finally, this is quite long lasting and I have found I still maintain coverage at the end of my 10 hour work day (I apply around 630 and don't get home till 430) Overall this is an excellent product and considering the deals you can find for it, is something I highly recommend you try out.  PROS:  - lightweight and breathable  - skin like, natural finish - buildable coverage  - longwearing - can be found on sale often and easily  - Australian brand!  CONS: - limited shade range - may not be mattifying enough for oily skin types
I have sensitive skin and trialled this product when pregnant as my skin became extra sensitive and I struggled to find a foundation that didnt irritate. This worked so well I have kept using it. The medium shade suits me perfectly. I love that you can build the coverage and it gives a natural finish, not as matte as other powders.  Unfortunately it doesn't cover my dark circles at all. Which is the only downfall in my opinion. So I use the nude by nature concealer also! 
Great product for on-the-go women who don't like to spend too much time applying makeup yet love wearing makeup. The formula works seamlessly on the skin when applied with a fluffy brush. Great for all skin types. Product stays on all day and barely needs a touch up (but always handy to have in your bag, just in case). Product is buildable from sheer right through to full however be careful; with full - it can look a little thick and sometimes messy on the face. Shades are minimal however that's why the product alone is buildable.  I wear this everyday for work as it only takes me a couple of minutes to apply and its a great product for busy tired mum's - covers the eye bags quite well along with the concealer ;)
Not a bad product though mate a little too yellow? The coverage is great and it offers a beautiful finish but I have used it on a fe similar tones and i still find that it looks a little yellow when finished. Great packaging and lasts a long time. All in all its worth a try just ensure you buy the right tone. Which is hard for a makeup artist when we are not buying the whole range of colours.
There really is a lot to love about the Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation.  I have very typical combination skin, it is always a challenge to find a product that will keep my oily t-zone at bay whilst not being too drying on the rest of my face. I purchased this mineral powder in the shade Medium, which is my perfect summer colour to match my sunkissed complexion.  From first application, I love how this felt on my skin, unlike most powders it wasn't drying at all and allowed my skin to breathe and feel fresh. The powder has a really great formula that you can apply lightly to even out skin tone or it can build up to cover breakouts and imperfections as needed. This product also proved to have great staying power, keeping me fresh faced and flawless until well after I clocked off from my 9 to 5. This really is such a lovely product and the only thing from me giving full points is that it does take a little bit of hardwork to achieve great results. I really have to work the product into my skin, gently buffing with a really dense makeup brush, working one small area at a time to get an even coverage and sometimes it takes just a little too long on those mornings when I just need to get out the door.
I've been a huge fan of NBN range for 5+ years but I must say was skeptical first to use a powder afraid it would highlight flaws, but I found the opposite. When finished off with NBN Mineral Finishing Veil results in even and smooth flawless base! Thank you NBN!
I had run out of powder and decided to try Nude by Nature natural mineral cover foundation when there was a makeup sale. I was looking for something light, that provided some coverage, kept my look natural and was healthier for my skin (and the environment) - I don’t like wearing too much make up, especially daily. I have a fair complexion and bought the light powder which was a perfect match for my skin tone- It does not make my look washed out! I find it really easy to apply using the nude by nature mineral powder brush. I use it over a tinted moisturiser or bb cream and love that I can control the amount of coverage with the loose powder. Using daily, with the mineral brush, this product lasted me about 12 months and I have just opened a new pack. This product works well with my skin and I will continue restocking and using indefinitely!   :)
I am such a fan of the Nude By Nature loose powder. I have been using it almost exclusively for ten years now. I remember being very sceptical that it could tame my oily t-zone, not cake into any spots that i had then (and wrinkles now) and give me the level of coverage that i like in my day and night makeup. Clearly it exceeded my expectations. Its not super cheap, but i think that you get a substantial amount of product. There is a decent variety of shades (8 or 9, i believe). I own three and i like to mix to make the right shade for me at that time, however, i would wear any of the 3 on their own without feeling that i was wearing the incorrect shade. A small amount goes a long way, particular if you wear over a light foundation or BB cream. It can also build up to quite substantial coverage on its own. It has a light scent which i like (but not overwhelming for those who prefer unfragranced make up). Goes on best with a thick powder brush with soft bristles.
I have the Nude By Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation in the light/medium shade, which suits me perfectly.    The product is 100% natural loose mineral powder with SPF15. Great for helping stop sun damage.   I had not used this type of foundation before as I thought that it would require a bit more expertise in applying makeup than I have. I also thought that the powder would settle in my wrinkles and not leave a smooth look.   Just the opposite is true. It’s so quick and easy to apply – tap a small amount of powder into the lid, dip the brush into the powder and tap away the excess OR for faster application,load the powder into the brush and then turn the brush upside down and tap the handle to sink the powder into the bristles. Then brush over face. The result is smooth and flattering.   Just build up to the coverage that you require. I like a sheer coverage but I apply more powder onto those areas that need it. In my case, that means my cheeks that tend to look a bit flushed at times.    I apply my serum, moisturiser and primer underneath the mineral foundation to give a good base for the powder and to make it longer wearing. Using the powder this way makes it last all day without the need to touch it up.   It's a very good alternative to liquid foundation and I would recommend this product.
A wonderful mineral powder foundation that does not clog my skin or feel like l'm wearing stage makeup. It gives me great coverage, really! A little goes along way.  It covers my pores on my nose very well, l have the dreaded T-zone and this mineral powder has no problems covering that area of my face. I blend down my neck to give the illusion of wearing no foundation at all, because there is nothing worse than seeing the obvious line around the jaw  where the foundation stops.  It also has a little sun protection SPF15, not high but a factor we should all be considering when choosing beauty products. For convenience l also pop Nude by Nature Mineral powder in my Nude by Nature refillable travel brush for touch ups through the day. I have been using this product for some time now because l love the result l get with it and it is not harsh on my skin.
I LOVE this product so much I use it every day! It gives you the right amount of coverage and doesn’t make you feel caked up! I would definitely recommend this product! All I need with it is just primer before and then mascara too :) it’s so amazing!
This is a nice loose powder. I have it in the shades Fair and Light, with the latter being a better match for me. It provides sheer coverage but can be built up to a fuller coverage without looking cakey or overdone, which is incredible!  It's extremely lightweight, and makes pores look invisible. It doesn't cling to any dry patches of my face, which is rare for me when I use a loose powder. I like to wear this over the top of my liquid foundation to set everything down. It works well to mattify on it's own as well, but in my opinion it works better over another product.  Overall, this product is amazing, and it's very affordable considering the quality. I'll definitely repurchase this.
After using this product I will never be going back to any other foundation! It builds up so well and you also don’t need to use that much powder in order to achieve medium-full coverage! I struggled with bad acne before using this but now I only have a few breakouts here and there.
I could not recommend this product more highly, I wear it daily over just moisturiser and still achieve full coverage or for a day/night out I wear it over liquid foundation for a flawless finish. It is very light weight and doesn't clog skin. I'm a makeup artist and also use it on my clients in all age groups, everyone loves the finish it creates.
I have only come across the this foundation recently and am in love! I’ve had issues with years trying to find something suitable, correct colour and not too heavy. This foundation is great! I prefer to wear it over BB cream but it still works wonderfully without, I feel it just doesn’t last as long..  It’s super lightweight and very natural looking which I love! 
As a Nude fan, I wish I could give the Mineral Cover a full 5 stars, it deserves it for the superior coverage and gorgeous demi-matte finish. But da doom a negative is the limited range of shades. As a super fair skinned woman, even the lightest shade of Fair provides too much colour and it is a pink tone, whereas I need a yellow based foundation to counteract my too red sensitive skin which is prone to flush. A very fair/ light shade would be great. To use my product, I mix it with a pale yellow powder in the palm of my hand and then apply with a kabuki brush. Time consuming, it effects the beautiful texture of the Nude Mineral Cover, but I hate waste and being super fair I have to blend a lot of my foundations with a lighter blending product to get a natural shade for me. Enough said about that. In terms of wear, this product goes the distance, stays on and doesn't change colour. Of course, if you wear it when exercising (as I do - always use a mineral foundation when you sweat, it is non comegenic and cuts down the shine and redness) you need to touch up or reapply. I like the Nude for Nature Compact Mineral Powder for a touch up.
I’ve used this product for years now and couldn’t recommend it more! Great long-lasting coverage and matches colour perfectly. Easy to apply. I have oilier skin but usually wear this over moisturiser alone and it still allows enough glow without being shiny. Compared to other powders I find this light-weight and natural-feeling. Love love love it!
I love this powder! It is a great addition to my routine. Wear it over either foundation or BB cream for daily use, It provides a great coverage and even making the skin glow! I use it with a powder brush and build on if I want more coverage. For a natural coverage, slightly dust over the T zone. The colour really matches well with my skin tone and I have yet to react or break out after having using this product for over a year. Definitely recommend!