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Nude by Nature Perfecting Eye Primer

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Nude by Nature Perfecting Eye Primer is a smoothing eye primer, which works to tighten the eye area and even out the appearance of wrinkles, creating the perfect base for makeup application.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Perfecting Eye Primer


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The Nude by Nature Perfecting Eye Primer is housed in a plastic squeeze tube. The product has a subtle scent and it has the consistency of a lotion.   I have read lots of positive reviews for the Perfecting Eye Primer, but the product didn’t seem to do much for me, and this might be because of my age. I’m in my fifties, so naturally my skin has more wrinkles than someone much younger. I also have hooded eyes. Having said that, I’ve used eyeshadow primers from other brands and they’ve worked for me. I used the Perfecting Eye Primer with matte, satin and shimmery eyeshadows, but the primer didn’t improve their appearance, colour payoff or longevity. There were a few times when the primer accentuated wrinkles with some eyeshadows.
This is a nice eye primer. It comes in a convinient tube that would be great for travel. It's small in size, but you only need to use the smallest amount each time. It's a clear formula, which I'm not usually a fan of. I usually like my eye primers to be tinted, but this one is so good, I don't mind. It applies well and blurs any darkness on my eyelids. It feel hydrating when applied, and but sinks in quickly. It doesn't leave a bad tacky feeling, just a smooth finish.  Eyeshadow applies well over the top of this product, it doesn't affect the blending or texture like some other eye primers. It makes my eyeshadow last much longer, without having to touch up. Overall, this product is fantastic. I wish it came in a tinted option, but besides that it's definitely one of my favourites!
This eye primer is one of the best primers I have ever used, and I have definitely gone through my fair share throughout the years! It has all the features that I look for in an eye primer:  - Long staying power throughout day or night (does not smudge!!!) - Workable with all other brands and types of eye shadows (powders, creams, liners)  - Does not irritate sensitive skin  - Natural ingredients, natural scent Using this eye primer has helped to elevate my eye make up: it hydrates and smooths out the surface of my eye lids, and fills some of the fine lines and dry patches. It is comfortable and easy to apply. I apply a small amount on my ring fingers and gently smooth it across the surface of the eyelids. Then I apply my eye shadows and liners on top. I use this eye primer for all occasions: simple natural make up looks, high fashion looks, casual or dressed up. It will make a big difference to any make up look. It's a perfect product to use every day. It does not smudge or become oily during the day. It does not cause any irritation on the skin. The ingredients are natural, and is completely cruelty free, which is so important for me when making choices about products I buy.  Overall, it is definitely worth the investment, and I would highly recommend using this eye primer. 
Loooooove it! As someone who will only purchase beauty products that are cruelty free, it’s hard to find products that are not tested on animals but are still effective and die why they say they will. Enter NBN. This primer comes in a perfectly sized bottle that you can easily take on the run with you, it smells great and best of all, it works. Great for creases and folds, but also makes sure that the winged eye liner you spent 11 minutes perfectly will stay alongside with your fabulous smokey eye ;-) Big fan and will continue to use this product.
Staying power: I have a scar across one of my eyelids so make up that stays put all day is the aim of the game for me, which means I like to use high quality products and not just to conceal the scar. I’ve found Nude by Nature’s Perfecting Eye Primer to be the best primer I’ve tried in terms of all day staying power under my foundation, eyeshadows and other products.  Application: this primer feels so nice going on, the eye is a sensitive area, and I love how it glides over the eyelid smoothly and evenly even if I’m rushing and I don’t feel the need to ‘rub it in’ like I have with other products. Coverage: for me, having a good base primer on before I put anything else over the top is essential to good coverage. While this product isn’t tinted and doesn’t ‘cover’ problem areas, I’ve found it works well underneath multiple brands of make up (not just under Nude by Nature products). For me this is important as I use numerous brands to achieve my make up looks. Some other primers make the final product look caked on or flakey or slide towards the eyelid creases or even into the eyes (noooo! I don’t want red eyes from make up irritation! That’s worse than the scar!). Plus: make up that slides into the creases make those creases ... look like wrinkles.... again, not ideal! But this product stays put and doesn’t travel or accumulate where it isn’t wanted. Price: I think this product is really good value, a little goes a long way and since I use it every day I think it’s important to also be able to afford to use it both every day and for special occasions. It’s a five star product for me!
Another 5 star product from Nude by Nature! This Perfecting Eye Primer doesn't drys down matte on eye lids and holds any eyeshadows nicely making them more long lasting. I have tried high end eye primers and I can say that the quality of this perfecting eye primer is not far from those luxury brands. Love it.
I have long been a fan of the Nude by Nature range, I think they make some great quality products at affordable price points that make them great value for money. The eye primer is a gem that I have discovered and I use it everyday as part of my makeup routine. It comes in a 10 ml tube, and a little goes a long way so one tube will last you a long time.  Pros - It performs so well as a smoothing eyeshadow base that applies easily to the delicate eye area. I apply a small amount with my fingers to my lids to prep and prime them before eyeshadow. The primer makes my eyeshadow last much longer and wear better throughout the day without fading.  - it applies white but goes on clear and has a light, non oily texture and does not irritate my sensitive eyes (I also wear contact lenses) - convenient packaging that is perfect for travel - Affordable price point, for a quality formulation that is free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, and is also cruelty-free  Cons  - I don't think there are really any negatives for this product, however I wish it came in a tinted (beige coloured) version so that it could cancel out some of the discolouration on my eyelids!
I adore nude by nature and have been using their productsever since I could remember and so I’ve tried most of their products- includingtheir perfecting eye primer. I have an oily lid so a swipe of this and a bit ofsetting powder and voila the perfect base for eye shadow! The perfecting eyeprimer leaves a smooth matte finish and is light on the eye so it doesn’t feellike you’re wiping oil onto your eye-lid unlike previous primers I’ve tried andit also works, every time I use it my eye shadow lasts all day or night! Whenit comes to the perfecting primer you may think that the give 10ml is nothingand not worth the $20 but a little goes a long way is exactly the case for thisprimer, it’s been almost nine months now and I haven’t finished my first bottleyet even though I have been using it on the regular, so in the practical sideI’d 100% recommend.  Pros of it includes… ·     Plenty of product ·     Decent price ·     Beautiful packaging ·     Product that works ·     Amazing quality Cons are… ·     If you use eye shadow as a part of your dailyroutine it may run out quite fast I’d 100% recommend to anyone searching for a nice eyeprimer.
I am absolutely in love with the Nude By Nature Perfecting Eye Primer and it's exactly what I would expect from such a great brand. The tube is so aesthetically pleasing with a fudge coloured tube and a rose gold lid. The eye primer spreads easily under and around my eyes and doesn't tug at the delicate eras of my skin. This primer as hydration to the skin around my eyes as well as minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. The colour of this formula looks white, but goes on clear and therefore works well under makeup, or without it, to give the skin around my eyes a noticeable rejuvenation. I would highly recommend this Nude By Nature Perfecting Eye Primer if you love Nude by nature products and could do with a great primer!
I purchased this eye primer as I have the nude by nature eye kit and wanted a primer for a great base for my shadow. This is a great high quality primer that provides a lovely smooth matt base to apply shadow and achieve a professional finish. I love that this smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, tightening the eye area while feeling light and non greasy, it comes out white but glides on clear with ease and feels hydrating. This is a great primer at a great price point that does the same job as a more expensive brand, I love it and will buy it again to use with other nude by nature eye products
just like all of Nude by Nature's products, this one does not disappoint. I love this eye primer because it feels light, it doesn't feel or make my eyelid look oily and it helps my eyeshadow stay on all day long. The best part is that the brand is all natural and cruelty free!
A tiny little sweet-looking tube - a whole 10mls of it but only a little needs to be used at a time.  I love the rose gold coloured metallic lid - that's so 'now'!   The formula spreads easily over the delicate skin on my lids and upper eyelids areas.  There is no tugging of the skin.  It's coloured white but goes on clear on the skin and really does add a little firmness and hydration and makes the eye skin appear that little bit tighter, providing an excellent base for make-up or even just a better-looking eye skin without make-up.   I love that it keeps eye make-up in place for way longer than if I didn't use it.  I also love the fact that it treats the skin but also is an eye primer.   I can recommend this for people with hooded eyes like mine, to firm them up a bit and make them appear more hydrated but I can also recommend this for those who just want to use a good quality, skin-loving primer so that their make-up stays on longer.   I will buy it again when it's finished.