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Nude by Nature Perfecting Lip Primer is a long-wearing, conditioning and smoothing lip primer that helps create an even base for lip colour application. The lip primer contains optical blurring spheres that smooth the appearance of lips and prevent feathering. The formula contains active natural ingredients such as vitamin E and Australian Kakadu plum that work to protect skin against environmental aggressors, while mango seed butter, castor oil and moisturising microspheres ensure comfortable and lasting wear.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Perfecting Lip Primer


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The best decision for my lips!

If your looking for that extraordinary start before applying any lipstick to gain those perfectly moisturised, plumped up and pouted lips then this is the product you want in your make bag/draw or cabinet. It contains superior quality along with the healthiest ingredients that moisturise my lips giving them the ultimate advantage for the day or evening ahead. I can't do without it, I'm completely addicted to this unique primer for the lips. The first time I used it my lipstick glided on with such ease and stayed on for a lot longer during the day and night. I have never looked back since trying this and my lips thank me everyday for that decision. I can't recommend this enough, don't let your lips go without this amazing primer.

An underrated must-have

This is the first lip primer I have ever tried, and after trying the NbN one, I can't believe I've lived without it. The lip primer is quite soft and easy to apply. It goes on very easily and even by itself my lips look instantly smoother and seem fuller. It is really moisturising and feels just like a good lip balm. It definately made putting lipstick on over the top a lot easier and made the colours more vibrant. I tried this with both matte and satin lipsticks and it worked well with both. I loved wearing this under matte lipsticks because it made them more comfortable to wear and less drying. I loved the very minimalist packaging as well. It comes in this beautiful cream tube with rose gold accents and it looks really quite expensive. The product has a lot of lovely ingrediants such as shea butter, mango seed butter and oils.
This lip primer comes in a slim line off white tube, which is brilliant if you also have nude by nature lipsticks in your makeup bag, as they are in different coloured packaging.  This of course means it's easy to find your primer.  The lid snaps on firmly to avoid any makeup purse accidents. It applies easily and feels much like a balm.  Lipstick applies over the top with ease and the primer helps your lipstick to stay in place longer.  That means less time spent reapplying your lipstick. As with all nude by nature products there are no nasty ingredients to worry about.
This lip primer has the same look and feel as many pore minimising/smoothing face primers that contain silica. It applies evenly and gently smooths and blurs the lips; to create a great matte base for lipsticks. It has a  mild pleasant herbal/citrus scent and does contain menthol which cools the lips slightly. I have used lip primers in the past, but this is one of my favourites as it contains silica spheres to really smooth out any lip lines. It does a great job holding my lipstick in place for most of the day and it prevents my lipstick from "bleeding" into any lip lines. You don't need to use a lot and I don't reapply it during the day, so one quick application in the morning keeps my lipstick looking fresh for several hours. I love that it contains nourishing ingredients, antioxidants and is cruelty-free. The tube is small, but will last me a while, and at under $20 I think it's a pretty good buy.
This is the first lip primer I have ever purchased and now I can't live without it! I used to use a regular lip balm before I discovered this product, to help smooth out my dry lips, but that would not to anything to prolong the wear of my lipstick. This product helps create a smooth even base for my lipsticks and lip liners, and even provides a translucent veil to provide a more uniform layer before applying lipstick. I really like the small but sleek packaging and I find less is more with this product, as it can tingle and look uneven if you apply more than one layer. It contains a good mix of nourishing plant oils, butters and antioxidants, which really do soften and smooth the lips. I often tend to wear a lot of pigmented or matte lipsticks and this primer has helped keep my lips soft and hydrated, even when I remove my lipstick. It also does help prolong the wear of lipstick and prevents colour bleeding into lip lines.  I would give a full five stars, however the one thing I dislike is the added menthol, which can irritate my lips slightly. Apart from this, I think this primer is pretty much perfect and has become quite a must-have beauty product for me. This product is also relatively inexpensive and I am pleased that it's cruelty free too. I would recommend this primer to anyone who wears pigmented or matte lipsticks in particular, as it does help lipstick stay in place for longer, without drying out lips.
I really like the Nude by Nature lip primer as a balm.  It has a slight tingle on application, and goes on a little thick and slightly white (opaque), but after a few seconds it does seem to settle in, and leave a slightly matte finish, which helps lipstick applied over the primer last longer.  It also keeps the lips soft and moisturised even if you use a more drying colour on top. As with all NbN products, it’s cruelty-free, full of good ingredients - in this case, Kakadu plum, vitamin e, and shea butter, and nothing nasty at all - no parabens or petroleums.  You can use this just as a balm with no colour and it works well, but is a little pricey for that, though it does come in a very classy looking white and bronze case that goes well with other NbN products.  It also smells nice - very light scent of vanilla that doesn’t clash with any other products.  I would particularly recommend this primer for those, like me, who are mature (in age, not necessarily in demeanour!) and who want to prevent lipstick feathering, caking or building in lines. It’s especially good worn under matte lipsticks that would otherwise dry your lips.
The nude by nature lip primer is great for anyone that wears lipstick and wants to keep the colour from fading.  I had never used a lip primer before but now I make sure to use this every time before I put on my lipstick.  It's soft and hydrating and provides a great base for your lip products. It almost feels like a regular primer that you use for your face but this time it's on your lips.
The Nude By Nature lip primer has to be the only Nude By Nature product that I haven’t liked. The primer applies on like a lip balm and is nice and hydrating but that’s about where the positives end for me.  The primer tingles my lips, bordering on burning. After applying lipstick the primer ‘clumps’ underneath and leaves chunks on my lips. My lipstick slides off and bleeds, not things that happen when I don’t use the primer. The primer shortens the lifespan of my lipstick. I personally have better results without the primer and won’t be purchasing again. 
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Replying to Anne M.Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear you experienced challenges while using the Perfecting Lip Primer. If you would like to receive application tips for best results or trouble shooting, please feel free to contact
I had never tried a lip primer before until I got the one from Nude by Nature.  I don't wear lipstick often but when I do it's normally for special occasions and I always want to make sure that my lipstick looks great and stays on for as long as possible.  This lip primer comes in a beautiful cream and rose gold tube that you can easily swivel to bring the product up or down.  The primer feels smooth on my lips and it provides a blurring effect to create an even canvas for my lipstick. It's hydrating but it doesn't leave any colour behind nor does it have shine making it great for all types of lip products.  I found that when I wore my lipstick on top it helped to keep it in place the whole night.  The lipstick didn't bleed, it didn't sink into my lip lines and overall it helped the colour adhere to my lips.  It's definitely something I always use now before I wear lipstick!
There is a primer for almost everything, and they are invented for good reasons. I love my foundation primers, especially the Nude by Nature Airbrush Mineral Primer.  So this Perfecting Lip Primer from Nude By Nature is also a must-try! I think of primers as a crossover between skincare and makeup. Because primer is applied as a first layer before lipstick, I like my primer to have skincare benefits, in addition to its role of forming a good base for lip colour. This primer ticks all the boxes. Let's talk about its skincare benefits. It is formulated with vitamin E to nourish, kakadu plum extracts to provide antioxidants to fight signs of premature aging, and kukui nut oil and shea butter to soothe and moisturise. When I first tried it on my lips, it felt slightly chunky and grainy. However, when I touch my lips, the surface is actually very smooth. I apply one to two layers of primer to well-exfoliated lips. As with all other primers, it gives best results if I allow at least 3 minutes for the primer to settle before applying makeup - this allows time for the primer to settle properly. My lipstick always glides on effortlessly on top of this primer. I also like that it has a subtle white cast to neutralise my natural lip colour, this brings out the true colour of my lipsticks. With this one simple step of priming my lips, my lip makeup looks more vibrant and my lips feel comfortable and nourished all day. The lip primer works well with all kinds of lip colour, including traditional lipsticks, liquid lipsticks.and lip glosses! I also particularly like its thin tube packaging which is convenient to store in a drawer or travel bag, and its subtle vanilla taste. It contains no silicone - which is great for those who have concerns over this ingredient. I truly see the value of this primer, especially considering how this one product can enhance (and therefore add value to) all my other lip colours.  Congratulations to Nude by Nature for creating this excellent product.
I had never used a lip primer before and after using this primer I will never not use a lip primer again - I love it. I suffer from extremely dry lips -especially in winter with the weather and air conditioning, and I have found it so hard to find a product that helps keep my lips conditioned. This primer is so good - when applied it looks a little white, I then gently rub it into my lips and wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed. I then apply lip liner and lipstick and end up with a perfect finish and moisturised and hydrated lips. This is the only product I have ever used that stops my lips from drying out - will definitely keep using this.
I hadn’t always thought  lip primers that useful until I tried one and realised they can help in two important ways – to smooth your lips and prepare them for colour, and to tone down and mute a too-bright or dark colour. This Nude by Nature primer has helped to add moisture to my lips prior to using their more matte formulas and makes them more comfortable to wear. On the other hand, with their moisture shine lipsticks, the primer creates definition and prevents the feathering and wear from this less pigmented formula, and I found that the lipstick lasted longer. Not only this – it protects and hydrates as well, with moisturising ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Vitamin E and shea butter. What a versatile product! With darker colours I also find the blurring of the primer tones things down , so the colour doesn’t take over my fair skin. All packaged in a neat and light little tube which is easy to pop in a handbag – I think I’ll be getting a lot of use from this little product!
This Nude By Nature lip primer works that's for sure.  It really does make your lippy stay on all day long.  Until its release, I actually used a tiny dab of the Nude By Nature Perfecting Eye Primer which also works quite well.  The primer in a stick makes for easier application.  It goes on smoothly and doesn't leave any residue the way other brands have for me in the past. The packaging as usual is on point.  I love that the company take the time to match the packaging across all of their products.  I own pretty much the entire range and my make up kit looks really glam. A plus when you are getting in the mood to get ready for a night out. If I had to fault this product at all, I would only say that I'm not a huge fan of the taste when you accidently lick your lips and for that reason I would rate it 4 stars.  All the Nude By Nature lippies and glosses have such a pleasant smell and taste, they kind of raised the bar for me.
this lip primer is perfect to apply on everyday use to protect your lips from getting dry, oily and colour stained from lipsticks you wear day in and day out this primer gives your lips a strong base protecting your lips and leaving them looking smooth and shiny. love to use this product to take excess oil away from my lips and leave with sexy looking lips after, my sister gifted me this for my birthday
this would have to be the best primer I have ever used on my lip. as you age the annoying fine lines begin to appear around your mouth. this primer plumps & smooths these annoying lines & any lipstick sits beautifully. making me definitely feel more youthful. When you add the other beautiful Nude by Nature products it truly lifts & compliments any complexion & any age. you don't have to be an expert at applying lipstick as it makes it a dream to apply anything.
I've never really seen the use of lip primers, I usually just put a lip balm on to make sure my lips are moisturised before applying lipstick; but this has changed the game! This lip primer creates the perfect base for any lip product. It gives me a moisturised feeling without being greasy or heavy. It leaves my lips smooth and even, and helps my lipstick last way longer than if I'd applied it to bare lips.  This product is now a must have for me, and is recommended it to anyone who wears lipstick. 
I rarely used lip primers before I came across this little gem by NBN. I love that it is made of only natural ingredients and that it performs so well too! This primer provides a smooth base for any lipstick but it pairs especially well with my NBN lipsticks. They go on smoothly and give great longevity and my lips feel so conditioned and hydrated throughout the day. I feel it has made a great difference to my lipstick wear. I love the white and rose gold packaging. NBN also do a superb job with their classy and great quality packaging. Highly recommended!
This lip primer by nude by nature is everything that I needed and hoped it would be. It is really conditioning and hydrating on the lips, and nicely fills in cracks and dry patches so that lipstick can glide on effortlessly. It also extends the wear of my lipstick having to apply less often throughout the day. It’s light and there’s no sticky feeling left on your lips unlike some other lip primers. Leaves my lips looking great all day, not just for the first few hours- thanks nude by nature!
Who would've thought a lip primer that is mainly nourishing, actually works! I gave this product a go, only to moisturise my lips, before I put on liquid lipsticks, that are otherwise so dehydrating and make my lips cracky. But voila! this one not only nourishes, but extends the lifespan of my lippy on my lips, by far. Added points for it for being a natural makeup product. <3 <3
Omg this will change your life!! The nude by nature lip primer keeps any lipstick on all day looking fabulous. It keeps your lips feeling soft and fresh the whole day.  I hardly needed to reapply my lipstick throughout the whole day this product is that good!!  Would highly recommend for anyone who is on the go and has no time to re-apply lipstick every hour and also wants soft kissable lips. 10/10 for me!