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Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Smooth and Nourish

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Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Smooth and Nourish is a primer that prepares the skin for makeup application. It is formulated with papaw, vitamin E and green tea to fill pores and ensure makeup lasts. 


Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Smooth and Nourish


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I have previously used nude mineral powder for when I want a natural look. So I thought I would try the Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Smooth and Nourish. The first thing I found was that it smelled amazing. Really citrusy... After the smell it was a white gelish type primer. I was happy that it went on really smoothly and evenly. I loved the base it created for my foundation to be applied on to. It gave the base some grip. After the day was up using this primer I found it kept my makeup looking fresh all day! I was extremely happy with this primer. I am happy that it comes at an affordable price. I am extremely happy with this primer and would definitely buy it again.

Water based primer with a silicone feel texture

Nude by Nature is one of those brands that a lot of people feel very strongly against or they really love it. I have always been on the fence with them but this primer has definitely helped me over to the love side. I started using the Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Smooth & Nourish because I was looking for a very particular texture (similar to a primer I had used in the past and loved) and this was one of the closest matches. The texture of this primer is quite thick but it is easily applied and doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. It offers great coverage without feeling like it is caked on. If you are like me and need to hide enlarges pores or fine lines, this primer will be your new BFF. It easily smooths over any fine lines and pores, leaving an even, smooth base that is ready for foundation. I have always found that matching the ingredients in your foundation to your primer is the key to getting a great finish, eg a water based primer will not blend well with an silicone based foundation. This is where I ran into some trouble. I assumed (due to the texture and feel of this primer) that is was silicone based and was surprised to discover it was actually water based. So I had to purchase a new foundation to get a great result because my silicone foundation did not adhere to this primer at all. Once the kinks were worked out, I am now very pleased that I switched to water-based as my skin looks much better since.

Gives makeup a professional finish

Nude by nature is a great brand and I have tried many products in the range and I believe this primer is one of the best. It’s great value for money and does the same job as some much more expensive primers. I love that it is not at all oily or greasy and leaves my skin with a nice matte feel that feels quite smooth and soft. It’s a very hydrating primer and leaves my skin with a nice clear canvas for makeup application. It virtually makes my pores disappear which is a huge bonus and it’s easy to use and smoothes on easily, sinking straight in. It gives a nice professional finish when makeup is applied and is really high quality. I highly recommend this primer

Natural primer with lots of grip

After having success with Nude by Nature foundations, I thought I would give this primer a go. The primer itself is an opaque white gel that goes on easily, creating a 'tacky' surface for makeup to stick to. While it keeps the makeup in place I've found it a bit harder to apply foundation on top as it tends to 'grip'. I have got around this by dabbing my foundation on rather than blending it in a circular motion. I have found since wearing the primer that I don't get as much oil on my face throughout the day, but it does have a bit of a funny smell when you first put it on (it doesn't linger though). Overall it’s been a good primer, but I think I'll revert back to the 100% Pure Primer in the future.
A 15ml sized tube of the Nude by Nature Airbrush Mineral Primer was included in the Complexions Starter Kit and was a great introduction to this beautiful primer. It is packaged in a flat tube with the signature rose gold accents and lid. The liquid primer has a gorgeous uplifting citrus scent and is an absolute delight to use. Using this primer honestly feels like applying another moisturiser which is perfect for my dry skin. The primer also has vitamin A and E and green tea which all have skin care benefits - LOVE!  The primer is very lightweight and applies very easily and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Applying foundation and make up on top is a cinch. I would recommend this primer to others and would not hesitate to purchase the full-sized version. It is very good value for money!
This is such a good primer! It makes my skin look so clear and after applying, my pores completely disappear! I absolutely can't go without this in summer and I carry it in my bag everywhere. Some days when my skin is feeling alright, I'll just apply this primer alone and not go over it with any foundation or BB cream. It creates this lovely natural base and makes my skin look clean and dewy. It also applies beautifully! The product is silky smooth and makes my skin feel refreshed. I love that it isn't thick or greasy.  Pros: - Silky, smooth application - NOT AT ALL greasy!! - Hydrating - Can't see pores at all after applying, and can just wear this alone if you're feeling comfortable - Makes skin look dewy and clear Cons: - None
This primer is just amazing! Firstly, it has a great fresh but natural fragrance that always reminds this product contains so much plant-based goodness. The primer is under $30 and comes in a 30ml squeezable tube. I use about the size of a pea each time for my whole face, and focus more on my t-zone/pores. It blends in easily, doesn't feel heavy sticky or greasy, and gives me a smooth, even complexion while gently blurring away redness, pores and uneven texture. I find my makeup just glides on easily with no excessive rubbing or streaking and my foundation doesn't settle into pores or lines. I love that it doesn't contain chemicals or artificial ingredients to block my pores, but actually contains different antioxidants to protect and nourish my skin. This primer does help my foundation last longer during the day, especially in hot, humid weather. Definitely a makeup bag must-have for anyone who wants to create a great, smooth base for their makeup without the harmful chemicals.
This brand is great for my dry, red and sensitive skin and this product is no exception despite the ingredients.  It smooths my skin texture and makes my makeup look illuminous and dewy even with powder. I often get comments.  I would highly recommend this product, especially for sensitive skin!
I think about primers as a crossover between skincare and makeup. Because primer is applied as a first layer before all the other makeup, I like my primer to have skincare benefits, in addition to its role of forming a good base for foundation. This primer ticks all the boxes. Let's talk about its skincare benefits. It is formulated with glycerin (a humectant that draws water to the skin), soybean and olive oil to provide fatty acids and vitamin E to nourish, and green tea and kakadu plum extracts to provide antioxidants to fight signs of premature aging. On top of that, it does a wonderful job as a primer. Being a professional makeup artist, a primer is such an important step in my work, and it is the one thing that I would not compromise on quality. If I have a good base, I am half way there to getting the job done. This primer is a dream to glide onto skin, applies evenly and absorbs quickly. I apply a pea size to the face, and another pea size to cover the neck area. I then gently pat  it down with either fingers or a makeup sponge to aid absorption. As with all other primers, it gives best results if I allow at least 3 minutes for the primer to settle before applying makeup - this allows time for the primer to properly. My makeup always glides on effortlessly on top of this primer, and the result is a healthy luminous glow without high shine or glitter. It makes my makeup last longer and my skin feels comfortable and hydrated all day. It would be a mistake to think that this primer is only good when paired up with Nude By Nature Mineral Cover. It works just as good for liquid foundations, as well as powder foundations from other brands. I also particularly like its flat tube packaging which is convenient to store in a drawer or travel bag, and its subtle, uplifting citrus smell. It contains no silicone - which is great for those who have concerns over this ingredient. This affordable primer is just as good, or dare I say, even better than some of the "top end" primers which is double or triple the price. Congratulations to Nude by Nature for creating this excellent product.
I have combination skin so finding a primer that gives my face a natural glow without creating an overly oily appearance is hard but I’ve found this product to work extremely well in that regard! It gives me a matte finish that creates the perfect base to apply foundation and concealer without requiring me to add an excessive amount of translucent powder to counteract the oily finish. It keeps my makeup firmly in place throughout the day/night whereas with other primers I have found my makeup can melt a little bit throughout the day even with a setting spray. To say I love this product is an understatement because I haven’t strayed from this primer for over 2 years and I’m a person who likes to regularly try new products in search of the perfect one! Naturally, I’d 100% recommend it!
LOVE THIS PRODUCT and for the price this primer is a no-brainer! I cant get enough of Nude by Nature make up and this is no different. This primer leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth leaving your skin in perfect conditions before applying makeup. Its lightweight and covers fine lines and does not leave any residue. I highly recommend this as a must have
I love this primer. It feels luxurious to apply, and sinks in to my skin well. It blurs my pores and evens out my texture; the 'Airbrush' name is definitely fitting.  It leaves my skin looking luminous and feeling hydrated. It's the perfect base under makeup, it keeps my foundation in place all day.  It's a fantastic primer overall, plus it's very affordable! I'd definitely recommend it.
Really like this one!  My go-to primer is Hourglass Mineral Veil and I swear this NbN primer is equally as good, and at a fraction of the price!  It comes in a handy squeeze tube which I love and it has a very light citrus scent which is barely there but worth mentioning.  It applies easily and absorbs quickly, leaving a hydrated, glowy (but not glittery) complexion which at times I dust over a little NbN mineral powder foundation or apply a liquid - it works well with either and keeps my normal-dry skin smooth and hydrated but does not cause makeup to pill, slide or break down.  Great performer for the price, especially if you get it on sale, it's a steal!
I love this daily use primer by Nude By Nature. It is light and feels great on my skin. This primer has a very mild fresh citrus scent which quickly fades as I'm applying it. It is light creamy coloured and feels soft and refreshing on my skin.  Nowadays I feel using a primer is necessary for my skin to keep it looking fresh and smooth all day long. It also helps my makeup stay put and reduces shine. At the end of the day, my face just looks better. Pros: Natural ingredients Creuety free  Makes skin feel Cons: None Recommendation: This is an awesome affordable primer which makes my skin feel soft and looks great. It's a great base upon which I can apply my makeup or not wear any makeup at all. 
Yaaaaaaaas, finally a primer that is hydrating, moisturizing and fixes the laugh lines around my mouth! It’s no fun walking around feeling like the sides of your mouth are cracking like cement, this genius little product that I have now used for a couple of years is amazing. Highly recommended.
Over the last few years I’ve been hunting for the perfect primer from high end brands to the lower end. This primer is the winner it’s lightweight which means I can’t feel it after putting it on it doesn’t seperate my foundation and just keeps everything in place I 1000000% recommend this product as it does wonders
I love primers and use them every day, and although I have my favourites I am always willing to try another one.  I had just started using Nude by Nature products when I was introduced to the Airbrush Mineral Primer.    The primer is packaged in an ivory coloured,soft plastic tube with gold writing and a gold screw-on lid.  The tube holds 50ml of product.  The primer is white and has a lightweight consistency which spreads evenly and smoothly over my skin.    The Airbrush Mineral Primer is designed to help create a poreless, luminous base for makeup and these are qualities I like in a primer.  I have mature, combination skin so I also like that this primer is formulated with vitamins A and E and also green tea to help renew and soothe my skin.    I’ve been using this primer for a few months now and I have found it lives up to its claims. The lightweight cream glides over my skin and gives a natural looking finish that blurs my fine lines and pores, leaving a beautiful smooth canvas for my foundation.  My foundation applies evenly leaving a lovely healthy glow with no flakiness.  I have also found that the primer keeps my makeup in place all day and it looks just as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning.    I quite like skincare products with a fragrance and this primer smells divine.  I’m not sure if it’s a citrus scent I can smell but whatever it is I love it.    I’d definitely recommend the Nude by Nature Airbrush Mineral Primer to anyone with combination skin who is looking for a primer that gives a natural radiance with an airbrushed look.   
I often avoid using primers as most of them contain so much silicone that they end up irritating my skin more than anything. My daughter actually gave me a tube of this lovely Nude by Nature primer and suggested I use this one; as previously my makeup would always smudge, slide off or look uneven by mid-afternoon. I am very pleased with this primer and can't believe how much better my makeup and skin look since I started using this. The tube is a standard 50ml size and costs just under $30. Although this isn't very cheap, this primer contains a lot of skin nourishing ingredients and doesn't contain the nasty fillers that many other brands contain, and I think these factors make it a great buy. I have slightly dry skin that's quite sensitive and I therefore always use a moisturiser before applying this primer as I find this helps the primer glide on even easier. I squeeze out a small amount, about the size of a pea, and this is just right for my face. The primer is easy to blend and leaves hardly any residue, just a slight sticky/tacky feeling that goes away after several minutes. I am pleasantly surprised that it doesn't feel heavy or greasy, even though it contains lanolin oil, as listed in the ingredients. This primer just leaves a smooth, hydrating and even base, ready for me to apply my foundation. There is a strong herbal, lemongrass scent that can irritate my skin when I first apply it, but this seems to go away after a few minutes. I would have preferred a fragrance-free or low-fragrance version and this would make the primer a 5-star product for me. This primer works well with liquid foundations and powder foundations; giving a more even, polished complexion. After using this product, I have found that my makeup lasts so much better during the day, my pores are less visible and my foundation doesn't smudge or look uneven.  I am very pleased with this primer, it doesn't provide any colour correction, but a lovely smooth base for makeup, without clogging pores. I think this product would suit all skin types and age groups.  This is a lovely everyday, must-have beauty product that I highly recommend and will repurchase.
The Nude by Nature Airbrush Mineral Primer makes a significant difference to the flawless finish I want and can achieve and I enjoy using it. I don't feel that I have done my make-up justice without using this top notch primer. I love that its packaged in an easy to manage tube that can be easily packed. The scent is strong but its natural and fresh and dissipates quickly. I love how natural the product is with no nasty silicone and lots of good stuff like Green Tea, Paw Paw and Vitamin E to nourish and protect your skin. My skin feels instantly smoother and my pores reduced when applying this base, my foundation flows on and gives an effortless and natural look and feel. This product has become an essential and a little goes a very long way.
Nothing makes me feel more attractive than touch worthy skin and the Nude by Nature Airbrush Mineral Primer is my first step to getting there. This gorgeous primer smooths away the look of pores, visibly evens my skin tone and texture. It gives my skin a smoother foundation application and longer makeup wear. Unlike a other primer's I have tried and tested the Nude by Nature  Airbrush Mineral Primer has a cushiony, soft to the touch texture. I love how it melts instantly into my skin tone and provides that amazing filtered blurring effect.The Nude by Nature Airbrush Mineral Primer works all day to help makeup last longer, feeling lightweight and comfortable while looking after the skin. Contains vitamins A, E, and green tea to assist makeup application and nourish the skin.