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Nude by Nature Revitalising Eye Cream

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Nude by Nature Revitalising Eye Cream is a nourishing and replenishing eye cream that smooths and conditions the delicate skin around the eye area. It is formulated with active natural ingredients including meadowfoam seed oil and sodium hyaluronate to deliver moisture, while natural peptides from marine extract Phyco’Derm® and Kahai™ oil visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, target dark circles and alleviate puffiness.


Nude by Nature Revitalising Eye Cream


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Revitalising Eye Cream

The revitalising eye cream comes in a white packaged cardboard box with black and bronzy gold print. The first few things I noticed was that it has the FSC logo so good to know it is responsibly sourced, made in Australia which is fantastic and has 3 months to use once opened I think this would be from the ingredients that keep its shelf life being more natural it’s shelf life is lower which is good to know as I would have to make sure I used it day and night like directed to ensure that I used it all in time. The eye cream itself comes in a standard eye cream size of 15 ml and is standing on its lid. The lid is quite large almost like a holder for the eye cream itself so that it says upright. It has a pump action pump to disperse the eye cream which shot out the after first use. My first impressions after quite a lot came out I rubbed in on the back of my hand after the first go was that it is white in colour, quite light in consistency and has a unusual smell I’m guessing as it is sourced from Australian native plants and botanicals it does not have that usual perfumed or fragranced smell I have been used to with a lot of skincare. It also absorbed well into my skin, the initial scent did not longer and the back of my hand felt really soft. The next few uses I have tried to use less as I don’t need so much for my eye area but struggled to not pump a lot out. The eye cream has felt really nice around my eyes and absorbed well leaving them nicely moisturised and hydrated. I typically try to use the amount of a grain of rice per eye and apply using my ring fingers to apply the cream until it is absorbed. After a few weeks of use I have noticed my eye area has been well moisturised and hydrated I haven’t noticed a dramatic change in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but using this cream for a longer period would probably have more of those anti-ageing benefits. The only slight downfall for me was the pump it just squirted out too much product no matter how much I tried to slow it down I had to be really mindful of that each application, when I did forget and had too much product I applied it around my lips or backs of hands. I would definitely recommend this eye cream to those wanting a eye cream to moisturise and hydrate the skin around their eye area.