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Nude by Nature Shimmering Sand Loose Eyeshadow

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Nude by Nature Shimmering Sand Loose Eyeshadow is a highly pigmented loose eyeshadow enriched with kaolin clay to lock colour in place all day long. The fine texture allows for easy blending and comes in a combination of pigments and pearls to achieve bright and shimmering eye makeup looks.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Shimmering Sand Loose Eyeshadow


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I love the Shimmering Sands Loose Eyeshadow because it creates a healthy shine on your eyes without looking superficial or overpowering. It’s perfect for all day use as the shine is long lasting and it can also be applied over other shadows to create a brilliant shine or glamorous look especially for a big night out. The only issue with the product is that if you are not careful when opening it up the excess will spill so always open it up slowly. Other than that it is easy to apply and comes with an integrated brush applicator. I tend to apply it by dabbing once using the applicator then use an eyeshadow brush to spread and blend across the entire eyelid. When applied it feels very silky on the eyelids and the formula is enriched with Kaolin Clay to help keep the colour in place for extended wear. It comes in 3 colours, Coral Sand, White Sand and my favourite and the one I use Rose Sand. I love that it is fragrance free and you only have to apply a small amount so the bottle will last a long time. So at roughly $23 it’s a steal. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to add that extra natural shimmer and shine to their eyes.
I really wanted to love these highly pigmented eye shadow / highlighter but unfortunately the negative far out swayed the positives for me. Major bummer was the fallout, all you had to do was literally take the applicator out and the highly shimmering powder was everywhere. You have to be very careful not to get it all over your clothes or floor. After that when I applied i found i would have to press the wand onto my lid and then blend with a brush to avoid fall out on my cheeks, ( not so bad if it fell onto the right spot for highlighting ). I will say though that the color range is stunning and that pigment holds. Unfortunately the packaging wasn't a winner from me.
I LOVE the Nude by Nature Shimmering Sand Loose Eyeshadow. It has the perfect amount of shimmer and glow and doesn't look overdone. You only need a touch of it and it goes a long way on your eyes. You can also change the appearance of it by putting dark eyeshadow on first and then dabbing this on over the top. I don't have to wear primer and it still stays evenly on my eyes and lasts all day without any fallout. The Coral Sand colour makes my blue eyes POP sooo much! It is actually crazy how much it enhances them. The only thing you have to be mindful of when using this product is that when you go to open it, you need to do it very slowly, otherwise it can get messy and I've lost quite a bit of shimmer during this process. A very minor con to an overall amazing product that is made from 100% natural ingredients and is cruelty free. Highly recommend for all the lovers of luminous eyes!
My new Nude by Nature Shimmering Sand Loose Eyeshadow is the best! It is the asiest eyeshadow I have ever uysed to apply. I am not very good at putting gon eye shadow so gave up for awhile until I discovered this product by Nude by Nature. It is like a nail polish type application or even lip gloss application so I found it extremely easy to apply even when I am in a rush. It only takes about 2 seconds for each eye! I hope it comes in more colours.
One of my favourite go-to eye enhancers, that bring out the blue in my eyes like no other product.  I often receive compliments from women around me, and questions about what brand.  Perfect as both on the eye, and blended into the cheek as a sparkling bronze contour.  Love it!!
Looove this eye shadow so much! It looks amazing on and stays for quite a while. The product is very loose, so does tend to get spilt a little bit, especially when opening and pulling out the applicator. The colour is amazing and bright and looks brilliant. Fell in love with the product right away and still love it! Highly recommend!
Nude by Nature Shimmering Sand Loose Eyeshadow can add the perfect amount of glimmery shimmer to your day or night. The packaging makes application a breeze and excess can be tapped off to avoid wastage. It is versatile so you can create either a minimalist or a dramatic look with this loose eyeshadow. It can be applied on top of another eye shadow for a multidimensional effect or wear it alone for a touch of sparkle. Pros: Can be sheered out for a subtle glow Highly pigmented No nasties 100% natural ingredients Cruelty-free and PETA certified Cons:  Carefully remove to avoid a sparkle shower Apply sparingly to avoid fallout.  I would recommend using Shimmering Sand Loose Eyeshadow to glam up your look. ☺
I'm obsessed with the Nude By Nature Shimmering Sand Loose Eyeshadow as it is affordable and tick all the boxes for me. It is very pigmented, the shimmer is just right and stays on my eyes lids nicely throughout the day. The applicator is very easy to control and picks up the right amount of product. Nothing to fault!
If you have read the reviews for Nude by Nature's Wonder Eye Shadow Palette, I mentioned this Shimmering Sands wonder wand as a suburb blender with eyeshadow. If you're lazy and I am, just prime your eye lid with this shimmering, opalescent, 50's movie star creating super powder. Done. Or not so lazy, layer over with powder eyeshadow. But there's more uses to this product! Under lipstick for a custom retro frost look. As a highlighter fir the face, mixed with blusher. The possible uses are endless. I even rubbed some on my nails and then sealed it with clear nail polish (only use a small amount, or instead of frost you get glug). Lasts forever. Love the glittering texture.
This eyeshadow is absolutely stunning!! I feel like a princess when I'm wearing this because of how pigmented, dreamy and pearlescent the colour is! It is so easy to apply because of the brush that it comes with and I will usually use one of my fingers to blend it out on my eyelid. A little goes a long way with this eyeshadow. A major bonus for me is also that there is minimal fallout. One issue I have with a lot of glitter shadows is how much ends up on falling onto the rest of my face throughout the day, but this really isn't an issue with the nude by nature eyeshadow. I also sometimes use this as a highlighter, applying the tiniest bit on my cheekbones, under my eyes and on my cupid's bow. Highly, highly, highly recommend! Pros: - Beautiful shimmery, pearlescent colour - Pigmented - Lasts a whole day - Minimal fallout - Versatile - Easy to apply Cons: - Slightly expensive - Packaging can sometimes cause messiness with the glitter flying everywhere
This is a gorgeous eyeshadow. I was given this as a gift, I adore nude by nature. This shimmering sand loose eyeshadow is highly pigmented and great quality. Simple to use, just twist the brush, pull out and loose powder sweeps across lids with the handy applicator. I found a little bit of loose shadow spills a little, I just dust it off. I used rose gold, it’s just beautiful, shimmery, gorgeous colour and it lasts and lasts. It’s all natural so won’t irritate sensitive eyes and it’s quite anti ageing.kaolin Clay is why the product stays out and it’s so light and fine, beautiful to wear. At under $23.00 it’s great value, especially as it lasts for ages. It’s beautifully packaged, quite luxe, love the gold packaging, it’s quite a treat. This shadow is easy to blend and I love the fact it’s not tested on animals, this product is a winner for me. Love it and highly recommend it.
Mindblown with these loose sands! Got all 3. They have something in them to get them stuck on the skin, no need for special sprays, primers, glues to put them on.  On me it looks like a metallic finish. If you look for glitter, this is not it. Very wearable for every day on its own. Or to add a punch to any eye look, lighter ones (light and rose) as an inner eye highlight.  The bottles are glass, looking very luxe. When opening , unscrew the top, then gently wiggle the wand out. I had zero fallout! Learned to do this in the store when opening the testers. First time opened it like you would do the lip gloss/concealer...etc (want applicator products), by popping the top out. Then the whole lot of "sand dust" went everywhere. I took the stuff that was on the rim of the bottle and smeared all over my hand. That made me buy all 3. The pigments are so beautiful! Especially if you have blue or grey eyes, gives them such a strong 'vavawoom' effect. Accentuating the eye colour so well. Excellent quality, natural based ingredients, stay on power (all day, no movement without base, primer, glue), shades, them.
Got one of these eye shadows for Christmas. I love the colour and they are so pigmented! I love a good eyeshadow that shimmers!! The only downfall to these are the way they are packaged. You have to twist the top and pull the brush out and because it is like a dust I goes everywhere every time I open it, and seem to loose a lot of product. Apart from that tho I love it, easy to apply and blends well! Great for all occasions!
I purchased this loose eyeshadow in the rose gold colour and it's absolutely gorgeous! The pigmentation is great and I love how shimmery it is.  The colour is easy to blend and it stays on for quite a bit of time with fading or creasing. It's the perfect shadow for a night out or a special occasion as it's sure to make your eyes pop and stand out.  The only issue I had was with the packaging.  It wasn't the easiest to use and you had to be careful when pulling the brush out because a lot of the eyeshadow would come out with it which would cause a lot of wastage.  I would've preferred to have it in a single jar which that way I could dip my brush and apply the eyeshadow onto my eyelid.
I love buying Nude by Nature - they are Australian and not tested on animals. This eyeshadow is absolutely stunning. The pigment is so bright, if you can get your hands on a tester at the shops you will instantly fall in love and have to buy it. Thats what happened to me!
In love with this product, pigment is strong and lasting. One of the easiest pigments to use, blending is easy with a little going a long way. The product also last all night with little fallout and is light and shimmery in both natural and artificial lighting. Versatile enough to be used as an eyeshadow or highlight, only downside being the packaging as the tight lid can cause you to lose product when opening.
I absolutely love this product it is easily applied and bendable. Well pigmented and great coverage so no need to put a lot on as it is that pigment it leaves your eyes shimmering and focus on your eyes. Love the colours and would highly recommend this product to anyone who either likes to really sparkle or add a little to add a little highlight.