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Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator is a liquid highlighter that helps create a radiant glow on skin. Apply as a contour or as a base for makeup. Talc-free, paraben-free, silicon-free.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator


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I don't often use illuminators in my makeup routine, but had to try this one out because of the gorgeous sleek packaging! I'm happy to say that I definitely wasn't disappointed by it! This illuminator acts as a gorgeous highlight on the cheeks, and I love how dewy and luminous it makes my skin look. I only use a little bit because I feel like a little goes a long way with this. Some days I use it with my blush to add an extra bit of glow, some days I'll use it alone to make my skin look more sun-kissed. It's enough to use this alone, but also works really well if you want to mix a bit of it in with your foundation or BB cream. Either way, this illuminator is seriously versatile and handy!  Pros: - Results in dewy, luminous, sun-kissed skin - Easy to use and apply - Is a gorgeous highlighter Cons: - None
I received this Illuminator in a gift set and I must admit I was a little scared of it. I didn't want to apply it and end up looking like a tragic disco ball reject.  Being brave one day, I applied a little to add a something extra to my cheek bones, and I was so thrilled to find that this is a product that is very subtle.  I felt like a fool for delaying using it.  After doing some research, I found that people were applying it all over their faces like you would a BB cream. Some were even using it under foundation as a primer or mixing it with their moisturiser.  I decided to give each of these methods  a try for myself, and found that using it like a BB cream gave me a really natural dewy look.  As a primer it worked wonderfully and added a little extra life to my foundation.  Adding a little to moisturiser created a very sheer tinted moisturiser.   This 50 ml tube of product has now become something I'm no longer scared of and I think it's awesome.  I feel that it's very hard to over do the use of this product as it really is so very subtle and certainly something worth checking out for yourself.
I don't usually use illuminators, but I love this brand and it happened to be on sale.. so I gave it a go!  It's a fantastic product to use on it's own or under foundation. It feels just like a primer, and it doesn't negatively effect the longevity of my makeup. It gives my imperfections a blurred effect, and overall brightens my complexion. It makes my skin look less dull and tired, I actually have a healthy glow when I use this! Absolutely a must have product for me!
One of my first purchases from Nude by Nature, it is a pretty glow for the bare face, under foundation or ok top.  Has a pink sheen which I use as a 'blush' on bare skin.  I have combination oily Asian fair toned skin, so I avoided my T zone. But it is a very sheer formula and smooths on easily and any step of your makeup process.  It is not blindingly sparkly
I was very lucky to receive a full-size (50ml) tube of this illuminator as a gift, and although I didn't love it at first, it's definitely become one of my must-have makeup products. It comes in a decent-sized squeezable tube with a screw top lid and this is one of the few things I probably dislike about this product, as I find too much of the product comes out when I squeeze the tube. I have tried using this product in different ways; under my liquid foundation and BB cream, dabbing it on my cheeks after applying my foundation and mixing a small amount with my foundation. I find it looks beautiful either way, and it's definitely a versatile product, but I think it works best when I apply it over makeup and apply a quick dusting of powder highlighter/illuminator on top to really make my cheeks "pop". It therefore works well when layering multiple products and doesn't smudge, cake or look flaky.  The colour is a beautiful shimmery rose gold that adds radiance and a soft glow to the complexion. I do find when I use too much my skin does look too glittery and slightly orange. I therefore recommend using less and layering or building up the coverage to create a more natural, yet pigmented glow. The scent is subtle and pleasant, and like all Nude by Nature products I love that it contains nourishing plant oils such as Jojoba and contains no talc. I would recommend this illuminator to anyone who wants to create a natural, soft glow that lasts pretty well all day. It works well with both liquid and powder foundations and layers really well. It's also a versatile product that can be mixed with your liquid foundation or moisturiser to give a more luminous glow and dewy complexion. I think this product is very affordable and one tube lasts for months. I highly recommend this illuminator and will definitely repurchase it.
I love this product. It really gives a natural healthy glow. It is a nice easy way to give yourself a natural glow. There is 2 ways i use this product. I either apply a little bit under my highlighter and add highlighter over the top if i am wanting a more glam look, but for everyday i mix this with either my primer or foundation to give my face a natural glow. It lasts ages as well which is always a big tick in my book, a little goes a long way.
A lightweight-feel illuminator which is not an over-the-top product so it's so easy to apply.   After I've applied it, I don't feel like I'm wearing it and I love that!  It's also very easy to use - I just squeeze a small amount out of the tube onto my finger tip and dab it where I wish, blending it fairly quickly in the area that I want it.  It sets into the skin within 30 seconds and then when it's 'set' there is no tackiness at all which I like.  For me, I like to mainly put it just above my upper cheekbone area - just under my temples.  I love that it's a liquid-gel form of illuminator because it creates a great look that blends so easily and sets in place for a look that can be worn both during the day and for night too.  I can also use this illuminator as a base for where I then use another powdered/dry compact illuminator over the top for a different look altogether.  When I do this the powdered illuminator is enhanced by the Nude By Nature Soft Focus Illuminator underneath too - doubling the illumination which is great for when I want a big and bold, more artsy make-up look!!  Mostly though I use this Nude By Nature all on it's own, just over the top of my foundation.  I find it works best over the top of a liquid foundation just because it is a liquid-gel formula itself.   This Nude By Nature Illuminator is aptly named 'Soft Focus' because it does give a beautiful natural glow that looks like it becomes one with skin after it's blended in.  It's easy to blend and gives the skin a soft sheen that doesn't look artificial or over the top at all - it's glamorous but in an understated way - my upper cheekbone area is highlighted, radiant and glowing but it doesn't take over the whole look.  Instead, it enhances the make-up look, emphasizing my upper cheekbone area delicately and with class.  So there is no glitzy sparkle in this formula - just a smooth shimmery sheen.  It's not a white coloured formula, but more a pale beige-peach tone which blends out with the my skin tone to leave a translucent glow.  I have a strong medium neutral skin tone but I think this illuminator would work well with any skin colour.    I love that there are no nasties in this formula so it's good for my skin and does not dry my skin out.  There is an extremely mild scent but dare I say that it's just from the natural ingredients - it's like a very faint citrus-like scent.  The tube is a very generously sized 50ml and I think this is going to last me ages as less is more with this product.   Oh, by the way, I do love the on-trend, feminine rose gold accents on the tube and the rose gold lid too - so pretty and glam!
And then there was light... So much soft and dewy light. This Nude by Nature Liquid Illuminator does what it promises, leaving the skin with a Photoshop perfect, soft focus. Great for all ages, a little goes a long way for a natural eyeshadow, on the cheekbones, to highlight the temples and even mixed with other liquid products. I've mixed this beauty with lipglosses for a subtle daytime metallic mouth, with blush and even liquid eyeshadow, to de-matte and add shimmer. This super blender really shines (ha) when mixed with BB, CC, tinted moisturiser or foundation. Versatile, fun and affordable. Love. It.
I would definitely say that this is one of my all time favourite illuminators. It has a gentle glow and is perfect for people who are into a shimmery glow look and want to wear this look everyday. it has a very liquid formula, a bit runny but is very easy to apply and almost melts into the skin when applied. I love how this product can be used for people with different skin tones as the shimmer it has is not to golden or silver, just the right shade to look natural on anyone. I also love how many different uses it has.The illuminator can be used by itself for an around glow or applied on the highlights of the face with no makeup for a very natural look. It can be applied as a base before foundation for a dewy look or mixed with foundation which looks more matte but also young and light. My favourite way to use this illuminator is to do my normal and use it as a natural looking highlighter on the areas of the face which would naturally catch the light. You also don't need a lot of this product as a little goes a long way making it very economical and affordable. The only improvement I would make to this product is making sure it has the same consistency all the way through the product as sometimes the illuminator can be more runny than other times.
I love the Nude By Nature Soft Focus Illuminator so much. It is the best illuminator I've bought. It gives off that natural glowy look, makes skin appear dewy, long-lasting. I would 3000% recommend this product if you want a subtle highlighter, it is definitely worth purchasing. It's a great product for those trying to achieve the no-makeup makeup look.
This is an awesome product for those who aren't big on the shiny highlighter trend but who still like to have a natural subtle glow. Product is a cream consistency with barely noticeable fragrance and has a golden shimmer.  I like to use this a few different ways. I use beneath my foundation for a subtle 'lit from within' glow, I use it alone when I cannot be bothered wearing makeup, I just dab a little under my eyes and on the high parts of my cheeks to appear more awake, I mix it with my foundation to create a more sheer coverage which looks fresh and dewy, or I use my beauty blender to dab this product on top of my foundation on the high parts of my cheekbones. The latter is my favourite way to use it. Very versatile product and one tube will last forever. Only the tiniest amount is needed as a little bit goes a long way. Definitely worth the 5 stars!
It is very soft and does not make your skin with that sticky sensation! I have used some illuminattors from other brands before and no one was as good as this one!  it gives to your skin a very natural effect and you can use for your day to day or for a big night out!  Super recomend this product!!! 
I have honestly never looked so naturaly glowy and illuminated in my ENTIRE life omg, I swear by this product and I swear you will love it too, I recommended this to all my friends and family and they all love it and use it all the time and when I say I swear by it I mean I’ve used like 3 tubes of this!!
I use quite a few Nude By Nature products as I find them to be really gentle, and they work well with my skin. When I saw that Nude by Nature has an illuminator it was a product I had try to because I love how illuminator make my skin glow and brightens up my look.     This illuminator comes in a plastic squeeze tube. It is a liquid illuminator. The product itself is apricot in colour, and doesn’t have too much shimmer, just the right amount to provide a healthy all over glow to my skin. It is super creamy and applies to the skin and blends in really easily. Not only is it a hydrating, it’s also not greasy.   I have pale to sometimes medium skin (usually in the warmer months) and I love how my skin looks much warmer and brighter when I use this illuminator.   I love to mix this illuminator in with my foundation for an all over glow to the skin.   Another tip I have with using this illuminator is that a tiny of this illuminator works well as an eyeshadow base.   Pros: - very subtle looking for a natural brightness and glow. - soft and gentle on the skin. - affordable - Australian owned. - great for pale to medium skin tones.   Cons: - none that I can think of noting that this is a subtle highlighter.   Overall this is a great illuminator to use if you are looking for an illuminator that is subtle and will add an all over glow to your skin.
Prior to using this, I wasn't huge on using illuminators, but this gorgeous highlighter changed a lot for me! These days, I tend to go nuts with it a little bit, and this is definitely an enabler! Placed just beneath my blush to make it pop a little bit more and add a bit of a subtle flush, I find it also helps keep my blush in place. This has lasted me just about forever, which is very economical, because you really don't need a lot for it to work. I also mix it in with my foundation to give me that just right glow - it's sublime!
Oh my gosh! I bought this illuminator today after an entire week of serious deliberation and I am so so impressed and extremely happy with my purchase. I'm one of those gals who thrive on natural and glowy products, my entire makeup routine consists of those, in fact, they're practically requirements so when I laid eyes on the product it was an instant must-have, with its generous serving of 50mL and expensive and slick appearing packaging it's a definite asset for your makeup bag.Since purchasing the illuminator I have used it on my cheekbones, brow bones, temples, nose and cupids bow. It delivers a subtle look that highlight enthusiasts might find to be a tad too subtle and honestly that's what I initially thought but it's not, I find it quite perfect for more professional activities such as work or school. Pros: * Easily blended * Reasonable price * Tons of product * Natural, dewy and glowy Cons: * For some it may be not enough illuminating Would 1000/10 recommend 
This is truly a great buy. It does exactly what it promises. A subtle glow in seconds and makes your skin feel  and look dewy. A must have for a perfect look  Can apply to areas you want to shine and be highlighted. You wont be disappointed or blow the budget
I adore nude by nature products, such a great brand and this soft focus illuminated delivers divine results to my skin. I use this as a gorgeous base that highlights and illuminated my skin, it gives it a healthy youthful glow that looks like my skin is lit from within. I don't need to use a lot for Dewey skin, so it's great value for money, it glides on super easy and sinks in beautifully while feeling light and non greasy to wear. I love that it's silicon and paraban free, a really natural product which appeals to me. The classy tube it comes in is nice and I love the silky texture of it, I love it for highlighting my cheekbones and  love the little bit is special shimmer it delivers, I really cannot see a negative with this product and would highly recommend it.
This is a fantastic product! Comes in a generous sized plastic squeeze  bottle with  a screw top lid and is a silky,creamy texture that is quite natural  scented. I apply this wherever i want a little highlighting (usually  the cheek bones and below my eyebrows) and it is the perfect  texture for easy application .  A tiny bit is all that  is needed and this product lasts forever because  of it. This can also be blended into your usual foundation  for an overall dewy look.  It is lightweight ,  quite subtle,very affordable  and makes skin glow and feel amazing! I absolutely love this product and would recommend  it to anyone wanting a little highlighting , dewy look or just a bit of subtle shimmer.
I purchased this as I liked the idea of being able to use it over my foundation as a spot highlighter, or under my foundation for that 'lit from within' glow everyone is trying to achieve. As a spot highlighter it's fantastic, gives a beautiful golden healthy shimmer, when blended on the high points of the face, using your fingers. When i attempted to use it under my liquid foundation however, seeking that all-over glow, it made my foundation ball up, leaving everything peeling off and looking so terrible I had to remove it all and start again. Not ideal. I have not tried it with a powder/mineral foundation, it's possible that the result would be better. I will continue to use this as a spot Illuminator, and as a little bit goes a very long way, I can also use it as a body Illuminator when I need to brighten up my skin.