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Nude by Nature The Contour Palette

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Nude by Nature The Contour Palette is a contouring makeup palette that contains three matte powders that work to contour, bronze and highlight the complexion. The lightweight formula can be used to create a blended and flawless finish.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature The Contour Palette


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This palette is so pretty! It was on sale and I am so happy I tried it. The colours are perfect with the right amount shimmer and you can be subtle or right out there depending on how much you use. Again I've been using a few nude by nature products and they all go so well together. My skin looks and feels so nice when I'm using them and less breakouts as well. Long lasting products that I will buy again.
This is a great contour palette. I love that the shades are a matte finish with no shimmer. All three shades look really natural, but can be built up to a more bold look. They are cool toned, and they don't give me an orange hue which is usually difficult to find.  The packaging is sleek and travel friendly. I'd definitely recommend this palette to those who are looking for an affordable, good quality contour palette. 
Love, Love, Love this contour palette. I have olive skin and I find the gorgeous matt formula and contour colours work perfect for me. This palette is simple to use and blend, I use my nude by nature brushes to highlight, contour, define and add a bronzing glow. When using this I get a professional finish that looks completely natural, just a better version of my face. I love the bronzing colour to highlight my cheekbones but all the colours are so pretty and so easy to blend together. There is no garish shimmer with this palette, it looks completely natural when all colours are mixed together depending on what I want highlighted. I adore the rose gold case and the large mirror inside makes it perfect to carry with me in my makeup bag for touchups. I find this palette has a dual purpose as I have used it with great success as an eyeshadow palette as well, the colours are lovely and blend well on eyes. I love that its all natural and great value for money. I cant find a negative with this contour palette, its just perfect. I would purchase it again and highly recommend it. Pros easy to blend never goes oily or cakey gorgeous natural colours feels light to wear wont irritate sensitive skin awesome value for money can also be used as an eyeshadow palette cons none
I love this!!!  I have completely enjoyed using this palette and I find it can give me outstanding results and it is easy to apply and use.  I love using my Nude By Nature brushes with this palette.  It is a pretty rose gold case which opens with smoothness, feeling classy to hold and it looks classy on my dresser.  The colours are just wonderful to use on my strong medium colouring but I think anyone of any colouring could use these by just applying them heavier or more lightly depending on the skin shade.   I love using the middle one as a matte bronzer which looks incredibly natural on my face and I love it's matte and natural finish.  There is no sparkles or glitz in these formulas.  The middle one I use across the top of my forehead and straight across my cheeks and nose.  The darker shade I like to use with a different Nude By Nature brush - one with a bit more precision and tighter bristles to create a contoured and chiselled cheekbone look.  I place it just under my natural cheekbones on the side of my face being careful not to bring it to far forward.  (Bringing it too far forwards can make my face appear saggier than it already looks and it's not the look I am after so I keep it within a couple of inches from my ears and then stop.) The lightest colour is beautiful as a soft and natural looking highlighter and also just in the middle of my arch of my brows so as to give my brows an even more lifted look. I have played with this as eyeshadows too and it is downright superb for that!!  I love matte eyeshadows so when I use this as both an eyeliner (using a fine, small Nude By Nature brush) I get a gorgeously natural look to my eyes - making the stand out and it really gets my warmth in my eyes going, especially when I use this kit as eyeshadow too (which is so easy with the Nude By Nature Eyeshadow Brush).  These colours really bring out the warmth in my green eyes but I think they would suit lots of different coloured eyes too. There is a few Nude By Nature products that I love but this one is the latest and it's maybe the best actually!  It's so versatile, the colours are stunning and natural on my face and the quality is excellent making it easy to apply. My tip would be to apply the colours in this palette and then spritz your face with a good make-up setting spray so that the masterpiece you create stays for as long as possible.  I can extremely highly recommend this palette to everyone who loves to contour, loves neutrals or just loves a good matte eyeshadow colour!  You won't be disappointed with this palette, it's absolutely brilliant! P.S.  There is a big mirror on the inside lid making it perfect for taking with you on journeys/travels.
I've always used cream contour sticks because I thought they would be easier to blend, but when I saw the Nude By Nature Contour Palette I decided to try it since I really like the brand.  The powders work perfectly with my skin tone, which is olive, there's a fair tone and two darker shades; one a warm brown and the other a cooler brown. I tend to mix the darker colours and then blend them out, it works perfectly. Really easy to apply and long-lasting, it would have been even better if it had come with it's own blending brush.  Also worth noting is that it comes in a compact little case, easy to carry around if you like to do your makeup on the fly or add a few touch-ups throughout the day. I would recommend this product for anyone with basic contouring skills, and especially for those looking for powder contour options! 
I have fair skin so I found this palette worked really well for me. In addition to that, I just adore matte face powders so this contour palette was my heaven.  The shades are super bendable, and for a relatively inexpensive palette it's well worth the money. However I did rate 4 stars only because for darker skin tones you would need to work a bit harder to get the payoff for these shades, although it could still work for you. 
This is an average contour palette. It contains three matte shades (brightening, contouring and bronzing). It's nice for giving back subtle and natural dimension after foundation. +ves:          -bronzing shade is highly pigmented and applies                   evenly. Great for bronzing up the skin.         -great 3-in-1 kit for easy use and on the go.         -brightening shade is highly pigmented and yellow                 based so it's great for brightening under the eyes.          -good quality mirror          -no scent -ves:          -contour shade is poorly pigmented so not ideal for               medium or darker skin shades (might work for lighter          skin?).         -powders are quite dry I just wish the contour shade was more pigmented and the bronzing shade a little less pigmented. Overall, I think it would be better for lighter skin tones.
I adore nude by nature as a brand and this contour palettereminds me why every single time! Every time I use nude by nature I’m alwayswondering why it isn’t considered a high end brand because the quality of theproducts and packaging is always amazing! The contour palette has the mostluxurious and sleek packaging, it amazing! There is no undesirable smellradiating off of the product and the contour is easily blended so it’s perfectif you’re not overly confident in you’re blending skills, or even just contourskills in general. When you apply it you’re left with a new bronzed andgorgeous you! It leaves your skin looking radiant and your cheekbones definedand goddess-like. Nude by nature has never failed me and they were not about tostart now! Pros include... ·     Easily blended ·     Decent pricing ·     Beautiful and sleek packaging ·     Perfect for when you want a natural look Cons include… ·     If your skin is a little tanner or darker youmay want to choose a different options as you may have to work a bit harder toget the pigment you want.  I’d 100% recommendthis to all my friends since I’m sure they’d love it just as much as I do!
This is a really great product- there are three shades, all of which blend really easily into my skin. The contour shade is perfect for contouring my cheeks, however I have to apply quite a lot of it for it to show up on my skin (I have medium-dark skin with neutral undertones). I really wish it was more pigmented, especially as it is quite pricey, so it's not ideal to  a be using alot each time.  The bronzer shade is the opposite- it is very pigmented and you only need a very small amount. It is quite orange toned though, which I personally don't mind, but if you don't like orange bronzers be weary.  The highlight shade is yellow toned and also, like the contour shade, is not allowed that pigmented. I like using this under my eyes and on the sides of my nose. All shades are matte and very easy to blend. I would recommend this, I just wish the contour shade was more pigmented. Perhaps those with lighter skin tones would suit this better. And the best thing about it is, all of the ingredients are naturally derived!
I love this product. But first of all, I have to remind you, this product is better suited for those with fair skin colours, not for women with yellow-tones (asian). I’ve got to say, honestly, you don’t need a lot of colouring for contouring. Basically, you just need 2: one lighter than your skin colour, and one darker. This palette only have 3 colours, that is more than enough. I found the colour are pretty. It is also bendable (which is the most important thing about countouring.) You have to be able to blend the colours altogether, otherwise your face would looks if it is painted. It is also sheer, so it’s perfect for everyday wear, but probably not for “photoshoot” session or else as you need a bolder colour for that kind of lighting.  However, as I have yellow-tones, the colour looks a bit dull in my face, which is a shame. But, as I fell in love with the product already, I use the dark coloured as eyeshadows and “eyebrow” filler, and use the lighter colour as a highlighter. It works perfectly fine for that :) Packaging is also nice, small and compact. Suitable for travels and easy to carry in my purse. Bottom conclusion, if you have a light-toned skin colour and wants to achieve a natural everyday look, this is the product you’re looking for. Otherwise, I suggest you to look for other products (see Anastasia Beverly Hills- a bit pricy but will fits all skin-tone types).
This is one of the most recent contour palettes to hit the market, and it was well worth the wait! Unlike a lot of other contour palettes, it only contains products and colours that you actually need & use on a daily basis. The palette contains three matte colours; a cool-toned contour, a bronzer and a highlight. Each pan contains a generous 4 grams of product. The colours are pigmented, buttery soft and blend easily, so they can also be used as eye shadows. This, combined with the sleek rose gold packaging & substantial mirror, means that this palette is perfect for travelling or to have in your handbag. As someone who has recently started to move towards natural & vegan makeup, I am very excited that something of this quality (and that is Australian owned!) is now widely available. While I’ve only had this palette for a few weeks, it has quickly become a staple in my routine. I would highly recommend this contour palette--well done Nude by Nature!
I love this palette! It is one of my favourite palettes because the colours are wearable for night and day time. It helps me finish off my look and its so versatile. I love how the trio of colours complement each other and I can use them to enhance my look rather than try to be hide my features. This is an easy blendable palette which provides long lasting contouring and definition. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a budget friendly makeup contouring palette which is inexpensive, but is long lasting and looks great.
My favourite contour pallete! Everything nude is just so much better. I love how it just gives my a light enhancement. My mum always said that make-up should be used to enhance your features, not change it, and I feel like this contour pallete does this and I love it!