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Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Stick

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Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Stick is a cream to powder highlighting stick that enhances the complexion. The three iridescent shades glide on for a super blendable application.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Stick


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I have this highlighter in Champagne. My skin is light-medium. Took one star off as the shade range is very limited (I prefer ones on a  pink pearlescent side to neutralize yellowness of my skin) . Glorious packaging, so pretty in gold. Had it for over a year now and still not gone bad. It does not contain nasties. Shows on the skin quite a bit, but not blinding. More like extra glowy skin with a bit of pearly something. Smooths on the skin easily and I apply it directly from the stick. Now, I have no issues with applying this highlighter over my foundation. it does not mess up the base. I use light serum (non oil based), then light smear of foundation (Guerlain l'esssentiel for the last few months since it came out....sheering it out as much as possible). When it naturally sinks into the skin and sets (I use no powders ever) I smear this highlight and dabbingly spread where needed. Lasts all day.
Another great product from NBN, this highlighting stick has a very creamy formula that just glides onto my skin and blends out beautifully without messing up my foundation or looking patchy. Most importantly it does not exaggerate my pores around the high points of my cheek bones. This highlight gives a natural shine which is perfect for my everyday use. And gosh, one stick lasted me for months so definitely very affordable product.
THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT. THE HIGHLIGHT IS GORGEOUS. i COULD'NT RAVE IT ENOUGH. In a stick form it's so easy to apply. And can topup on the go too. I just glide it on my skin then blend it out with my finger. Love all Nude by Nature products and the packaging literally classy and easy to take everywhere
A beautiful highlighting stick that comes in three different colours to suit your skin tone.  I love that it comes in a stick form so I can apply it exactly where I want to and then blend it out with my fingers or a makeup sponge.  It is cream to powder so when you put it on it glides on really nicely and smoothly and then it turns into a soft, powdery finish which stays put and gives your skin a luminous glow.  I apply it on my cheekbones, cupids bow and on the bridge of my nose and then gently blend it in.  It's not streaky and it has very subtle glitter that reflects in the light.  You can build it up if you're after serious glow or just a small amount for a more natural look.  It uses natural ingredients, the price is affordable and it's cruelty free.
This is the best stick highlighter for dry skin! So many of them don't blend and stay in patches on top of the skin but this one blends seamlessly. Solid longlasting pigment so you don't need to reapply to continue the glow. A great day and at work highlighter. Also very affordable and natural which is an added bonus.
I absolutely love the nude by nature glow highlight stick. I use this on cheekbones to highlight, it gives my cheeks a gorgeous natural, healthy looking glow. It comes in three colours so it’s easy to find a match, I particularly love the bronze. The formula is super creamy and hydrating so it’s easy to use, I just dab some on and simply blend with fingers. The effects last all day and the product never goes dry or oily. It gives a lovely shimmer and makes my skin look radiant and dewey. I love the luxe gold packaging, it’s such a treat, and it comes at a great price as I never need to use a lot so it lasts for ages. This stick is all natural and contains no nasty chemicals so it’s great for those with sensitive skin. I see no negatives at all with this stick. Love it and highly recommend it.
This is a beautiful highlighter with luxe packaging, lovely glow and great formula with natural ingredients! Firstly I love the stunning rose gold metallic packaging of this highlighting stick, it looks so pretty. I have this touch of glow highlighting stick in the shade Rose and it complements my skin tone perfectly. This product is easy to use as the cream formulation helps to blend quickly just with your finger tips and gives a beautiful natural glow. I apply it to the features I wish to highlight and it looks very flattering on high cheekbones and along the brow bone. Sometimes I also like to use it on my eye-lids just to give it a hint of colour. This highlighter is not too intense which makes it perfect for an everyday subtle look. However, if you are looking for an intense blinding glow then this might not be for you.   I highly recommend this highlighting stick for everyday use and would be a great addition in your makeup bag. 
I mostly like this product and use it every day.  I love the hint of shimmer - very subtle.  I have the "champagne" shade and it is perfect for my medium skin tone.  The fact that it is natural is also a huge plus.  However, I don't like that it pulls on the skin and so am not sure I would buy it again.
Love love love love love this product!  It’s by far my favorite and go to glow stick, next to Pat McGrath and Ciaté.  I prefer a balm highlight or glow stick as opposed to powder. It’s melts on the skin and there is less chance of it settling into lines. or show up texture on the skin.  My favorite shade is ‘Champagne’  It’s the perfect blend of gold for my skin tone, in fact my friends who range from fair and deep in the skin tone spectrum love this shade too.  The stick itself is easy to use. It’s sleek and compact and very travel friendly.  Swiping it generously on all your high/glow points, underneath foundation gives the skin such a natural glow.  A huge plus are the skin friendly ingredients.  Thank you Nude by nature. This product is perfection. 
Love Love Love this product! I use this after I put my liquid foundation on and it gives the most beautiful glow! This gives such a natural glow and I love the colour! I love that it is not glittery. The packaging makes it so easy to use and I can just apply this straight to my face and use my fingers to soften the edge. As I have oily skin I powder over the top and the glow still comes through.
It gives a very subtle shine which isn't a bad thing, but definitely not the product if you like a blinding highlight, that's for sure. I did not think that it blended very well and it's not so easy to get on to the skin - you have to go over your high points a lot, and it tends to pull on the skin. It's a shame because I love the brand, but just not loving this product, unfortunately...
I was so excited when I saw this in store I wanted all three colour options the store had... however for some reason this product just does not work for me. Sadly, I really don't like this product and personally would not recommend. I have oily/combination, olive/pale skin, and this never showed up on my face when I had liquid foundation on. The swatches on my hand and finger were incredible and so pigmented but I just could not get any product onto my face - beauty blender, brush, dabbing straight onto my face, finger dabbing... nothing. For that reason, I got a full refund at the place I bought it from. Maybe Im doing it wrong, or got a dodgy one? Not sure. Such a shame it didnt work out for me because i love nude by nature products x
If you are looking for a highlighter that is subtle and give your skin a fresh healthy glow...then this is for you!  Ever so subtle, I love the champagne shade and use this everyday for a natural look either with foundation or on it's own. Pros: Affordable, easy to apply, long lasting, fragrance free, natural ingredients. Cons:  None. 
Nude by Nature has really expanded and stepped up on their makeup game and this highlighting stick is just one of the amazing products in their fabulous range.  I had previously been using a highlighting powder but it was more on the sheer side.  Suitable for the everyday sort of look but I was wanting something to really make my highlight stand out and give that beautiful strobing effect.  It came in three different colours but I chose Champagne which was the lightest.  It was a creamy pink colour and applying it was so easy.  It came in a stick form and you just swiped it on the cheekbones.  You could leave it at that or, like myself, blend it in with your fingers (or a beauty blender) so it would blend seamlessly with the rest of your makeup.  It didn't tug at my skin and the formula felt lightweight.  It didn't feel sticky and it gave that beautiful glow on the places that the light would naturally reflect.  It was a happy medium between giving my face that shimmery glow without looking like a disco ball! It's one of my biggest tricks to looking more fresh and awake when I'm only running on several hours of sleep!  It's not just for your cheekbones either.  I have used it as a cream eyeshadow and it looked better than what I had expected! I have used it on the corner of my eyes to make them appear more awake, on my cupids bow which gives the illusion of bigger, fuller lips as well as on the bridge of my nose and underneath my brows to really accentuate them.  The packaging is beautiful and the size makes it easy to travel with. Best of all, Nude by Nature always has lots of promotions and sales so you can pick it up at a super affordable price! Also great that it's Australian made and cruelty free! It's fast becoming one of my favourite brands.   Tip: If you want that highlighting glow but in a more subtle version, add the highlighting stick to the forehead, cheekbones and bridge of the nose then layer your foundation on top! You'll still get the same, strobing effect but in a more natural looking way.  
Excellent!!! Great packaging, goes on well. Can be used on face, eyes & lips. Terrific to travel with. I have both colours. Highly recommended. 10/10
I absolutely love this product! The packaging alone is just stunning. I use this product by putting it on my finger then dabbing it onto my face to make it a little more of a natural glow. You can put it directly onto your face but in doing so it gives your face more of a wet look. I absolutely love that it stays on all day as well. I use this product every single day. Pros- awesome colours         - stays on all day        - beautiful packaging        - feels nice and light on the skin         - good for your skin        - Australian made Cons- applying directly gives your face more of a wet look 
OMG ! This is my go to favorite contouring stick ! I find that this is designed for easy application and the texture is so smooth and blendable ! I suggest that you use a beauty sponge or beauty blender to blend the product out. Fingers can be used to blend product out too but it comes down to preferable decisions. I have this product in the colour bronze just because i love that sun-kissed look ! This product does give me that attractive highlighting look that i want so thumbs up ! It is Australian Owned so that's a bonus, along with that it is natural and mineral so it won't be harsh on the skin. Because mineral products are much safer and gentle on skin <3
I've not had much experience using highlighting products but I wanted to branch out in my makeup experience, so when I saw this on sale at big w, I snapped it right up. I had to read a few articles on this website and a YouTube tutorial video to get a bit of an idea and tips, but one of the things I love about this product is that it's so easy to use, basically fool proof. I applied a light layer of foundation and concealer to even out my skin and cover up any redness and uneven patches that might ruin the look, then applied a few dabs to my cheekbones, top of the forehead and bridge of the nose and my Cupid's bow and blended in and that was it. The results just amazed me, I looked like I'd had eight hours sleep and a juice cleanse and a professional facial all at once. I thought it would be difficult but it so wasn't. It didn't feel like another step in my routine, it was just effortless. It's only the second nude by nature product I've tried but I'm hooked. If you want to look bright, glowy, radiant and like a model in a photoshoot in just a few minutes then this is the product for you. Cheap, especially on sale, effective and pretty packaging, I cannot recommend it highly enough, I will continue to buy nude by nature products, it really is the whole nude package. Run, not walk, to the shops and get yourself one of these gorgeous highlighters.
Such a beautiful product! Looks so nice and natural on with a great consistency! Not to mention the packaging looks amazing! 5/5
I cannot recommend this product enough! I was so excited when I hear Nude by Nature were releasing a highlight/contour kit and it is so easy to use. It gives an amazing glow and the packaging is gorgeous as well! Massive fan of the highlighter