Nuxe Anti-Wrinkle Serum Merveillance® Expert

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Nuxe Anti-Wrinkle Serum Merveillance® Expert is an anti-ageing facial serum that combats deep wrinkles and loss of tone. With continued use, skin is lifted and smoothed, allowing the complexion to appear younger and more radiant.


Nuxe Anti-Wrinkle Serum Merveillance® Expert


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This serum comes in a 30ml cylinder pump bottle and is a whitish shade and slightly liquid in texture.   One tiny pump is enough to cover the entire face and neck and it pretty much dissolves instantly into skin, leaving no oily residue or waiting on absorption.  There is a mild scent which is barely noticeable.  Skin is left feeling incredibly soft and looking healthier with a bit of a glow. Overall skin texture looks more even and refreshed. Absolutely great base for applying makeup. Smooths and moisturised.I the skin so well!  I can't say if it improves wrinkles or not as I have only been using for a few weeks and don't actually have a lot of wrinkles to begin with!  No difference in the few little lines I do have however, maybe need to give the serum a bit more time to be fair and also it is made for people over 40 so I am actually a decade and a bit younger than the buyers this product is specifically designed for.  I am quite happy with this product. Definitely makes skin look younger and more refreshed and my skin had no negative reactions to the Serum.