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NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss is a buttery soft and silky smooth lip gloss that tastes as sweet as a sugar cookies. Swipe it on alone or over a favourite lipstick for creamy sheer to medium coverage that melts onto lips. Available in shades: Peaches & Cream, Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, Vanilla Cream Pie, Madeleine, Angel Food Cake, Praline, Ginger Snap, Red Velvet, Devil's Food Cake.


NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss


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Pros - smells like a cupcake - large range of colours that will suit all skin tones - the perfect amount of shine across my lips - the consistency feels comfortable on the lips - the colour is even  - the applicator works well and picks up a lot of product - given enough product in accordance with the price Cons - does not last very long at all - can at times be a bit watery - harder to reach the product as it runs out
These butter lip gloss products from NYX are a decadent delight!  I was looking for a relatively neutral, nude colour so I picked up the colour “praline” and oh my goodness - it smells absolutely divine!  It is exactly what the name suggests - a creamy, buttery gloss.  It’s lovely. PROS: lovely, creamy texture Applies easily with the doe-foot applicator Smells delicious Effective by itself or over other lipsticks Great price point CONS: It is not very long wearing and needs to be reapplied often. Overall it’s a great addition to your lipstick and gloss collection for more casual wear.
The NYX butter gloss is exactly how it sounds, a smooth, creamy gloss that glides on like butter and leaves your lips feeling so moisturised you're forget that you're wearing lip gloss! I had purchased several of these butter glosses in both the regular kind and in the intense version.  The intense ones are much more pigmented than the original ones but they are both fabulous and perfect for any occasion.  While the packaging may seem like the colours are very bright, when you put it on it's actually not as over the top as I had expected which was a good surprise.  I didn't want anything too attention grabbing because I wanted my lip gloss to give my "lips but better" type of look.  Something nice yet understated so I could wear it for everyday occasions.  The colours did have a nice pigmented to them but when I didn't want too much colour I would just lightly dab the gloss onto my lips and then top it off with some lip balm for a tinted lip colour.  The product is so easy to use as the doe foot applicator is soft and reaches all parts of your lips while spreading the gloss evenly.  When you first open it and put it on you realise how sweet it smells! It has a warm, vanilla scent that I really like! It makes the product more enjoyable to use! The gloss isn't sticky so you never have to worry about having that uncomfortable feeling on your lips.  You can still smack your lips without your lips sticking together or having extra gloss hanging off of your lips.  It's an even consistency and it doesn't come across streaky either.  The best part about the NYX butter gloss is that it's super hydrating.  I mean it's probably one of the most hydrating lip glosses I have ever tried.  I felt like I didn't have to choose between wearing lip colours or wearing lip balm because it had the benefits of both.  There is a huge range of colours so you're bound to find something that you like and for any occasion.  I purchased it in the colours strawberry parfait and apple strudel.  In the intense version I purchased the black cherry tart and sorbet.  Some of the shades I like to wear during the day while the darker ones I like to wear in the evenings.  The staying power of these glosses exceeded my expectations.  They lasted for several hours before I had to reapply which was quite good as most glosses don't tend to last that long.  It has a nice, shiny finish and it always makes my lips look plump!  The price is affordable as well and overall it's a great purchase!  Pros: -Keeps your lips hydrated -Pigmented colour with a nice shiny finish  -Affordable price -Great range of colours -Doesn't leave your lips feeling sticky -Sweet, vanilla scent -Lasts for several hours Tip: You can dab a little bit of the gloss on your lips for a tinted effect or use it on top of other lip colours for a glossy finish
This gloss is amazing! I have been using it now for about a year now and it never lets me down. It is perfect for all occasions whether it's going to visit a friend or going to parties. It feels so much like butter and glides very smoothly and evenly on the lips, creating an even finish. It is very creamy so there is no need for lip balm and I never have dry lips after using it. The colour range is so pretty and I love the affordability of these lip glosses. The size is also very handy, especially if I'm on the go, it is so easy to pull out of my handbag for retouches. I find that the butter glosses last me around 2 - 3 hours but still look pretty good for 4 hours just not as intense. I would definitely recommend NYX for amazing lip products and this Butter Gloss doesn't let them down.
Infamous lightweight, non-sticky glosses that smell like vanilla cake batter - no wonder it's so universally loved! The shade Angel Food Cake is the most perfect rosy-nude ever, that would suit all skin tones. It lasts 2-3 hours on me which is standard for a non-sticky lip gloss. They're super affordable when on sale so I have a few. They're so so good and I've recommended it to a few friends too! The shades apply evenly/smoothly and aren't patchy in the slightest or bunch up weirdly on your lips which is a huge bonus. Love YX Butter Glosses!
If there's one makeup brand who knows their lip products, its NYX. I received a collection of NYX lip products and the butter gloss has been BY FAR my favourite. I have sensitive lips and normally find most lip products leave my lips chapped and peeling during the course of the day- very unattractive. The NYX butter gloss is the answer to my lip colour prayers. My favourite is definitely creme brulee- a soft pinky-peachy colour reminiscent of spring. Pros: *Never dries out my lips! *Colours are the same as they appear on the outside tubing- no false advertising here *The vibrant colours such as 'sugar cookie' really does come out pigmented and bright *they are super affordable, meaning you can switch up between a few *Creamy, easy-to-apply consistency *Bright attractive packaging easy to find in your handbag *Small enough to fit in a clutch for a night out! *It is buttery-not sticky Cons *I have nothing negative to say about these glosses Overall I'm really impressed with my NYX butter glosses. It is my never-fail day after day gloss which gives me a highly pigmented, and smooth consistency. Once you try these you will know what I mean, it doesn't leave your lips with that awful sticky mess other glosses do, but with a buttery, luscious finish. I work in customer service and constantly have ladies asking me what gloss I use. I urge them and anyone who wants to try to give these glosses a go.
I’ve tried a few of these and I think they are a great way to wear seasonal colours without breaking the bank. The colour selection is really appealing and the products are great for their cost. I find that they don’t have much staying power which isn’t unusual for a gloss and the product is a little thick but not too sticky.  I like using the darker colours as a shine coat on top of a deeper matte colour in the winter months and because nyx have so many colours to choose from it’s easy to find one that will compliments what you already have.
These are always my go to when I'm after a glossy lip or more natural look! They have great colour payoff, long lasting and super hydrating. The scent is a little strong initially but fades away fairly quickly. For the price point and end result I can't go past them!
I love these lipglosses and have been using them forever and would recommend them to almost everyone, here's why... Formula: This formula is perfect for a lipgloss as I find they are not sticky and have the perfect amount of pigment. I typically wear them o their own as they add quite a nice wash of colour (quite natural looking) and a slight sheen. I find that if you find a shade close to your natural lip colour it delivers that lovely 'your lips but more even and glossier' looking finish. Effect on lips: These lipglosses feel very comfortable on the lips and the formula is quite moisturising so I find that these- unlike many other cheaper lipglosses- don't dry my lips out. Colour range: I think the colour range is beautiful- their will be a shade for everyone, and there are some particularly nice nude shades. My personal favourite is Tiramisu which is a lovely creamy brown-pink shade.   Scent: The scent is nice- but very sweet so be warned. It smells quite warm and vanillary but even if you are sensitive to scent I would not worry too much as the scent is not overpowering and also wears off quickly after you've applied the product to your lips. Longevity: Unfortunately, if you are looing for a really long-lasting lipgloss this probably isn't the one for you. I find that it lasts around 2-3 hours on my lips max. However, the gloss fades naturally so even when its faded it just leaves a slight wash of pigment and I don't get any strange patchiness as it wears throughout the day. It's also very easy to reapply and I never have any issues with it clumping, and is especially easy to reapply on the go due to the low-medium level of pigment in the gloss. Packaging: I find the packaging very functional and have never had any issues with the product spilling. I also like the doe foot applicator as it is the perfect shape to cover your lips in a single swipe and it feels soft on the lips. Affordability: At such a good price point it is really honestly the best for its price. I would recommend going instore and swatching a few of the shades to find out which one would suit you though as it can be hard to tell from online!
After hearing great reviews about this butter gloss, I got two of them one if peach and the other in pink. The packaging is very attractive and compact to take along in your purse. All the colors are so attractive that you want to have them all. You can adjust how much color you want on your lips as it comes with the gloss stick. I like to apply very lightly for a natural look and if I am going out, I can apply two three coats on my lips and it gives a very pigmented look. I must say it is more like a glossy lipstick as it lasts long too. It does feel buttery and the smell is pleasant too, does not feel too sticky like other glosses, just the right amount to give you that perfect shine on your pout. I cannot wait to buy all the other colors too. Although I have other high end lipsticks in my purse, I always end up reaching to this one. I have to recommend this product, It is a great product at this price.
NYX really know how to pack a punch with their lip range. This lip gloss is perfect for the work-day, it has a smooth, albeit slightly sticky texture. Although it is a gloss the colour is quite long lasting. On application I find you have to use your fingers/lip brush to blend the lip colour in but once that's done you have soft, shiny, and pretty coloured lips. I'd recommend this as an affordable lip gloss if you are after a colour without the sometimes drying effect of lipsticks
A super affordable lip gloss that gives a lovely light sheer coverage of gloss with subtle colour.  NYX is such great value and I absolutely adore this fab butter gloss, it comes in gorgeous shades, I can't go past a great nude so my favourite is tiramisu which is so flattering. I love that this product is not sticky or tacky as I hate that feeling and I love that at under $10.00 if you are on a budget you can still afford to treat yourself as this gloss is great value for money. It comes in 23 gorgeous shades which is awesome as there is plenty of variety to choose from, such a luxury. I adore this product, so cheap, so fun and I would recommend it. Pros Great colour range Is not at all sticky Great value for money Easy to use Gives a gorgeous shimmery gloss Cons The colour could last a little longer, I found it wore off a little quick, but that does tend to happen with a lot of glosses.
The NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss range is fantastic for budget-conscious shoppers who are after an easy-to-use lip gloss. The product is not sticky at all, and it has a nice subtle shine that complements most makeup styles.  The lip gloss has a subtle vanilla scent, and it is long lasting so you can wear it all day without worrying about having to fix your gloss all the time! I keep this product in my handbag at all times as a go-to for quick shine and luxurious moisture when I need it!
This lip gloss is so good, it's lightweight, not too sticky and lasts for a long time ! It's become a staple in my makeup bag and it's affordable ! My favourite shade is 'Tiramisu' which is a gorgeous nude shade that goes perfectly over any nude lippy. I can't wait to try out more shades in the range.
I love this product. After trying many different brands of lip glosses, I now use this one everyday. My favourite colour is merengue which is a gorgeous pink colour. You can control the depth of the pink and thickness of the gloss by the amount you use. It's a great price too.
I love this lip gloss! It is perfect for work. Super easy to put on and last quite awhile. The Angel cake colour is my go to colour a nude tint that suits my fairer complexion. I also have other colours that look great, great depth to the colour. Definitely the way I go for daily wear.
OMG I AM IN LOVE. I purchased one after a recommendation and have now been back to get (at least) another four colours. They smell amazing and feel amazing - don't dry out your lips and a huge positive they are only $10. I tell everyone that will listen about them and they are now my most worn gloss (and I have many other more expensive brand glosses). The colour doesn't stay for ages but I know they do have a different matte range that stays on longer!
I have heard so much rave about the product before using it. I got the shade Creme Brulee, which is a light nude-y pink. Because my lips are too pigmented, the color did not suit my skin tone and made my look sick when I wear it. The formula also felt thick and sticky on the lips, so it would make the product look streaky and patchy on my lips. I love the packaging of the product because it is so easy to see what color your are reaching for, especially if you own a few of them and it also looks really adorable. It is a really affordable product and does feel rather moisturising on the lips. It does not cause my lips to dry up so that was really good. If I could pick again, I would choose a different color that is more vibrant and darker. I do wish that the formula is slightly lighter on the lips.
If you're looking for a nude/neutral lipgloss at a drugstore price, this is the pick for you. The pigmentation is light to medium (the Intense Butter Gloss is high coverage so check that out if that's what you need) and it has the staying power of any other gloss. However, it is perfect for glamming up a nude lip, or for applying to lips on it's own to give just a touch of colour on a no-makeup day. I haven't noticed the faux vanilla scent that some other reviewers have commented on so it could be some shades are more strongly scented than the one I have. Definitely go into the store and swatch some, see if there's a colour you love.
NYX you did it again! NYX products are so affordable but yet are so amazing ! I used to hate glosses so much, their stickiness, their texture, their scent, everything. But then after my friends kept go on and on about the NYX glosses, I decided it was worth giving it a try. I purchased Creme Brulee (which is a gorgeous, everyday nude) and ever since then, I cant stop buying this babies! (I currently own 8 shades). They are nothing like your ordinary glosses, they are not sticky or uncomfortable to wear and they don't stink! I LOVE the scent this gloss has, it actually smell like a Vanilla Creme Brulee, sometimes I just take the gloss to sniff it, It smells that good. It looks amazing on the lips, glossy but not too shiny, the colour payoff is great, not super pigmented but yet it's a gloss,  it leaves your lips soft during the wear after you take it off ,and not all dry and cracked. It comes in a large variety of colours, so everyone can find a colour they like (apparently they released new colours too?). I don't use any other glosses, only those ones, I fell in love with the first swipe. The only con is that your hair will stick to the gloss, but that will happen with any other lipgloss you will try. Overall, I think it's a great product and everyone would like it from the young to the old, highly recommended !